Chapter 21

    Not long after Qu Mingnan was discharged from the hospital, he infiltrated Qin Suiyi’s crew under Nan Sile’s arrangement, euphemistically called joining the crew to learn.

    Nan Sile saw Qu Mingnan running to the crew early in the morning, and was a little puzzled: “There is no scenes of Ren Qian’s today, what are you doing here?” Although Qu Mingnan denied it, he still believed that Qu Mingnan entered the crew just for her sake.
After being dumped by Ren Qian, Qu Mingnan couldn’t let go of the dignity of a straight man and confess that the person he wanted to chase was Qin Suiyi.
So he did not continue to clarify.

    Qu Mingnan laughed dryly.
Although there is no scenes of Ren Qian’s today, there are Qin Suiyi’s scenes!

    “Or did you come to inquire about the enemy’s situation?” Nan Sile suddenly changed the conversation.

    “Inquiring about the enemy’s situation? How can you say that?” Qu Mingnan asked.

    Nan Sile looked around and saw that no one noticed them.
He hurriedly got close to Qu Mingnan’s ear, lowered his voice and said, “Qin Suiyi and Ren Qian have been getting pretty close these days…”

    “Are they too close?”

    “I often see them hanging out together…”

    “Isn’t it normal for them to be close when acting together?”

    “There is some occasional physical contact or something…”

    “Isn’t it normal to have physical contact during the scenes?”

    Nan Sile said angrily: “…You stupid straight man! No wonder your girlfriend ran away!”

    Qu Mingnan touched his nose, a little embarrassed: “I also saw that Qin Suiyi and Eric being a little bit ambiguous before, how could he turn around and go hook up with Ren Qian?”

    Nan Sile snorted: “You still don’t allow people to step on two boats 1 stepping on two boats: It means to have two boyfriends (or two girlfriends) simultaneously.
? I have to save poor Eric from his hands!”

    Qu Mingnan was stunned, although he and Ren Qian had broken up.
He knew that Ren Qian would be with other men sooner or later, but he still felt a little uncomfortable.

    “Eric is here!” Nan Sile suddenly became excited, but soon his expression changed, “…Qin Suiyi is also here, damn! They are coming together again!”

    Qu Mingnan followed Nan Sile’s line of sight.
He saw Qin Suiyi and Eric appear together.
He had to admit that both of them are very good-looking, and the picture of them standing together is quite attractive.

    He suddenly thought of a question after realizing it—if Qin Suiyi and Eric were really a couple, would it count as prying someone’s corner? 2prying someone’s corner : stealing someone’s bf/gf.

    Qin Suiyi and Eric came over together.
They were chatting and laughing, and the atmosphere was good.

    “I am unhappy!” Nan Sile grabbed Qu Mingnan and hummed, “Let’s interrupt them!”

    Qu Mingnan could also find a chance to approach Qin Suiyi, so he nodded reluctantly.

    Nan Sile pulled Qu Mingnan over, then left Qu Mingnan and greeted Eric on his own.

    Eric’s response was flat, and he just responded politely.

    Qu Mingnan on the side was a little embarrassed.
He looked at Qin Suiyi and wanted to find a topic to talk to, but he couldn’t find any suitable topic for a while.
He had just coldly rejected Qin Suiyi’s proposal of visiting him, and now coming to take the initiative to hook up with Qin Suiyi, it was strange no matter what.

    Of course, the most important thing was that Qu Mingnan still couldn’t let go of the dignity of a straight man… So Qu Mingnan looked at the sky and the earth, but he didn’t look at Qin Sui’s intentions.

    It was not until Director Zhao called Qin Suiyi and Eric over that Qu Mingnan began to regret that he didn’t seize the opportunity again.

    Nan Sile’s face was intoxicated: “I talked to Eric again today…”

    Qu Mingnan was in a bad mood, and mocked casually: “He only said a few words from the beginning to the end, “um” and “oh”.
How did that count as talking to you?”

    Nan Sile became annoyed and angry: “You don’t understand! Eric is a high-cold person.
He is willing to answer me, and rounding it up is having a pleasant chat with me!”

    Qu Mingnan had no intention of arguing with Nan Sile, so he quietly watched Nan Sile deceive himself.

    “Eric and Qin Suiyi are acting in the same scenes today,” Nan Sile said, “Come and enjoy the acting of a rising future superstar with me!”

    Although Qu Mingnan didn’t want to appreciate the acting skills of the future superstar, in order to find a chance to get close to Qin Suiyi, he still found a corner with Nan Sile, sat down and waited for the shooting to start.

    After a while, Director Zhao asked everyone to return to their jobs and prepare to start filming.

    Qin Suiyi took off his furry coat, revealing the thin white shirt inside.
Because of the plot requirements, he had to dress like this in the winter when the temperature was close to minus zero.
The weather was very cold, and he shivered as soon as he took off his clothes.

    “God! Those back muscles! That waistline! I’m going to die!”

    “I’ve never seen a man so handsome in a white shirt!”

    “It’s so sexy! I’m going to have a nosebleed!”

    The female staff seemed to be a fan of Qin Suiyi, desperately suppressing her screams.

    Director Zhao gave an order and officially started filming.

    At that moment, Qin Suiyi’s expression suddenly changed, becoming serious and dignified, as if he had switched modes in an instant.

    Eric acted as Qin Suiyi’s younger brother.
He said to Qin Suiyi with a trembling voice: “Brother, I killed…”

    Qin Suiyi was stunned for a moment, and his eyes showed complex emotions.
After a while, he said calmly, “No, it was me who killed the person.”

    This is the climax of the scene.
The protagonist is going to take the blame for his younger brother.
Although Qu Mingnan has seen a lot of such scenes, he had to admit that Qin Suiyi had the most advanced acting skills among all the actors he had ever seen.
He was also the one that made him enter the act the most instantly.

    Qin Suiyi’s acting skills seemed to have a kind of magic power.
Even though this was on the set, even though there were several cameras facing the actors on the set, it could still make the onlookers instantly enter the act, as if they were truly in the plot.

    No NG, it was all done in one shot.

    It wasn’t until Director Zhao called to stop that Qin Suiyi instantly restrained the expression on his face and sneezed shiveringly.
Qu Mingnan suddenly came back to his senses from this scene.

    “Handsome or not?!” Nan Sile excitedly pulled Qu Mingnan and shouted, “Isn’t Eric’s acting super handsome? A rising star!”

    Qu Mingnan’s expression was a little dazed.
He didn’t know whether Eric’s acting was good or not.
He only noticed Qin Suiyi during the whole process.
Although he had seen a lot of powerful actors in the past, he would usually pay more attention to the director at that time, the expression techniques, the use of the lens, body language, etc.

    Only just now, his attention was completely attracted by the actor himself, and he didn’t care about watching and learning.
Qin Suiyi was like the sun, covering all other light sources.
Just like under the strong sunlight, all the light of the fireflies seemed to be nothing.


    Qu Mingnan thought to himself, if he cooperated with Qin Suiyi, it would probably be very frustrating, right?

    However, after thinking about it, he felt that he was worrying too much.
Qin Suiyi was someone who had won the best actor at a young age.
How could he cooperate with him, a third-rate little director who specialized in flop dramas?

    …Thinking about it like that made him even more frustrated.

Editor: Jieamnin

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