As soon as Qin Suiyi left, Nan Sile immediately approached Qu Mingnan to gossip: “What’s the situation? Your attitude towards him is a bit strange, what happened?” He knew Qu Mingnan too much and subconsciously felt that something was wrong with Qu Mingnan.

Qu Mingnan gave a wry smile.
He couldn’t tell that the cat said that he would be with Qin Suiyi in the future.
Let him tell Nan Sile about pursuing Qin Suiyi? Don’t talk about Nan Sile, even he still can’t believe it!

“It’s nothing,” he lowered his eyes and said perfunctorily, ” My head is a little dizzy and uncomfortable.”

No matter who it was, it would be awkward to be told somehow that he would be with a man in the future, right? Especially when he was still a man himself.
He was not discriminating against homosexuality, but he had never imagined that he would become homosexual.

Especially that person he would be with was Qin Suiyi, every cell in his body was full of resistance… If this thing was true, he really wanted to ask his future self, why would he be with Qin Suiyi?

“You have a concussion,” Nan Sile explained without thinking too much, “but you are lucky enough to not be smashed by such a big chandelier on your brain.
It’s just a concussion.
Your luck is good.”

Qu Mingnan smiled, “Good luck? This is the first time I have something to do with this word.” He had never been a lucky person.
Not only had never won a prize but also had some bad luck every other time.

The most important thing is that whenever he needed to choose at a fork in his life, his choice every time seemed to be wrong.

Nan Sile also witnessed many of Qu Mingnan’s misfortunes with his own eyes.
He stretched out his hand and patted Qu Mingnan on the shoulder, and comforted: “Maybe the bad luck in your life in the past twenty years was all for this time.
It was to escape this disaster! Use all your luck in exchange for a life, this deal is quite cost-effective!”

After a while, the doctor came in for an examination.

After the doctor left, Qu Mingnan found that Nan Sile looked at the clock on the wall from time to time, and seemed to be a little restless.
He raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Nan Sile returned to his senses and scratched his face: “Nothing… …”

“If you have anything important, just go, don’t worry about me,” Qu Mingnan thought of the white cat who was still hiding under the bed.
He felt that there were some questions that needed to be asked, so he waved to Nan Sile, “I have to rest too.

Nan Sile breathed a sigh of relief, and explained, “Rui Ke is going to shoot a magazine cover today.
I just know the editor-in-chief of that magazine, so hehe…”

“I knew it,” Qu Mingnan laughed, “You guy, who cares about dates and forget mates, get out .” After Nan Sile left, Qu Mingnan knocked on the headboard: “Okay, come out soon.”

There was no movement.

After a while, Qu Mingnan sighed, “I originally planned to consider your request.
Now it seems that you don’t plan to cooperate anymore?” As soon as his voice fell, a chubby fat cat immediately got out of bed and climbed up along the foot of the bed with difficulty.

“You agreed?”

“Who said I agreed?” Qu Mingnan raised his eyebrows, “I just said that I’ll think about it.”


“What’s your name?” Qu Mingnan asked.

The white cat was sulky for a while, and then said: “My name is Qu Dong Dong or Xi Xi, because one of you likes to call me Dong Dong, the other likes to call me Xi Xi.” 1

Qu Dong? This was really his style of naming… But if you give your child two nicknames with opposite meanings, are you not afraid of confusion?

“Okay, Xixi,” Qu Mingnan paused and asked, “Are you really my son? Are you really coming back from the future? You are really coming back from the future to match me and Qin Sui Yi?”

The white cat nodded, “It’s true!”

Qu Mingnan’s words turned: “Why? If I really get together with Qin Suiyi in the future, then even if I am a straight man now, because of force majeure factors, I will turn into a bend and stay with him in the future.
In that case, why should you come back from the future and let me chase him now?” After calming down, he noticed that there were many little strange things in the white cat’s words, and the strangest thing was this.

If the future was fixed, why bother to let him do something that will happen in the future, unless there was a disruptive factor like in “Terminator”, and that will change the future.

As a practitioner in the creative industry, Qu Mingnan made up N conspiracy dramas in an instant, but the white cat blinked and said, “Because this is my dad’s request to yourself!”

“My own request?” Qu Ming Nan pointed to the tip of his nose, “What are you kidding me, I hate that person for so long.
Don’t I remember this in the future?”

Facing Qu Mingnan’s doubts, the white cat meowed while licking his fur.

According to the future of Qu Mingnan, Qu Mingnan and Qin Suiyi were in a state of competition and appreciation for each other during the first half of their lives.
They are both brothers in their respective fields but have never cooperated.

Qu Mingnan was a director with a strong desire for control.
He liked to control everything by himself and did not allow actors to play freely.
In his opinion, the director was the “God” in the movie, and the actors were just chess pieces, and Qin Suiyi was exactly that kind of actor who hated to be controlled by the director.
He liked to act freely.
He would change the script when he felt happy… Once the two come together, it must be a situation where no one can persuade anyone, so the two of them also choose not to cooperate with each other wisely.

Both of them were career-type men and had been unmarried for half their lives.

Later, when Qu Mingnan was 70 years old, two people who hadn’t faced each other for most of their lives came together.

Two years later, same-sex marriages were made legal.
The two of them registered and came out of the closet to the public.

Two years later, the artificial uterus was invented, and the two successfully bred a child with high technology.

After another two years, Qu Mingnan’s life came to an end.
Before he died, he grabbed the child’s hand and said his biggest regret in his life-

“If time can go back, I really want to be together with your other Dad sooner …If I could be brave when I was young, I wouldn’t have wasted so many years…”

At that time, Qu Dong, who was a child, remembered his father’s words ignorantly, and he really became a scientist when he grew up.

Later, Qu Dong really invented the time machine…

“So Daddy! In order not to regret it!” The white cat’s eyes were shiny, like stars: “Go chase Dad now!”

Qu Ming Nan was silent for a while, and finally couldn’t restrain the excitement in his heart: “…So, I will really become an international director in the future?!”

“You won a lot of awards!” The white cat nodded, “There are a lot!”

Qu Mingnan breathed a long sigh of relief, his whole body refreshed, as if the haze of the past few days had been swept away, and his mood improved a lot: “Then what scripts have I filmed? Do you remember?” He couldn’t help his excitement.
The reason why he became a TV drama director after graduation was because he was still unqualified to make movies.
Since he was destined to become a great director in the future, if he won an award in advance,won’t he be able to become a major international director early when the movie is made?

The white cat nodded: “Of course! I have seen it since I was a child! I have watched it many times! Even every line in the script has been memorized!”

“What is there?” Qu Mingnan asked excitedly.

The white cat’s eyes rolled: “Do you want to know?”

Qu Mingnan suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

Sure enough, the next moment, the white cat said with bright eyes: “Pursue and catch my father first!”

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