Chapter 19

Qu Mingnan hummed and said, “There is no one else here, so no need to pretend.”

Qin Suiyi no longer refuted, but sat directly beside Qu Mingnan’s bed.
He picked up the chopsticks in one hand to pick up the meat, pinched Qu Mingnan’s chin with the other hand and stuffed it into his mouth.

Qu Mingnan shut his mouth and refused to eat: “Mmmm.”

He won’t eat it! He has backbone!

Qin Suiyi smiled helplessly: “Don’t worry, I didn’t poison it.”

Qu Mingnan turned his face away: “Who cares whether you have poisoned it or not.
If I said that I won’t eat it, I won’t eat it.
You take it away.”

“If you don’t believe it, I’ll eat it for you.” Qin Suiyi paused and stuffed the piece of braised pork into his mouth, “Look, I ate it.
I really didn’t poison it.”

“You don’t understand human words? I said I won’t eat,” Qu Mingnan tried hard to control his urge to roll his eyes at Qin Suiyi, “and who is going to kiss you indirectly… uuuuuu!” When Qu Mingnan opened his mouth to talk, Qin Suiyi quickly picked up a piece of braised pork and stuffed it into Qu Mingnan’s mouth.

Qu Mingnan was almost choked by the braised pork that was shoved in.
He wanted to spit it out, but he suddenly tasted the taste of braised pork in his dry mouth, and his taste buds were excited.
He instinctively swallowed the piece of braised pork.

“That’s right,” Qin Suiyi laughed heartily, eyebrows and eyes curved and the corners of his lips slightly curled, “Good boy, eat well.”

Qu Mingnan suddenly couldn’t get angry.
In fact, he also realised how naive his behaviour was.
But because of his face and dignity, he couldn’t give in all at once.
So he could only pretend to accept Qin Suiyi’s meal reluctantly with a straight face.

Qin Suiyi said that he wanted to feed Qu Mingnan, and he really patiently fed Qu Mingnan one by one until all the food was finished.

After feeding, Qin Suiyi said casually, “That’s a good boy.”

Qu Mingnan was silent for a while, and couldn’t help but ask, “Do you think of me as a child?”

Qin Suiyi paused for a while, then smiled and said, “You were very similar to my nephew when you had a little temper just now.
He also likes to be angry with me… and you both have small dimples on your faces.”

Small dimples? Qu Mingnan couldn’t help but pause for a moment.
He did have small dimples on his face, but because his face never had any superfluous expressions, and even always had a stern and cold face, almost no one noticed that he had dimples on his face.
Qin Suiyi, a stranger, who had only met him a few times, actually noticed that he had small dimples?

However, this is not the point…

“Nephew?” Qu Mingnan glanced at Qin Suiyi with a half-smile, “Film Emperor Qin, if I remember correctly, how old am I? Is it fun to fool me like this?”

Qin Suiyi smiled: “Director Qu misunderstood me, I really have a nephew, not fooling you.”

“I don’t care if you have a nephew… Okay, now the meal is over.
You should go too.” Qu Mingnan rubbed his chubby belly, and began to destroy the bridge after crossing the river 1, “Film Emperor Qin, your time is so precious.
I can’t afford to delay it, please.”

“You take good care of yourself.
,” Qin Suiyi smiled slightly, “If you have any sequelae, call me at any time, or go to the company to find me.”

Qu Mingnan was too lazy to talk to Qin Suiyi, and waved his hand casually.

After Qin Suiyi left, the white cat that had been hiding under the bed immediately rolled out like a football, jumped on the hospital bed and screamed, “Ah, ah! Daddy! Why didn’t you seize such a good opportunity just now! Dad must think that you hate him very much now! What should I do?!”

Qu Mingnan suddenly remembered that he had promised the white cat not long ago, and immediately felt guilty: “I… this is not… I haven’t reacted yet.

“Now Dad must think that you hate him!”

Qu Mingnan’s eyes wandered: “But I didn’t like him either!”

“Then how will you chase him in the future!”

Qu Mingnan’s eyes wandered: ” But I’m a straight man! If you suddenly want me to chase a man, you have to give me some buffer time! I’m not a spring that I can bend whenever I want!”

White cat is still struggling with the same thing: “He must think that you hate him very much now, and his heart is very hurt…”

“Don’t add drama to him casually, why didn’t I see that he was hurt?” Qu Mingnan didn’t care.
Who is Qin Suiyi? He could establish his position in the entertainment industry to this point.
If he didn’t have an iron heart, he would be defeated by all kinds of malice and scolding.
If he was hurt just because someone hated him, then Qin Suiyi would leave the entertainment circle as soon as possible.

Bai Mao snorted: “Dad is not a person who shows emotions.
Even if he is hurt, he will not show it.”

Qu Mingnan laughed dryly: “Haha.”

At this moment, Qu Mingnan suddenly remembered one thing: “Wait a minute, since you came from the future, you should know what will happen next, right? How did Qin Suiyi and I know each other in the first place? Could it be through this accident?”

The white cat thought for a while and shook his head.

“No? Or you don’t remember?” Qu Mingnan wondered.

The white cat licked his paws: “…I don’t remember this happening.”

“No? What do you mean?” Qu Mingnan was even more puzzled.

The white cat continued to lick his paws: “I heard my father say this, he said he was almost hit by a crystal chandelier…”

Qu Mingnan: “…Almost?” The white cat suddenly froze: “… But because he hid in time, there was no danger…”

Qu Mingnan was silent for a while, then suddenly reacted: “So according to the original track, he was not hit at all, but because of the butterfly effect, I was hit by the crystal chandelier?” He suddenly remembered that at that time, Qin Suiyi might not be able to avoid the crystal chandelier that suddenly fell, just because Qin Suiyi just bent over and picked up a certain cat, he did not respond in time.

And when he saw the crystal chandelier smashed towards the man and the cat, he rushed to save the cat, but he was smashed in the skull…

If he returned to the original track, and there was no sudden unstable factor, Qin Suiyi would not be too late to dodge, nor would he rush up, and everything after that would not happen.

Qu Mingnan looked at the white cat silently: “…”

The white cat shivered and tried to curl up into a ball, and covered his face with his small paws.
In the final analysis, it seemed that it was the culprit.

Qu Mingnan said coolly: “You are so fat, no matter how you roll yourself into a ball, the volume will not decrease! Stop pretending! Speak honestly, if it weren’t for you, would all this not happen?”

The white cat suddenly lay down, its limbs wide open, revealing its snow-white belly and pretending to be dead.

After a while, it said weakly: “At least now…you know each other in advance!”

Qu Mingnan: “Why am I not happy at all?”

“You know each other in advance! That means everything in the future will happen early! Maybe you can become a great director earlier in the future!” In the face of the desire to survive, the white cat who was shivering suddenly turned over and got up, “So, in order to become a great director, marriage is the way to go! The premise is to pursue my father!”

Qu Mingnan was silent for a while, and was subtly persuaded.

Although the butterfly effect caused him to be smashed in the head, if he can become a big director ahead of time, what if his head was smashed? He even agreed to chase the man, so what if his head was smashed?!

So he nodded decisively.

In order to realise his dream, he sacrificed himself!

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