Ren Qian walked into the ward with a fruit basket in her hand.
But soon she found that the ward was full of fruit baskets and gifts of various sizes, and there was no room left.

She could only hold the fruit basket awkwardly, feeling a little overwhelmed.

Qu Mingnan also fell silent, and the atmosphere suddenly fell into embarrassment.

It’s only been a few days since the day they broke up, but the two seem to be too much of a stranger to say anything.

After a while, Qu Mingnan was the first to break the silence: “…Sit down.”

But soon, he was embarrassed to find that the only chair in the ward was filled with gifts from Qin Suiyi’s fans.
There was no place to sit.

“No need,” Ren Qian paused, “I have a show to be on in a while.”

“That’s right, you’re popular now, and you’re busy,” Qu Mingnan smiled, “… You’re already a big star.”

Ren Qian fell silent, Qu Mingnan couldn’t find another topic for a while, and the two fell into an awkward silence again.

After a while, Ren Qian said, “Beibei is gone.
After I went home on the day of the annual meeting, I found out that it ran out…it’s my fault.”

Beibei was adopted by Qu Mingnan and Ren Qian together.
At the beginning, Qu Mingnan did not agree.
First, Qu Mingnan did not have a lot of love for small animals like girls.
Second, Qu Mingnan always believed that small animals were also a life.
After raising him, he should be responsible, and he didn’t want to take on such a responsibility for the time being.
Later, after Ren Qian persuaded him for a long time, Qu Mingnan finally agreed.

After raising Beibei, although Qu Mingnan was still a good and responsible father, the strange thing was that Beibei didn’t stick to Qu Mingnan, but rather hated Qu Mingnan’s closeness, which made Qu Mingnan depressed for a long time.

Of course Qu Mingnan knew where Beibei was now, but looking at Ren Qian’s guilty expression, he paused, and said in a ghostly manner, “Really? Then you must look for it! In case it is taken away by someone with bad intentions.
It won’t be good!”

Ren Qian paused and said, “I think you’re right .
I was too impatient to keep pets before.
I’m getting busier and busier now.
I don’t have time to keep pets at all, so I’ll post the cat-hunting notice.
If we can get Beibei back, you can take it with you.”

“No problem,” Qu Mingnan agreed without blinking, “It’s also my son, and I should do my part…”

Just then, there was another knock on the door.

Who was it?

Qu Mingnan was a little helpless.
He had always been independent in the circle, and he had few friends.
Usually when he was sick and hospitalised, no one except Nan Sile would come to see him.
Where could he have many visitors?

Ren Qian was closest to the door, and Qu Mingnan was injured on the bed.
She paused, then turned to open the door.

After the door opened, Qin Suiyi, who had only come to visit Qu Mingnan yesterday, stood at the door.

When Qu Mingnan saw Qin Suiyi at the door, he immediately felt that the already awkward atmosphere became even more awkward.
Ren Qian also paused, obviously feeling embarrassed too.

It wasn’t until Qin Suiyi opened his mouth to break the silence, “Did I disturb you?”

Ren Qian came back to her senses, and quickly smiled and said, “No, I’m about to leave.
You are also here to see Director Qu, right? You two talk slowly, I’ll go first.”

After speaking, she turned and looked around, then hesitantly put the fruit basket in her hand on the floor, and turned to leave.

When Ren Qian was about to pass Qin Suiyi, she paused and smiled at Qin Suiyi: “See you tomorrow with the crew.”

Qin Suiyi paused and smiled.

Ren Qian smiled and lowered her head, brushed the hair around her ears with her fingertips, put on her sunglasses and a mask again, and quickly disappeared out the ward.

After Qu Mingnan watched Ren Qian leave, he lowered his eyes and pursed his lips.

He and Ren Qian had been together for so many years, and he knew many of Ren Qian’s little actions like the back of his hand.
Whenever Ren Qian lowered her head and used her fingertips to touch her hair, it meant she was shy… And this little action, Ren Qian had not done it for a long time when she was with him before.

“Director Qu?”

“Director Qu?”

Qu Mingnan was immersed in his own thoughts.
Qin Suiyi called him several times before he came back to his senses and looked up at Qin Suiyi blankly.

Qin Suiyi showed a polite smile: “You didn’t like the dishes yesterday.
Today I specially bought braised pork for you.” After speaking, he raised his hand to set up the table on the hospital bed.
He lifted his hand and put the thermal insulation box on it.

Just as Qu Mingnan was about to refuse, Qin Suiyi had already opened the lid of the thermal insulation box, and the unique aroma of braised pork suddenly wafted into his nostrils, which made Qu Mingnan, who had not eaten anything, swallow subconsciously.

However, Qu Mingnan struggled for a few seconds, but shook his head and refused: “I don’t… No need, I’m waiting for someone to bring me food.”

Qin Suiyi smiled slightly: “If you mean Mr.
Nan, I’m afraid he won’t be able to leave the set for a while now.”

“On the set? What is he doing on the set?” Qu Mingnan frowned slightly, even if Nan Sile’s credit card was stopped by his old father, would he be reduced to using this trick to make money?

Qin Suiyi didn’t answer Qu Mingnan’s question, but changed the subject with a chuckle, “Did Director Qu hit me before because of Ren Qian?”

Qu Mingnan stiffened for a moment, and then he snorted: “Didn’t you already see it? You already know it, what’s there to ask?” When he and Ren Qian broke up in Casablanca before, Qin Suiyi was watching the whole process.

Qin Suiyi sighed: “No wonder Director Qu has such a big opinion on me.
Don’t get me wrong, I am just an ordinary colleague with her.”

Qu Mingnan said with a smile, “You don’t need to have such a misunderstanding.
I have an opinion on you not because of Ren Qian, but simply because I don’t like you.”

Qin Suiyi was a little helpless: “Am I that annoying?”

Qu Mingnan felt a little bad for some reason.
Perhaps because Qin Suiyi had never suffered a loss in this regard, and he might be the first person to make Qin Suiyi suffer.
After all, an actor like Qin Suiyi, which fan didn’t hold him to the top of their hearts?

“I heard that you helped to pay for my surgery and hospitalisation.
I will pay you back later,” Qu Mingnan said calmly, “I don’t like to owe money to others, and I hate to owe favours, and these …take the gifts from your fans too, I am ashamed of it.”

“By the way, don’t come again in the future, I really didn’t plan to save you at that time, it was just a mistake.
Don’t let your fans come.
I’ll be troubled.”

Qin Suiyi was silent for a moment, then sighed softly: “Okay, I won’t come again, but at least you should eat.”

Qu Mingnan: “I’m not hungry, I won’t eat.”

In the next second, his stomach growled.

Qu Mingnan: “…Even if I’m hungry, I won’t eat.”

Qin Suiyi said seriously: “You can hate me, but don’t starve and ruin your body.
If you are so self-willed, I’ll feed you.”

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