Qu Mingnan has been in the entertainment industry for many years, and he has become accustomed to the various chaos in the entertainment industry.
After all, he is also in it, how can he be oblivious to it?

Even if he was not a gossip person, he would have heard some gossip.
But he had never heard anyone say that this hot movie emperor Qin actually had such hobbies.

After Qu Mingnan bent over and picked up the phone, he found that the screen had been cracked.
He was immediately filled with depression, but what made him even more depressed was that he was actually witnessed by Qin Suiyi in the whole process of being dumped.

He can’t say that he has too much prejudice against Qin Suiyi, it’s just that they don’t think in the same way.
As a firm author and film director, he has always adhered to the director-centered belief.
In his opinion, actors are just pawns.

So he doesn’t like chess pieces that are too dazzling.
If the pieces are too dazzling, doesn’t it block the light of the whole game?

Qu Mingnan looked at Qin Suiyi in the corner through the glass window of Casablanca.
Even though Qin Suiyi was wearing a pair of sunglasses that covered most of his face, the oversized sunglasses still could not block the light on his body.
Such a person seems to be the focus of the lens by nature, the most dazzling existence in the crowd.

He looked at the person sitting across from Qin Suiyi again.
He was also a handsome young guy, with blond curly hair and  half-blooded facial features, three-dimensional and handsome, exactly the kind of small fresh meat that is popular nowadays.

Qu Mingnan didn’t know that handsome blond boy, but he guessed that because of his appearance.
He was probably a newcomer in the entertainment industry who just debuted or was about to debut.
How could a newcomer know someone with a status like Qin Suiyi? And their behavior is so intimate?

As soon as the blond boy met Qin Suiyi, he gave Qin Suiyi a big hug, and then sat down opposite Qin Suiyi.
The two talked and laughed.
From time to time, there was some skin and body contact, and the relationship seemed very close.
It is really fanciful.

Although Qu Mingnan almost never pays attention to Qin Suiyi, he has heard of some things about Qin Suiyi.
Also in the entertainment industry, he has rarely heard of Qin Suiyi’s scandals.
This person is indeed a dedicated actor.
The private life is very low-key, it seems that he never hyped, even for the promotion of new dramas.

Thinking about it carefully, he seems to have never seen Qin Suiyi’s romance scandal.
No matter what kind of actress Qin Suiyi partners with, there has never been any peachy news.
So this is the truth?

The more he thought about it, the more he dared not to think further.
He was about to turn around and leave this place of right and wrong.
But he suddenly stopped in his tracks.
What if Qin Suiyi recognized him and Ren Qian just now and turned around to explode this incident? Blackmail?

Qu Mingnan is not worried about what will happen to him.
He is even more worried about the impact of this incident on Ren Qian.
Although they have broken up now, he still hopes that Ren Qian can have a better future, after all he stayed with Ren Qian for five years.
From his namelessness to the present, Ren Qian has been with him through the first and most difficult years.
Now Ren Qian finally has the signs of becoming popular, and he doesn’t want this unsuccessful love affair to finally become an obstacle to Ren Qian’s road to fame.

He frowned slightly, then picked up the phone and took a sneak shot of Qin Suiyi and the handsome blond boy in the corner through the glass window.
The angle and timing were just right-at this moment, Qin Suiyi just raised his hand and brushed down something stuck in the hair of the handsome blond boy.

Then the two looked at each other and smiled, the atmosphere was very warm, and the looks of the two were extremely seductive.
The picture was very beautiful.

After Qu Mingnan finished the sneak shot, he immediately turned around with a guilty conscience and ran away.

Halfway through, he raised his hand and called a taxi.

The taxi driver saw Qu Mingnan panting and couldn’t help turning his head to see if someone was chasing him.

Qu Mingnan calmed down for a while, then raised his head and said to the driver, “Sir, please go to Shengshi Pictures.” The driver stepped on the accelerator and the taxi drove away.

On the way, he looked at Qu Mingnan’s appearance and asked curiously, “Which star are you?”

Qu Mingnan was still immersed in the shock just now, and it took a while to realize that the driver was talking to him, and shook his head quickly.

“No wonder I didn’t seem to have seen you.” The driver was an enthusiastic elder brother, and soon chatted with Qu Mingnan, “Then are you a staff? Do you see many big stars every day?”

Qu Mingnan smiled and said, “Some.”

“Have you seen Qin Suiyi?” The driver’s brother laughed, “I heard that he is the main star of your company? My daughter likes him the most! Her room is covered with his posters!”

Qu Mingnan’s hand shook, and the phone fell down again.

“Oh! Be careful!” The driver glanced at it from the side of his eye, “The screen is broken!”

Qu Mingnan couldn’t help laughing.

When he arrived at Shengshi Pictures, Qu Mingnan was greeted by a group of people as soon as he walked in.

“Brother Qu!”

“Brother Qu! Good afternoon!”

“Brother Qu hasn’t been seen here for a long time! It’s rare for you to come back today!”

Qu Mingnan smiled perfunctorily and walked straight through them without even lifting his eyelids.

“Brother Jin, who is that?” A newcomer who had just debuted curiously asked their agent.
How could he get such a great courtesy when he looked less than 30 years old?

The agent pushed the glasses, “That’s Qu Mingnan, the seniors of our company.
If you meet in the future, remember to show respect.”

“Qu Mingnan? That’s not the one who specializes in making bad dramas…” He spoke quickly and was immediately glared at by the agent.

“Don’t talk if you can’t speak well.
Brother Qu is one of our company’s favorite brothers.
If you offend him, don’t even dream to be popular in this company in your life!” The newcomer whispered, “Favorite brother? Isn’t it Qin Suiyi?”

“Why are you questioning so much?” The agent rolled his eyes, “Walk around, hurry up!”

Qu Mingnan got on the elevator, and encountered many proactive greetings along the way.
He casually greeted everyone with a perfunctory attitude, and soon returned to his office.

As soon as he entered, a voice rang, “Nan Nan! You are finally here! I have been waiting for you for a long time!” As soon as the voice fell, a man wearing a black shirt and pigtails, full of artistic atmosphere appeared in front of his eyes and leaped straight at him.

Qu Mingnan blankly avoided the black shirt man’s pounce, “Why are you looking for me?”

“Can’t I look for you when there’s nothing?” The black shirted man blinked at Qu Mingnan.

Qu Mingnan lowered his head and rolled up his sleeves, “Every time you find me, there must be something.
Let’s say, what is the matter? Which newcomer do you see in our company?” The black shirted man blinked his eyes and laughed dryly, “You, how did you know it again?”

“I’ve seen you through, Nan Sile,” Qu Mingnan sneered, “Looking at your face like spring and dressed up like a male peacock.
Spring is here again and last time, last time, last last time…every time you wear this sequined black shirt, when did you not come to find the contact information of the little fresh meat you wanted to date?”

“As expected, Nan Nan is the best in the world with me.
He really knows me!” Nan Sile smiled, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and leaned in front of Qu Mingnan, “That’s it! I just fell in love with a newcomer in the company recently who is about to debut.
He is called Rui Ke.
I heard that he is mixed race!”

Qu Mingnan looked down, and on the screen of Nan Sile’s phone was a handsome mixed-race guy with broad shoulders, narrow waist, narrow legs, and delicate eyebrows.
Just like a sculpture, the handsome face is a bit melancholy and handsome, and the young and mature temperament between adolescents and young adults is deeply fascinating.
In short, it is indeed worthy of the attraction of Nan Sile.
An object that a face dog can admire.
He just wanted to say that Nan Sile’s face control attributes are still online, but the next moment, he was suddenly shocked all over his body.

…Wait, isn’t this handsome half-blood guy the same guy that he saw with Qin Suiyi in Casablanca just now?!

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