In the scorching summer weather, the sun was shining high up in the sky.


A young man in a suit and leather shoes walked with his head down and kicked the pebble by the side of the road.
After a  few minutes of walking, he was sweating.



He looked up and surveyed his surroundings, planning to find a place to hide from the sun.
But he suddenly noticed a group of people squatting not far away with sharp eyes.
He couldn’t help but lean forward curiously.



“Brother, what are you doing?”



He patted the shoulder of a middle-aged man crouching at the side of the road, and asked curiously.



The middle-aged man raised his head and looked at him, “Are you searching for a job?” The young man touched his head and smiled “Yes.”



“You couldn’t find any?” The young man nodded.



“We’re all group performers waiting for work here,” the middle-aged man said angrily to the front.
“Do you see the Zhudian Studios, do you know how many TV shows are filmed here?”



“Zhudian Studios? “The young man opened his mouth in surprise, “All of you came to act here?”



“Doesn’t it look like it?” The middle-aged man looked around and was obviously quite skilled, “We are all here waiting for the people inside to recruit.
If you can mix in with a good crew, you can also get a good meal.” The young man asked curiously, “How much money can I get for a day?” “It’s not much, but see what you can find.
If you can act as a corpse or something, even if you are a little bit tired, you can still have a little more money,” the middle-aged man seemed to be very talkative and spoke freely.“One hundred yuan, after all, is not that bad if you don’t mind.”



” I do not mind!” The young man nodded, “What about food?”



” The crew is generous! One meat dish is not a problem.” the middle-aged man laughed loudly, “How about it young man, do you want to join us?”



At this moment, in the vertical studio.






“Stop it!”



A young man abruptly stood up from the director’s bench, and pointed at the actress in the center of the scene with the rolled up script and shouted, “Tian Miqi, what are you doing?!”



Tian Miqi blinked her eyes at a loss: “Director, I…I…”



“What are you? What were you doing just now!”



Tian Miqi looked aggrieved: “I was acting!” The young man sneered, “Acting?!”



Tian Miqi said grievously, “Director, I was abandoned by this scumbag just now!”



She pointed to the actor who was holding another actress by the side, and said, “I was cheated on by the scumbag.
The scumbag still brought his new lover in front of me, shouldn’t I be angry? Shouldn’t I show the complex emotions in my heart at this moment?” 



The young man sneered, “No! Who told you that when the scumbag comes to you with a new lover, you should be angry, and vividly express the complex emotions in your heart at this moment?”



“Is it because my acting skills are not good?” Tian Mi Qi bit her lip, “Director, I’m a newcomer, I can practice acting slowly…”



“Acting? I don’t need your acting!” The young man tightened the corners of his mouth coldly, “Qu Mingnan’s plays do not need actors with good acting skills!”



Tian Miqi opened her eyes in disbelief, “Director! But if I don’t show my acting skills, what else should I do? I will definitely be frantically complained by the audience later!”



“No need,” the young man snorted coldly.
He took off the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose and looked at Tian Miqi, “If you dare to act in my play, you must know my rules.
I don’t like the free acting of actors.
You guys, just have to listen to me obediently like a puppet.
As for what the show will be like, this is my, the director’s business!”



Tian Miqi’s eyes widened in surprise: “But…” TV dramas that don’t let actors play their acting skills? What a joke!



“Which sponsor put you in?” Qu Mingnan frowned.
“Did he tell you my rules?”



Tian Miqi stared at him.
Her whole person looked a bit bad.
She was indeed stuffed in by her gold master.
But at the beginning, the gold master only told her that Qu Mingnan’s plays don’t particularly care about acting, and she doesn’t have excellent acting skills.
She came here happily with high demands, but no one told her, it wasn’t that Qu Mingnan’s plays don’t require impressive acting skills, but it was that they didn’t require acting skills at all!



And it’s still mandatory to not allow actors to show their acting skills! What a joke!



“Director, are you kidding me?” Tian Miqi said with a strong smile, “You won’t let me show my acting skills at all, how should I act?”



“According to the script, that’s how you should act,” Qu Mingnan frowned.
“Don’t add any messy drama by yourself without my authorization.”



Tian Miqi was aggrieved: “I didn’t add drama by myself, I just think the heroine should…”



“What do you think?” Qu Mingnan sneered.
“Are you the director or am I the director? Should I give you this position?”



Tian Miqi sobbed: “Director! What do you think of me as?”



Qu Mingnan put on his sunglasses again: “Either obey or get out.”



Tian Miqi’s eyes gradually turned red.
After a while, she glared at Qu Mingnan with red eyes and ran away crying.



“Tian Miqi! Tian Miqi!”



The agent on the side called several times but could not stop her.
He could only bite the bullet and apologize to Qu Mingnan.
He smiled flatteringly: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Director, It was my fault..
I didn’t clarify your rules with Miqi in advance.
I hope you can forgive me this time, next time I will definitely explain this to Miqi!”



Qu Mingnan stared at the agent for a while, then he smirked.
“I have made it clear to the artists.
If you really want to be so red and want to show yourself, don’t come to my crew.
Go out and turn right to find another crew.”



“Yes, yes! Next time, I will definitely make it clear!”



Qu Mingnan sneered and was about to say a few more words, but his cell phone rang suddenly.



After hanging up the phone, he checked the time: “It’s almost time.
Let’s take a break everyone.
Why don’t you guys go? And as for you… go back and tell your actress clearly.
If it doesn’t work, then I can’t help it.
After all, the twisted melon is not sweet, right?”



“Yes! Not sweet! Definitely not sweet!” The agent smiled flatteringly.



After Qu Mingnan turned and left, the agent’s face darkened: “Bah! He really thinks he is a great director! Just look at what he is shooting!”



The assistant on the side leaned forward and said: “Brother, what is up with this Qu Mingnan? Why doesn’t he allow actors to show their acting skills?”



“It’s a strange flower with intricate brain circuits,” the agent mocked, “Filming TV series but does not allow actors to show their acting skills.
I think he is determined to be the king of bad dramas.
If it wasn’t for the backing of Shengshi Pictures, why would Mr.
Wu spend so much money to put Miqi in?”



“I can’t believe there are actually directors who hate it when actors do their job well.” The assistant stood with an expression that looked as if he had opened the door to a new world, “Then if an actor like Qin Suiyi comes to act in his play, won’t the two of them be bored to death by watching each other?”



“Qin Suiyi will act in his play???” The agent let out a snort and smirked, “These two people coming out of the closet at the same time and announcing that they are together is more likely than this… not in this life!”

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