ieve me, you can ask me questions too!”

Qu Mingnan hesitated and asked a few questions, the answers were fluent, which made him even more frightened-

This was obviously beyond the scope of pranks.
Those questions he asked, let alone outsiders, there were many that even Nan Sile, who was most likely to make this joke with him, didn’t know.

……Was this white cat really his son from the future?

“…Last question, who is my favorite movie master?”

Qu Mingnan asked through gritted teeth.

The white cat said without hesitation: “Hitchcock!”

Qu Mingnan paused, then said suspiciously: “…Well, then I believe you for the time being, but how do you explain-why are you a cat? In my humble opinion, I am a human, and Qin Suiyi is also a human.
Even if the gene is mutated, we will not give birth to a cat.”

The white cat hesitated for a long time before silently covering its face with its small paws and said: “…When I used the time machine to come back… there was a slight error in the operation… and it turned out to be like this…”

The time machine?

Qu Mingnan had become numb to these words that continued to challenge his worldview, and can even complain calmly: “A small mistake? Are you sure it’s just a small mistake?”

“Well, this is a major mistake,” the white cat said.
The ears drooped all of a sudden and said, “The time machine I invented is not perfect enough to transmit my body, only part of my consciousness.
I originally planned to find a suitable body as a host.
I made a mistake when thinking of teleportation and ran to this cat.”

“The time machine you invented? So you are a scientist.
Sorry for being disrespectful,” Qu Mingnan said numbly, “Human civilization is developing so fast.
Years later, not only did the world open up same-sex marriage but even the time machine was invented… By the way, at that time we had completely entered the communist society, right?”

The white cat looked serious: “No, I’m from a future that is a hundred years later.

” one hundred years …… a hundred years? ” Qu Mingnan’s placid face finally had a crack, “Are you sure you’re not my grandchild? or that I and Qin Suiyi intended to be so healthy and strong?” He seems to have accepted the assumption that he and Qin Suiyi will be together in the future and that he would have given birth to a son.

“It’s a long story, so I’ll talk to you slowly in the future,” the white cat suddenly changed the subject, “Daddy! I came back from the future, there is a very important task for you!”

Qu Mingnan calmly asked: “Is it saving the world?”

Next, should he go home and watch “Terminator” dozens of times, familiarize himself with the plot routine, and learn related skills?

The white cat looked at Qu Mingnan with suspicion: “You?”

Qu Mingnan became furious: “I’m your father!”

How can there be a son who talks to his father like this?

He thinks this guy has a problem!

The white cat changed the subject and said: “This matter is more important!”

Qu Mingnan said with a smile, “Tell me.”

The white cat said solemnly, “Please pursue my father on the premise of marriage!”

Qu Mingnan was silent for a moment:” …… which father? “

The white cat looked into Qu Mingnan’s and said rhetorically: “I just said that you and Qin Suiyi are my two fathers.”

Qu Mingnan: ” …… “

He was numb for a long time, and finally realized the most important thing-will he be with Qin Suiyi in the future?

Stop making jokes!!!

Qu Mingnan couldn’t pay attention to his dizzy brain.
He got up from the hospital bed blankly, lifted the cat out of the bed blankly, and then carried the cat to the door of the ward blankly.

Open the door.

Throw it out.

Close the door.

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