Having learned his lessons from what happened earlier, Qu Mingnan was still a little worried when he returned home from the crew.
He feared that another fan ambushing on both sides of the road would rush to smash eggs and throw tomatoes.
But fortunately, he returned home safely and nothing happened on the way.

After returning home, he took out his phone and scanned the entertainment gossip.
As expected, he quickly found the peachy scandal between Nan Sile and the male model.
He selectively skipped the news and continued to scroll down.
He soon discovered that the enthusiasm of the news that he hit Qin Suiyi not only did not fade, but it became more and more intense and continued to ferment.
Public opinion on the Internet even began to get out of control.

Qu Mingnan opened Weibo silently and searched for the names of him and Qin Suiyi, and he quickly found out all kinds of comments scolding him.
Those comments kept changing and scolding him in various gestures.
The level of scolding, the height of scolding, the style, some extreme fans even directly revealed the address of Qu Mingnan’s crew, calling on other fans to teach him a lesson.

He was frightened, but he also subconsciously felt that something was wrong.
He continued to scroll down the comments and gradually found that the comments seemed to be divided into two groups.
One group called on other Qin Suiyi fans while cursing Qu Mingnan.
The other group is working hard to appease the fans and let everyone calm down.

Qu Mingnan had been in the circle for some years.
He gradually noticed some clues.
Coupled with Qin Suiyi’s hint just now, he realized that there might be someone behind it.
Maybe the people who scolded him weren’t real fans of Qin Suiyi, but some guys with ulterior motives.
The people behind may want to engage him, maybe engage Qin Suiyi through him… But anyway, he was a direct victim.
A sane fan would not be instigated by public opinion, but some fans might be incited by public opinion to do something impulsive.

He continued to scroll down again, but soon he realized that he had made headlines again.
He silently clicked in and took a look.
It turned out to be a small video-the content in the video was the scene where he was smashed into an egg not long ago.
, The person who posted the video said triumphantly: “This is the fate of offending us, Qin Suiyi’s fans!”

Not long after that little video was posted, it quickly made the headlines.
The comments below were divided into several groups.
One group praised that person’s good work and gave a sigh of relief for Qin Suiyi, and another group was accusing Qin Suiyi’s fans of being too excessive…All parties fought, and the scene turned chaotic.

Qu Mingnan increasingly suspected that someone was behind it, but he really couldn’t remember whether he had offended anyone recently.
Could it be Tian Miqi and Mr.
Wang? Soon he denied this idea because no matter how one looked at it, it obviously meant more harm to Qin Suiyi.
After all, he was just a small director, and the opinions of passersby were not painful to him.
But for Qin Suiyi, it’s different.

As for Qin Suiyi, there are obviously more people who he could offend.
As long as he was popular enough, countless people would see him displeasing even if he did nothing wrong.

If this matter was really aimed at Qin Suiyi, then Qu Mingnan was obviously just an innocent person.
The only thing where he was not innocent was probably when he actually punched Qin Suiyi.

He punched Qin Suiyi and was drawn into the game.
Qu Mingnan felt that it was not worth it, but at this point, he couldn’t turn it around, so he could only lie down and accept it.

In the next few days, the grievances between Qu Mingnan and Qin Suiyi seemed to intensify under various exaggerations.
Even Qu Mingnan, a person who was rarely exposed to the public, gradually gained a certain degree of popularity.
Not only did Weibo fans increase, but people came to his Weibo to leave messages every day, some scolding, some boasting, and some purely onlookers.

Therefore, Qu Mingnan had to be fully armed when he went out, for fear of being recognized, as if he enjoyed the treatment of a big star.
The difference between him and a big star is that a big star was usually chased by fanatic fans to get autographs when he was recognized.
He might be chased and beaten by avid fans when he was recognized.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the annual party dinner.
When Qu Mingnan came to the venue, he realized that Nan Sile had arrived early, wearing a white suit and a special bag.

“How is my look today?” Nan Sile winked at Qu Mingnan.

Qu Mingnan: “You look like a dog.”

“That’s handsome?” Nan Sile automatically ignored some of Qu Mingnan’s words.
He smoothed his hair and looked narcissistic.
“How likely do you think Rui Ke will fall in love with me at first sight?”

Qu Ming Nan laughed and declined to comment.

Nan Sile looked at Qu Mingnan’s expression, knowingly asked: “You haven’t slept well these few days? Dark circles under the eyes are heavy?”

Qu Mingnan sighed, “I don’t know why…From this morning until now, My eyelids have been jumping, and I have a bad premonition.”

“What?” Nan Sile blinked, “Do you think there will be fans of Qin Suiyi lurking in and hitting you with your sack? “

Qu Mingnan shook his head, “I don’t think I feel so good.”

Nan Sile reached out and patted Qu Mingnan’s shoulder: “Don’t think too much, they will take advantage of you at best.
They will smash your car window, puncture your tire, and smash your car, they won’t cause any harm to your personal safety.
That’s a crime.”

“Haha, it didn’t comfort me at all,” Qu Ming Nan laughed, “Compared to my car, I would rather they come to me.
My car still has three years to pay off the car loan.”

As the two of them were chatting, Qu Mingnan suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar figure- he didn’t know when Ren Qian appeared on the scene.
She was in a white tube top evening dress, elegant and sexy, maybe it was a tacit understanding of many years, both of their eyes met in this second.

Ren Qian paused and turned her head quickly.
Qu Mingnan didn’t get time to blink, and the next second, his eyes were attracted by a small figure that came in behind Ren Qian— it was a plump and chubby Chinese pastoral cat with a fluffy white body and a bunch of black hair on the forehead.
The round cat eyes are a pair of heterochromatic eyes.
Because the body is too round, and its four legs are very short.
When it ran, it looked like a ball of glutinous rice cakes.

“Beibei?” Qu Mingnan couldn’t help but be stunned.
The white cat with heterochromatic eyes was surprisingly the cat he and Ren Qian had adopted together.
Since the two broke up, he has never seen Beibei again.

The white cat with heterochromatic eyes probably heard the call of the former owner.
It raised its furry round face and looked in Qu Mingnan’s direction, and then strode hard on its short legs as if it wanted to run towards him.

Qu Mingnan was immediately moved into a mess.
Could it be that Beibei finally missed him after not seeing him for so long, so he secretly followed Ren Qian and wanted to run to see him?

However, in the next second, the security guard at the venue spotted the cat that shouldn’t be here, and immediately picked up the white cat by the back of its neck relentlessly, and left the venue with the cat.

“Wait a minute…”

Qu Mingnan was trying to stop him but was grabbed by Nan Sile on the side.

Nan Sile grabbed Qu Mingnan’s arm and turned him in another direction, with excitement: “There! My Ke Ke! Help me see if my hairstyle is messy!”

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