“Director! Director! Don’t be impulsive!”

Seeing Qu Mingnan’s sneering expression, the staff member panicked.

“Impulsive? Don’t worry, I won’t be impulsive,” Qu Mingnan took off his sunglasses, turned and walked out, “They’re next door?”

“Director!” The staff member hurriedly caught up, “Everything is expensive! Don’t hurt anyone!”

” Don’t worry, everyone is civilized.
I won’t beat people,” Qu Mingnan snorted, “I just want to see what big scenes they are filming.

“Director!” The staff member couldn’t stop him no matter how much he tried, so he had to silently follow Qu Mingnan.

Qu Mingnan quickly found the so-called next-door crew.
He only had to walk to the place where people gathered.
He didn’t have to work hard at all, and he found it soon.

A large number of group performers almost completely surrounded the entire crew.
A few staff members stood at the forefront to select group performers.
Looking around, there were many teenage girls in their teens and 20s among the group performers.

Qu Mingnan sneered, “All the people came to chase stars to the crew.
It’s amazing.”

“Director,” the staff member yelled cautiously, “Let’s go back.
It’s just a few group performers, they can still be recruited.
the …… “

” We already came,” Qu Mingnan coldly said with a straight face, “Do you not want to go in and see what’s inside?”

The staff was very hesitant: “But …… “

What did they come here for? Hit the place?

Qu Mingnan didn’t care about that much, and walked straight over.

“You can’t, please go back.”

“You…Yes, go in.”

Several staff members picked among the group performers.
The selected group performers looked happy, while those who were brushed off looked depressed.
And those staff members were very picky.
It’s not that they haven’t done this job before, but when have they encountered so many enthusiastic group performers?

Should the charm of Qin Suiyi really be great?

“How many roles are left now?” A dazzling staff member asked another staff member.

“Almost finished,” the staff member replied, “There is still a small role with two lines.”

“A small role with lines? What’s the requirement?”

“It should look good.”

“This…” The staff member was embarrassed.
But suddenly his eyes lit up, “You, you, you! Yes! That’s you!”

Qu Mingnan was planning to get in without a trace, but was suddenly called by the staff and couldn’t help but stop.

“It’s you! Come in!” A staff member pulled Qu Mingnan over, and then pushed him inside, “Who, whoever is present, take him to Director Zhao.”

Qu Mingnan didn’t know what was going on when he was dragged into the crew by another staff member.
He was taken aback for a moment, and was about to break free, but suddenly thought that was this not just what he wanted? So he simply gave up the struggle and let the staff take him to see the director.

The staff member who had followed Qu Mingnan was stopped outside instead.
He opened his mouth to call Qu Mingnan, but suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly covered his mouth.

If he shouted “Director Director” in front of so many people, wouldn’t it be clear that they were the crew next door who came to the scene?

So he could only cover his mouth blankly, staring blankly at Qu Mingnan’s gradual distance from the back—did their director run to the crew next door to run this trick?

Soon, Qu Mingnan followed the staff to the shooting location.
At this time, the shooting hadn’t officially started.
The director seemed to be directing several leading actors.
He looked around and suddenly found Qin Suiyi who was watching the script….No way, this person is really the most dazzling existence in the crowd, it is really hard to ignore.

As a powerful faction, Qin Suiyi’s appearance conditions can be said to be quite superior.
His facial features were well-crafted.
Even if he just stayed quietly in a corner, his presence was overwhelming enough.
At this time, he was sitting straight.
He sat down on a sun lounger, his back was straight, his slender fingers flipped through the script, his serious and handsome profile caused the girls in the staff to peep openly.

The entire crew seemed to be very busy.
The staff member who brought Qu Mingnan in was quickly called away by others.
When he left, he told Qu Mingnan: “Director Zhao is still busy.
You can wait here for a while.
Don’t run around.” After speaking, he turned and left without waiting for Qu Mingnan’s response.

Seeing that everyone was busy, Qu Mingnan simply probed into the enemy’s situation.
As a professional, he could easily judge from the set of various rental camera equipment, etc., that the crew was quite rich in funds.

Of course, he didn’t feel surprised at all.
Since this crew could afford an actor like Qin Suiyi, of course it won’t be too poor.

Just when Qu Mingnan was distracted, a few people wearing work permits came in under the leadership of the staff from a distance.

The two staff members near him curiously talked: “What’s the situation?”

“It seems that a reporter has come to visit the troupe.”

“As expected, it is the play of Director Zhao and the movie emperor Qin.
Reporters come to the troupe almost every day…”

“Of course.
Who are they? They are not the one next door!”

” That’s right! Hahaha!”

Qu Mingnan: “…”

He paused, and suddenly walked towards the two staff members, seemingly curious.
Asked: “Our crew has reporters to visit the class every day?”

“Yes, there are many reporters coming every day, but Director Zhao can’t let everyone in.
That will affect the shooting, basically he lets in only some authoritative one, such as Shengshi, Nanshi and so on, but even if there is a threshold, there are still many people coming forward.”

Qu Mingnan smiled and said, “Is that so?” “

Who is it? Why haven’t I seen you before? Are you a group performer?”

Qu Mingnan wanted to make up an excuse, but at this moment, there was a commotion not far away, and he subconsciously looked forward.
But instantly saw a scene where the blood on his whole body was almost frozen—

he saw Ren Qian—Ren Qian, who broke up with him only yesterday, was actually held the arms by Qin Suiyi at this moment.

Qin Suiyi frowned slightly, he lowered his head and looked at Ren Qian in his arms.
Because of her height, Ren Qian’s face was completely buried in Qin Suiyi’s chest, but this could not cover her slightly red ears.

The two were also considered handsome men and women.
This scene should be very harmonious, but in Qu Mingnan’s eyes, it was quite eye-catching.

He didn’t care about the prospect review at all, and when his brain heated up, he immediately rushed towards the two of them.

Ren Qian, who was lying blushing in Qin Suiyi’s arms, raised her eyes and saw Qu Mingnan rushing in front of them.
She was taken aback.
The next second, she quickly stood up straight, but her eyes widened in surprise… How could Qu Mingnan, the director of the crew next door, get into their crew?

However, the next moment, something even more surprising happened in front of her-Qu Mingnan, who had always been gentle, raised his hand expressionlessly, and punched Qin Suiyi’s straight nose fiercely!

Before Qin Suiyi could react, he was caught off guard and was hit at the bridge of the nose with a punch by Qu Mingnan.
He subconsciously took a step back and stretched out his hand to cover his nose.

The audience fell into a dead silence for an instant.

At the next moment, everyone clearly saw blood seeping from Qin Suiyi’s fingers covering his nose.
Several female staff members turned pale with fright, and Ren Qian froze for a while, and then she screamed out, “Qu Mingnan! What are you doing!”

Qu Mingnan came back to his senses, and when he realized that he had hit someone on impulse, his whole body suddenly became heavy.

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