er go back.

“Did you hear from His Highness about the woman?” James, who was gently stroking Mariabelle’s head until she stopped crying, looked anxiously into her face as he asked this.

Shaking her head, she let out a heavy sigh, “I don’t…”

“She’s the daughter of a commoner.”

“…a commoner?”

Mariabelle’s eyes widen in surprise, and James gives her a pained look, wondering if she didn’t know.

Edward’s partner is a commoner, a tavern girl he encountered as he was passing by.

He met her when she was operating as a daytime diner; they started walking when her parents told her it was time to work as a waitress, and that’s when Edward realized he couldn’t let that happen.

Even though she was a commoner, she was the daughter of a tavern owner, not the daughter of one of the leading merchants in the country.
She had no backing.

When James heard this on the way to the mansion, his eyes turned red with anger.

He broke off his engagement to his daughter who had no defects or flaws and chose the tavern’s daughter as his new fiancée.
His actions were enough to make a fool of the historic Marquisate of Berkeley.

If he loves her so much, he should have taken her as his mistress after marrying Mariabelle, avoiding losing a great asset having gained nothing.

As a tavern girl, that would be an honor too small for her position.

However, Edward insisted on having her as his queen, and he never doubted that his opinion would be unconditionally accepted.

That is probably why he directly asked Mariabelle to break off the engagement, without any kind of preliminary agreement.

The king was surprised to hear this.
However, he forgave Edward when he heard that he had obtained Mariabelle’s approval as well.

James, who had just arrived at the palace, was immediately informed by the king that the engagement had been broken off, and he was so angry that he was speechless.

He tried to protest, but the king, who had a soft spot for the heir to the throne, simply said that it was all right as long as Mariabelle was satisfied.

Moreover, he even told his son that it would be preferable for him to marry someone who would love him as much as he loves her.

What on earth was the purpose of Edward and Mariabelle’s engagement? Wasn’t it for Edward’s sake, who had no backing?

James left the king’s presence and hurried home.

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