When Qu Mingnan woke up again, he was already in the hospital.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he noticed the snow-white ceiling, the snow-white walls, and the smell of disinfectants in his nose.

He struggled a little bit and was about to get up from the bed, but there was a dull pain from dizziness in his skull, and he immediately lay back down again.

“Nannan! Nannan! You finally woke up!”

Qu Mingnan’s struggle obviously alarmed the people who stood by.
Nan Sile jumped over excitedly, his tone was exaggerated: “You don’t even know how long you have been unconscious! I almost thought you would never wake up! It scared me to death!”

Qu Mingnan was startled by Nan Sile’s reaction and a little confused.

Nan Sile talked by himself for a long time.
Seeing that Qu Mingnan didn’t respond at all, his small eyes were still a little confused, he suddenly panicked: “What’s the matter! Nan Nan, have you lost your memory? That’s right! That’s how it is played in TV dramas.
Yes, the protagonist usually has amnesia when his head is smashed! What do I do? Do you remember me?”

Qu Mingnan asked blankly, “Who are you?”

“You really have amnesia! What do I do?” Nan Sile’s eyes widened in disbelief, but soon his expression became very firm, “Don’t worry! I won’t give up on you! No matter how much money, I will heal you!”

Qu Ming Nan: “…Okay, stop acting.”

He reached out and touched his dizzy head, only to find that the entire back of his head was tightly wrapped in bandages, and he was taken aback for a moment: “What happened? The back of my head was smashed through?”

“Almost!” Nan Sile said sadly, “You don’t know how dangerous the situation was at the time.
The crystal chandelier could’ve almost smashed your skull!”

“Really?” Qu Mingnan didn’t react for a while, “So dangerous?”

At that time, he just rushed to save Beibei, completely ignoring his own safety, and now he started to be scared, sweating coldly.

Nan Sile nodded fiercely: “It was so dangerous! How did you do it? It’s not your way of being a hero to save beauty! Is it that the broken relationship has hit you so hard, this shock wave directly bent you?”

Qu Mingnan was a little dazed: “What hero saves the beauty? What is it? What are you talking about, why can’t I understand?”

He just fainted, why could he suddenly not understand Nan Sile at all?

“You’re asking me? I still want to ask you!” Nan Sile glared at Qu Mingnan, “The situation was so dangerous at the time, why did you rush to save Qin Suiyi? Why didn’t I know when you have become someone who ignores their own safety to save others? Tell me honestly, are you interested in him?”

Qu Mingnan was completely stunned: “I saved Qin Suiyi? When did I save Qin Suiyi? The one I saved at the time was obviously my family’s Beibei! “

“Your family’s Beibei?” Nan Sile took a long time to react, only to wake up all of a sudden, “The cat you kept? Damn! So now you want to say that the one you were saving is actually the cat? “

“Otherwise?” Qu Mingnan frowned slightly, “I am not familiar with Qin Suiyi, why should I save him? People are greedy for life and fear death, and I am not the kind of person who sacrifices himself for others, don’t you know me? “

Nan Sile’s eyes widened for a long time before he suddenly burst out laughing: “Hahahaha you wanted to save…hahahaha it was the cat…hahahaha…” because he laughed too hard, he even hiccuped with laughter.

Qu Mingnan frowned and said, “What’s wrong with me saving my cat? Isn’t that the right thing to do?”

Nan Sile laughed and hiccuped: “Now the whole world knows…hahahahaha…you risked your life to save others.
…Hahahahaha… now you actually said that who you wanted to save was just a cat?”

Qu Mingnan blinked, “Ah?”

Nan Sile wiped the tears from his laughter and took out his mobile phone and brought it in front of Qu Mingnan: “Look at it for yourself! Hahahahah!”

Qu Mingnan picked up his phone and swiped Weibo with a dazed expression, and then found that the entire Weibo was almost swiped by his and Qin Suiyi’s names.
The two of them made headlines in various fancy styles-

“Accident in the annual meeting of Shengshi, sacrifice oneself to save their enemy!”

“The relationship between Qin Suiyi and Qu Mingnan is intricate: enemy? Benefactor?”

“Qin Suiyi responded to the chandelier incident: thanking Qu Mingnan for his life-saving grace.”

“Qin Suiyi’s fans launched an apology and thanked Qu Mingnan! A fan expressed regret for participating in the scolding war!”

Qu Mingnan: “…”

“Hahahaha,” Nan Sile couldn’t stop laughing, “Now the whole world regards you as Qin Suiyi’s lifesaver.
Each of his fans regrets and feels guilty.
No one dares to scold you.
Qin Suiyi’s fan club also launched an event to apologize to you! If you jump out now and say that you were not saving him, but a cat, his fans would hammer you to death!”

If Qu Mingnan jumped out now and said that he was saving a cat, not a human, that would be slapping Qin Suiyi’s fans in the face.
Won’t it mean that their male god wasn’t as good as a cat?

Qu Mingnan immediately said, “Let this beautiful misunderstanding continue.”

Nan Sile said: ” Hahahaha hiccup.”

Qu Mingnan scratched his head: “…by the way, where is my family’s Beibei?”

“I don’t know.
At that time, the situation was too chaotic,” Nan Sile shook his head, “I only remember that you rushed to push Qin Suiyi and the cat away, and then you were knocked unconscious by the chandelier.
Everyone didn’t react and just screamed.
Qin Suiyi was the first to react, and he calmly asked someone to call an ambulance.”

Qu Mingnan was stunned, “Really?”

“Qin Suiyi is really cool.
He was hit too and had a big cut on his arm.
He was still bleeding and commanding the crowd calmly.
Later, the ambulance came and couldn’t drive in,” Nan Sile whistled, “He just picked you up.
He gave you a princess carry, and then he carried you into the ambulance while bleeding.
He was so calm and cool.”

Qu Mingnan silently stretched out his hand to cover his face feeling embarrassed.
He, a grown man, was actually princess carried by another man…….

“After arriving at the hospital, the doctor saw that he was injured and wanted to bandage him.
But he didn’t let anyone bandage him.
He didn’t ask the doctor to bandage him until he saw you were pushed into the operating room,” Nan Sile said and rolled his eyes, “If it weren’t for the emergency at the time, I would suspect that he was in love with you.”

Qu Mingnan was taken aback for a moment, then he smiled: “How is it possible, we are both men!”

“What’s wrong with two men?” Nan Sile rolled his eyes, but suddenly remembered something, “That’s right.
The doctor said to call him when you wake up.
I’ll call the doctor for you, and you can play by yourself.”

After Nan Sile left, Qu Mingnan still didn’t recover until a round white figure wriggled and climbed out from under the bed, he cried out in surprise, “Bei Bei!”

He was surprised to watch Bei Bei try to climb up with four short legs…and then fall…and then climb…and then fall down again… After working so hard several times, he finally managed to climb onto the bed.

“Oh! You little fat pig, are you gaining weight again?” Qu Mingnan couldn’t help but relax when he saw that Beibei was all right, and he cursed with a smile.

Unexpectedly, the next moment, the white cat suddenly opened his mouth and uttered a human word: “Papa!”

Qu Mingnan blinked, thinking that he had auditory hallucinations.

Beibei opened his sleek cat pupils, and continued to say, “Papa! I am your son from the future!”

Qu Mingnan was stunned.

Qu Mingnan was shocked.

Qu Mingnan is dead!

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