“Hahahaha! Nannan! I saw you on the headline again! You are really popular!”

Qu Mingnan said, “…You called me early in the morning for this?”

“Otherwise! I woke up and checked Weibo today.
The entire homepage was full of you.
I almost thought I was dazzled.
But I calmed down and took a look.
It turned out that it was because you hit someone!” Nan Sile smiled, “Let me interview you, how did it feel like to hit the actor ?”

Qu Mingnan gritted his teeth and said, “Do you want to try it yourself? Would you like me to punch you and try it?” It was extremely depressing, not to mention that this call reminded him of yesterday that he did not want to remember… Yesterday he saw his ex-girlfriend who he had just broken up with lying in the arms of another man, and she hugged him tightly and intimately.
To be honest, normal men will have a brain fever in that situation, right? Is it strange to do anything under impulse?

But in his impulsive state, he hit the popular actor Qin Suiyi.
Why did a reporter just had to visit at that time? Why were those reporters fearless of the big mess and photographed the scene …..

The film site was in chaos.
The crew members saw Qin Suiyi’s nosebleeds and were all in a panic.
The staff rushed up to frame Qu Mingnan, probably thinking that he was deliberately mixed in with malicious fans.
They almost sent Qu Mingnan to the bureau.
It was because the director of the crew knew Qu Mingnan and asked the staff to let Qu Mingnan go in amazement.
After some communication, Qu Mingnan managed to avoid the first time in his life to visit the bureau.

Finally, the misunderstanding was resolved.
Ren Qian just accidentally fell and Qin Suiyi helped her out of a gentleman’s manner.
Qu Mingnan was very reluctant to come to Taiwan, but he still reluctantly apologized to Qin Suiyi.
Qin Suiyi accepted the apology lukewarmly.
Qu Mingnan’s brain was in a mess, and he didn’t care about the follow-up, so he left the scene of the incident in a muddled manner.

“Congratulations, you are completely hot now.” Nan Sile is one who fears that the world will not be chaotic.
He laughed.
“You were angry for a beauty! Your heroic demeanor of beating Qin Suiyi has also been recorded, and it is now widely spread on the Internet for people to admire!”

Qu Mingnan had already anticipated this development yesterday, and there was no wave in his heart: “Hehe, I was scolded to death, right?” The receiver of his punch yesterday was the male god in the dreams of tens of thousands of girls.
He was afraid that after today , his, the low-key third-rate little director’s photos will be hung on the walls of countless girls-and then used to practice darts.

“How did you know? You’re so smart! Come, let me read you some comments from Qin Suiyi’s Weibo,” Nan Sile squeezed his throat and started to imitate the girl’s screams, “Ahhhh! That Qu Ming Nan actually dared to hit my husband? Still dare to slap in the face? He is jealous of my husband’s handsome appearance! This beeping greasy man…”

“This beeping beeping is still a director? Sisters! Let’s boycott it! We won’t watch any of his plays in the future! Qu Mingnan, get out of the entertainment circle!”

“Qu Mingnan, get out of the entertainment circle! He dares to beat my husband! I want to beep!”

” ! beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep “

The corners of Qu Mingnan’s mouth twitched and he said expressionlessly, “It looks like I’m not going to be able to make it in this circle anymore, so what should I do?” Qin Sui Yi not only has acting skills but is also handsome and has a high national popularity, with fans ranging from 80-year-old women down to three-year-old children.
His punch has already aroused public outrage.

“But don’t worry, there are still some people who support you,” Nan Sile picked up a few more Weibo posts and read it, mimicking his tone vividly, “Good fight! Pure man, real man! From a long time ago, I have felt that this little white face was not pleasing to the eye!”

“The man who snatched someone else’s woman! It deserves to be beaten!… But can these fake accounts be more reasonable, it’s too fake!”

Qu Mingnan smiled.
Who doesn’t know anything about the entertainment industry? People are not black fans, or the fake accounts invited by someone, but the ones who take advantage of the situation and want to fish in troubled waters!

“Anyway, you have become famous in the first battle, how do you feel now?” Nan Sile smiled, “Didn’t you dislike Qin Suiyi’s for a long time? Isn’t it so cool to beat him up?”

Qu Mingnan smiled bitterly: “I am a bit at odds with him, but I don’t want to vent my anger on him.
It’s just a misunderstanding…”

Nan Sile laughed for a long time, and after having laughed enough, he asked casually, “How? Do you want me to help you settle this matter?”

“No, let’s take a look,” Qu Mingnan didn’t want to create troubles for Nan Sile, and in his opinion, this is really not a big deal.
At most, it is only a few days of scolding.
It doesn’t hurt or itch for him to be scolded.
He has been making dramas for so many years, but on which day has he not been scolded? “I just don’t know if this matter will affect Ren Qian.”

“Are you the Holy Father?” Nan Sile’s tone was very depressed, “Those people are scolding you, are you still in the mood to care about her? I think.
This incident is probably caused by her buying the reporter!”

Qu Mingnan frowned slightly: “She should have done more than this.”

“Do you think you know her well?” Nan Sile sneered.
“I have already said that this woman is very smart.
She knows exactly what she wants.
You said she has good looks and acting skills, and she only wants to be popular, but she hasn’t been popular for so many years.
Do you think she is willing?”

Qu Mingnan sighed, “She just missed a chance.”

“You think so, of course she thinks so too.
So it’s not surprising that she did anything to get this opportunity,” Nan Sile snorted.
“It’s just that you still think she’s good at everything.”

“Obviously you have always had an opinion on her,” Qu Mingnan didn’t want to say more, “At least she never harmed me.”

“I just feel that you two broke up, and you don’t have to think about her as before.
Many things may not be what you have imagined.
Maybe you don’t know her as much as you think, and maybe she has a lot of things she has kept from you,” Nan Sile said meaningfully, “…Just like you have a lot of things hidden from her.” After hanging up the phone, Qu Mingnan scratched his hair and was about to get up from the bed to go to the crew.
Suddenly another call came in.

He looked at the phone screen and found that when he was chatting with Nan Sile just now, there were a dozen missed calls.
He couldn’t help but wonder, what happened today? Why do so many people come to him? Is it like Nan Sile said, he is really popular?

He answered the phone, and the next moment, a rapid voice rang.

“Director Qu, it’s not good! I just heard the news… Mr.
Wang is about to divest! That is to say, our biggest investor in this show, Tian Miqi’s sponsor!”

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