wear the slippers.
Now that the soles of his feet were completely cold, he quickly rushed to the bed.

Qin Suiyi walked to the side and put the things he had brought on the table: “I brought food for you.
Because I don’t know what you like to eat, so I accidentally ordered too much.”

He said as he took things out, Qu Mingnan stared at his movements silently and found that he was pulling out lunch boxes one by one, and in a short while, he took out a dozen lunch boxes.

“You can eat whatever you want, and I will take it back if you can’t finish it,” Qin Suiyi said in a gentle voice, “you don’t have to be polite with me.”

Qu Mingnan couldn’t help frowning.
He knew that Qin Suiyi was so kind to him suddenly because he thought he had saved him.
But the problem was that his original intention at the time was not to save Qin Suiyi at all, even though he made a mistake and saved Qin Suiyi in the end.
Because of Qin Suiyi’s gratitude, he was still a little ashamed.

Qu Mingnan frowned but Qin Suiyi was not annoyed.
He smiled, “What? You don’t these? It doesn’t matter, I can buy it again.”

“No,” Qu Mingnan stopped Qin Suiyi.
After thinking about it, he decided to confess, “Don’t get me wrong…”

Qin Suiyi was waiting quietly for Qu Mingnan’s words.
The next second, the door of the ward suddenly opened from the outside: “Nannan! The doctor will come in a while.
I brought you rice by the way! There is your favorite braised pork! The last one! I snatched it! Guess how I snatched it? I…” Nan Sile rushed in with his lunch box.
But after seeing the scene at this moment in the ward, he suddenly braked, and he forcibly held back half of what he was saying.

The atmosphere was very embarrassing.

It was Qin Suiyi who broke the embarrassment first.
He nodded towards Nan Sile, and smiled slightly: “Mr.

Although the Nan clan and Sheng Shi are competitors, and Nan Sile and Qin Suiyi are the princes of the Nan clan and the first brother of Shengshi respectively, there is no need to implement the setting of the hostile camp on this occasion.

“Emperor Qin, it’s such a coincidence,” Nan Sile laughed dryly, especially after seeing a dozen or so colorful lunch boxes on the table, the lunch box in the hospital dining hall in his hand seemed to be particularly shabby, so he silently took them behind his back.
He said, “…you came to see Nannan too, pooh, Qu Mingnan?” 1

Qin Suiyi nodded his head, “I came to thank director Qu.”

“Then I won’t bother you.”

Nan Sile was about to turn around and leave but was stopped by Qu Mingnan.

“Didn’t you help me get lunch?” Qu Mingnan beckoned Nan Sile, “Come here, I’m just hungry.”

Nan Sile looked at the rich dishes that were on the table far away, and then looked at the rice full of vegetables, tofu, and only a few pieces of braised pork.

… Isn’t Qu Mingnan hitting Qin Suiyi in the face?

The atmosphere fell into embarrassment again.

Qu Mingnan raised his eyebrows: “Why? You obviously brought me a meal, but you’re not willing?”

Nan Sile turned his head and looked at Qin Suiyi, but saw Qin Suiyi smile slightly: “Since the director did not like the food I brought, I’ll take it back.” He obviously realized that Qu Mingnan was unwelcoming to him, and quickly put away all the lunch boxes neatly.

“Then I will leave today, and I will see you tomorrow.”

Qu Mingnan took the lunch box that Nan Sile handed over, and said as he ate, “You don’t need to come tomorrow.
Don’t get me wrong.
I didn’t plan to save you at that time.
I just wanted to save my cat.”

“Everything is a misunderstanding.
If you want to, you can thank my cat.”

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