t want more.
I think that was why I was feeling so impatient. 
I took a deep breath, trying to conceal my feelings.
—Then, Fuyu-kun whispered something to me
“It’s okay, let’s do this together.”
Fuyu-kun’s words grabbed me tightly, not letting me go.
I couldn’t do anything except nod.
I was so incredibly happy, but, if my emotions erupted here, I’m sure he’d think of me as a weird girl.

“You don’t have to do it alone.
If you can’t do it, you don’t have to force yourself to do it today.
But you aren’t alone.
I might be unreliable, but we can do this together.”
It was because Fuyu-kun was always saying things like this so casually, so coolly—It was because of that that I was put under his spell.
Oh, this might be bad.
I don’t think I can contain my emotions anymore.
I tried my hardest to suppress them as much as I could.
This is happiness.
All because Fuyu-kun is here.
That’s the sole reason.
But something was still smoldering in my chest.
Just how much of a position does Yayoi-sensei have in his life? That’s the only thing that wouldn’t leave my mind.
My breathing was okay.
Even leaving the entrance, I still felt okay.
I thought that would be the case.
After all, Fuyu-kun was with me.
We walked past the garden and onto the road, and I tried asking requesting something, though I knew my request was pushing it.
“There’s a park near here.
Could we try going there?”

Fuyu-kun looked at me with a worried face.
Then, thinking about it for a little bit, he gave a small nod.
“Don’t push yourself too hard, okay?”
I could tell that he was very worried about me.
Taking his words to heart, I nodded and smiled.
I want to be near him more.
I want to see his many expressions.
That’s all I wanted.
We made steady progress.
Fuyu-kun walked right beside me, not moving too fast or too slow.
At this rate, I should be able to make it to the park.
Then, I heard footsteps.
I saw a person.
At first, I saw Yayoi-sensei in that person’s appearance.
I felt my heart clench.
I’m in the middle of rehabilitation with Fuyu-kun right now.
I’m begging you, don’t get in the way.
Don’t take him away from me.
I’m not sure what I was thinking.
I felt myself grow more and more panicked. 
Then, that figure’s appearance changed.
I’m pretty sure I saw Kaizaki-kun in that person’s appearance.
Then, I saw my childhood friends from preschool.

They hurled those words at me.
Stop, don’t say that in front of Fuyu-kun.
I can bear it.
But please, just not in front of Fuyu-kun.
I’m begging you.
I’ve finally……finally….found someone who I feel safe around.
I’ve finally met someone who doesn’t laugh at me when I put in effort.
I’ve finally met someone that tells me that I’m fine as I am.
I have finally met someone who will walk beside me and will be there for me.
So I’m begging you, don’t take Fuyu-kun away from me—
I was swallowed up in a muddy stream of emotions—I couldn’t breathe.


[TLN: Taking the SAT this Saturday wml]

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