When Qu Mingnan arrived at the appointed place, the person who called him hadn’t arrived yet.
This made him, who had always been punctual,  frown slightly.
After waiting at the door for five minutes, he turned and pushed in.


This is a cafe called Casablanca.
The decoration is quite distinctive and the environment is not bad.
The design is generally minimalist, with a little bit of Dutch style elements.
The large white walls are covered by the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue, and there is a taste of Mondrian.


Qu Mingnan likes the decoration of this cafe, and the shop is very near Zhudian Film and Television City.
He will basically go to this cafe every time he meets people to talk about things.
Over time, several waiters in the cafe came to know him.


Qu,” a waiter greeted Qu Mingnan expertly, “Are you still ordering the Blue Mountain and Company Sandwich set today?”


Qu Mingnan nodded, “It’s still table number seven.” The waiter looked back, a little embarrassed.
He said, “Mr.
Qu, there’s someone at table 7…”


Qu Mingnan frowned when he heard the words: “Someone?” He looked up with some dissatisfaction, and found that there was a person sitting at table No.
7 in the corner.
A young man, in his twenties, is wearing a long off-white trench coat.
Most of his face is covered by a pair of black sunglasses, but the exposed jaw line is elegant and sexy.
You can imagine taking off the sunglasses.
The post-face value should be quite good.


But for a director like Qu Mingnan who has been in the entertainment industry for several years, what kind of look has he never seen?


Qu Mingnan frowned slightly, a little anxious.
He was a bit eccentric, he liked the stereotypes, did not like accidents and variables, so he always went to the same coffee shop, sitting at the same table, ordering the same set meal.
Even now, though there were still many empty tables in the hall, he still wanted to sit on the seventh table.
He just wanted to sit on the seventh table.


He thought with some dissatisfaction, there were so many empty tables in the coffee shop, why did that man have to sit at table number seven?


Qu, why don’t you change the table today?” The waiter asked embarrassedly.
The customer had been sitting at table 7 for a while, so he couldn’t drive people away, right?


Qu Mingnan thought for a while, then he walked straight to table number seven and stopped in front of the man.


The guest at table 7 noticed that someone was coming, and looked up at Qu Mingnan, but did not speak.


Taking a closer look, Qu Mingnan discovered that the guests at table 7 seemed to have a more defined appearance than he imagined.
Although most of his face was covered by sunglasses, his facial features were almost impeccable, and his jawline was perfect.
It looks delicate as if it was portrayed very carefully.


Although he has seen a lot of beauties in the entertainment industry, he was still slightly surprised.
The guest at table 7 is obviously a man, but he looks better than Tian Miqi, who was put into his crew by the sponsor at a huge price. 


The two of them were relatively speechless for a while.
After a while, the guest at table 7 said, “Is there something?”


His voice was clear and sweet, with a slight nasal sound, which was quite ear-grabbing.


Qu Mingnan reacted in an instant, and he calmed down briefly: “Sir, can you give me table No.
7 ?” The guests at table 7 paused, “Give it to you?” “Every time I come here.
I sit at this table.
If I change to another table, I’m afraid I won’t be used to it.” Qu Mingnan frowned slightly, “I know it’s a bit presumptuous.
As compensation, all your orders will be charged to my account.”


The guests at table 7 stared at Qu Mingnan for a while, until Qu Mingnan thought he had been silently rejected, he slowly stood up.


Qu Mingnan was taken aback and couldn’t help taking a step back.
It turned out that the height of the guest at table 7 was amazing.
It wasn’t too obvious when sitting, but when he stood up, he was a head taller than him.


The guests at table 7 took another look at Qu Mingnan before turning around and sitting down at the table behind them.


Qu Mingnan paused, only to realize that the negotiation seemed to be a success.
He quickly thanked him and sat down to calm his mood… The moment the guest at table 7 suddenly stood up, the momentum almost made Qu Mingnan think he was going to fight.


Given the height of the guest at table 7, if they really have a brawl, he’s afraid he will suffer considerably.


In order to calm his mood, he took out his phone and played absently, but when he opened Weibo, he found that his homepage was swiped by the same person.


Qin Suiyi.


This year, who doesn’t know that Qin Suiyi is the hottest new-generation actor in today’s entertainment industry.
It is said that he is an amphibious player in film and television, and has both looks and talents.
He has won many awards in China, not to mention the well-known international award he won not long ago.
This brought him to the limelight for a while, and everyone talked about them.


Qu Mingnan has always stayed away from the acting school of Qin Suiyi, but he couldn’t hold back other people’s popularity.
Various news about that person will always appear on his Weibo homepage in various ways.  Even if he skipped relevant information every time, he would still accidentally see one or two news keywords.


Qu Mingnan read several Weibo posts, but kept seeing Qin Suiyi’s news.
He couldn’t help being a little impatient, so he simply quit Weibo and put down his mobile phone.
But at this moment, a guest at a table next door had a conversation.
The sound came into his ears.


“Have you read the Weibo post by my husband Qin Suiyi last night? He is already determined to take the lead of “Absolute Zero”! He finally started acting in TV series again! Ahhhhhh! I am looking forward to it to death!”


“Fuck Yes! Qin Suiyi is obviously my husband! I am also looking forward to it to death! Just waiting for the TV series to start and turn on the brainwashing loop mode to lick the screen crazily! Ah, ah! Why is it taking so long?”


“The peripheral posters I bought before have arrived.
I will hang them tonight, you say how handsome my husband is? His acting is so good, obviously he can rely on his face to eat, but his talent added to his face doesn’t leave a way out for other people! ‘


“I heard that the crew of “Absolute Zero” will be filming in the harbour.
Do you think that if we apply for extras, we will have a chance to meet Qin Suiyi?”


Qu Mingnan frowned and was considering whether to wear headphones to listen to songs.
Then the door of Casablanca was suddenly opened, a young woman wearing a mask walked in.


The young woman walked straight to Qu Mingnan and sat down.
Although the facial features were mostly covered, her eyebrows and eyes were very delicate and her eyes were soft, with a gentle temperament, characteristic of a southern girl.


Qu Mingnan frowned slightly: “You are twenty-five minutes late.”


The young woman smiled: “Sorry, something came up just now.”


“Do you still want earl grey tea and macarons as before?” Qu Mingnan glanced at the young woman, and was about to beckon to the waiter, but the young woman’s words stopped him.


“No,” the young woman smiled gently, “Let’s go straight to the subject…”


“Mingnan, let’s break up.”

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