Qu Mingnan froze for a moment.
If it weren’t for the young woman on the opposite side looking too serious, he would suspect that he had misheard, “Ren Qian, are you kidding me? I remember it’s not April Fool’s Day, right?”

Ren Qian laughed, “Am I like someone who would make jokes about this kind of thing?”

“It was fine yesterday.
Why are you breaking up today?” Qu Mingnan frowned slightly, “Even if you really want to break up, at least you have to give me one reason, right?”

Ren Qian tucked her long hair in her ears, “Do you want to hear the truth or lies?”

Qu Mingnan pursed his lips, “…Is it possible that there are many reasons? First let’s talk about a reason that’ll make my heart feel better.”

Ren Qian nodded, “My cat doesn’t like you.”

Qu Mingnan opened his eyes and said, “How can Beibei dislike me! It’s our way to go together.
It was adopted by me! Although he does not like sticking to me, aren’t the cats always very cold? Maybe this is the way he likes me?”

Ren Qian smiled and said, “Then I’ll tell the truth.
You are so boring.
Every time I am with you, you will talk about a movie.
You say less than ten sentences about other things.
Sometimes I even think that the movie is more like your girlfriend than me.”

Qu Mingnan frowned slightly, “You were with me at the beginning because you thought I looked handsome when I focused on my career and my dreams.
Why is it my fault now?”

Ren Qian said, “The men who focus on career are indeed very handsome.
But it’s better for people who value their career more than their girlfriend to stay single.”

Qu Mingnan frowned and said, “Earlier, you said that you would understand me.”

Ren Qian was silent for a while and sighed, “Mingnan, to be honest, I don’t want to hurt you, but this is my last advice to you.
You always say that you will make a masterpiece sooner or later and become an internationally renowned film director.
Having a dream is very good, but take a look at what you are shooting now? I think you have changed.
You are no longer who you were when you were with me.”

Qu Mingnan froze for a moment, “I changed? “

“You have changed a long time ago,” Ren Qian smiled.
“You used to be a teenager with dreams.
At that time, you were shining even in adversity, but you have changed.
Do you know how many people are scolding you online for filming everything for money? How many people scold you saying that as long as you get money, any trash actors can be stuffed into your crew?”

Qu Mingnan paused and said lightly, “Those people don’t understand me, but I think you do.”

“No,” Ren Qian smiled and shook her head, “I used to think I knew you, but now I find that I don’t know you anymore.
You have changed, I have changed, and we have all changed.”

Qu Mingnan lowered his head and was silent for a while, then raised his head to look at Ren Qian, “Is it really irretrievable?”

Qu Mingnan is 28 years old,  but he still has a pair of black and white, clean and clear eyes.
Even Ren Qian, who had already made up her mind, was stunned by such a pair of eyes.
But in the next second, she turned her head and shook her head gently.

Qu Mingnan’s bright eyes gradually dimmed, but he didn’t say anything.
He quietly waited for Ren Qian to say her final farewell.

Ren Qian was also silent for a while, then turned to look at Qu Mingnan, and said lightly, “Anything else you want to say to me? From now on… Let’s not meet again.”

Qu Mingnan was silent for a moment and looked up towards Ren Qian, “Can you leave Beibei to me?”

Ren Qian couldn’t help but widen her eyes, “You just want to talk about this? We are going to break up!”

“I know, but let me keep Beibei.” Qu Mingnan said in a low voice, “Although you like pets, it is just a whim every time.
When the freshness is over, you won’t be so interested.
Beibei’s personality is too unique.
If you raise other pets later, Beibei will be very anxious.
So leave Beibei to me.”

Ren Qian laughed angrily, “I will take good care of Beibei! Goodbye, Qu Mingnan!”

She said and stood up, turning around to leave.

“Then at least let me meet Beibei occasionally,” Qu Mingnan saw this and immediately let the trail go, “I can pay for Beibei’s support.
Anyway, Beibei was also adopted by us together…”

“No need!” Ren Qian sneered, “Qu Mingnan, I think you will be single for life!”

Ren Qian picked up the bag, turned and left.
Qu Mingnan wanted to catch up and persuade her a few more words.
The guest at the back table suddenly let out a chuckle.

The laughter was small and light, but it was very obvious in the quiet cafe.

Qu Mingnan turned around suddenly, only to find that the guest at the back table were the previous guest at table 7.

Qu Mingnan: “…” When he thought that the breakup process between him and Ren Qian had been witnessed throughout the process, his tone suddenly became a bit bad.

“What are you laughing at?”

After a few seconds, the guest at table 7 raised his head, and his sunglasses covered his eyes, “Are you talking to me?”

Qu Mingnan, who just broke up, was not in a good mood, “What are you laughing at? Is it funny to see other people breaking up?” The guest at table 7 paused, then curled his lips and smiled, “Sir, you misunderstood.
I was reading Weibo and saw a very interesting joke.”

Qu Mingnan didn’t  believe it even a bit, but he didn’t want to make it a big deal.
Right next to it is the Zhudian Film and Television City.
God knows how many paparazzi were hidden nearby.
Worth mentioning third-rate director, Ren Qian is an actress who has been in the limelight recently, and the relationship between the two has been kept secret.

Qu Mingnan snorted and turned around to check out.

Qu, your set meal hasn’t been served yet…” The waiter was a little surprised when he saw Qu Mingnan was about to check out.

“No, I’m in a hurry.” Although Qu Mingnan is in a bad mood, he still doesn’t forget the cause.
“By the way, help me with the payment for the table behind me.” The waiter smiled and said, “That gentleman has already paid.”

Qu Mingnan pursed his lips, turned his head and glanced at the guest at table 7.
Suddenly there was a feeling of a fist hitting the cotton.

Qu Mingnan was still in a bad mood until he opened the door.
But when he raised his hand to call for a taxi, he suddenly remembered the chin line of the guest at table 7 just now.
It seemed familiar.

He paused, and suddenly reached out and picked up his mobile phone to open Weibo.
Sure enough, the homepage was still swiped by the promotional photos of Qin Suiyi’s new TV series.

He clicked on Qin Suiyi’s promotional photo, looked back through the glass door to look at the appearance of the guests at the No.
7 table in the corner, looked down, and looked up again.
After several comparisons, he finally came to a terrible conclusion— -He actually broadcasted a breakup scene in front of his least favourite guy!

Just when Qu Mingnan’s heart was thundering like the sky, in the next second, a more frightening thing happened-when he was stunned, a young man opened the door and walked into Casablanca, and walked straight to Qin Suiyi.  And then enthusiastically rushed forward and hugged Qin Suiyi.

Qu Mingnan, a straight steel man, watched this scene dumbfounded, his mobile phone involuntarily slipped to the ground with a bang, and the screen cracked.

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