After learning that the investor was determined to divest, Qu Mingnan made several phone calls in anger, but the other side was always indifferent.
He finally got through the phone, but it was only answered by a female assistant.
Regardless of how he explained to the other party, the other party’s tone was very cold, and even finally hung up his phone impatiently.

Qu Mingnan was very angry, but he was helpless.
For them, the investor is the father.
No matter how many crews there are, the investor will spend money to put people into the crew.
Generally speaking, as long as the people who enter this way are not too unreliable, it can be regarded as a mutual benefit and a win-win situation for both.
Compared with most directors, he is almost never picky.
Because some directors will pick a little bit, but he will never refuse them.
He even preferred those newcomers who did not have the slightest acting skills.
In the circle of investors, his reputation should be someone who is surprisingly easy to talk to… but someone who is so easy to talk to like him actually has a day of kicking the iron.

It is incredible.

Qu Mingnan quickly got up from the bed, he cleaned himself up , and rushed towards Nan Sile’s house.

Nan Sile lives in a high-end community in the city center.
The community also has various facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, supermarkets, etc.
It has convenient transportation, strict access control, and an elegant environment.
Because the city’s two major entertainment companies- Shengshi Industry and Nan’s Film Industry are nearby, so many people in the entertainment industry live in this community, including seniors, celebrities, etc.
of Shengshi and Nan’s.

Although Qu Mingnan does not live in this community, he often ran here to find Nan Sile.
So the security guards already knew Qu Mingnan.
Nevertheless, he confirmed Qu Mingnan’s identity again and let him in.

Qu Mingnan went straight to Nan Sile’s house, and slammed the door.

A few minutes later, Nan Sile cautiously ran to open the door: “Who?”

The moment he opened the door, Qu Mingnan turned around subconsciously and turned his back to Nan Sile.

“There are no scenes I shouldn’t watch, right?” Qu Mingnan asked calmly despite his eagerness.
As a friend of Nan Sile for many years, he was really familiar with Nan Sile’s private lifestyle.
Before, every time he came to Nan Sile’s home, he could almost see Nan Sile in disheveled clothes and another man in disheveled clothes-and usually, he would rarely see the same man twice.

Nan Sile gave a lingering sigh of relief: “What? It turned out to be you, it almost scared me to death.
I thought it was my old man .
Come in.” Qu Mingnan looked back, very good.
Nan Sile was dressed decently.
He breathed a sigh of relief and quickly got into Nan Sile’s house, and then grabbed Nan Sile’s wrist: “LeLe! You must help me this time!”

Nan Sile said a dumbfounded expression: “What’s the situation? Which female star do you like in our company?”

“Do you think I’m you?” Qu Mingnan glanced at Nan Sile, then he sighed and said about the investor withdrawing the funds.

“Withdrawal?” Nan Sile’s eyes widened in surprise.
Although he was doing nothing serious all day long, he also knew the seriousness of the sudden withdrawal of an investor in a drama that had already started filming.
“What’s the situation? I’ll call to ask.” When Nan Sile called, Qu Mingnan paced anxiously on the side.
After a while, seeing Nan Sile hung up the phone, he immediately asked anxiously, “How?”

Nan Sile was silent for a while.
Then shook his head.

Qu Mingnan was suddenly discouraged: “There is no room for recovery?”

Nan Sile hesitated: “President Wang changed the investment to another crew.”

“Who? Which crew?” Qu Mingnan gritted his teeth with anger.

Nan Sile coughed: “Calm down, promise me not to be angry…”

“Which bastard crew is getting the investment?” Qu Mingnan gritted his teeth.

Nan Sile hesitated and said: “…Qin Suiyi’s crew.”

Qu Mingnan was silent for a long time, and suddenly turned back and laughed: “I was wondering, how could Tian Miqi run to the other crew without any reason? It turns out that they have already used money to make a secret deal !”

“Don’t be too angry,” Nan Sile scratched his hair, “Director Zhao is still very ethical, Tian Miqi can only run on his crew! Her acting skills are too bad!”

“…I’m even more angry.
She can be the heroine in my crew, but she would rather spend money to go to the other crew to play a small role,” Qu Mingnan laughed angrily, “Is it so worthless to play my drama?”

Nan Sile said immediately.
“How is that possible! She has no vision! She doesn’t know what she missed! She missed a chance to become a big hit! She will definitely regret it till death in the future!”

Qu Mingnan sighed, “Forget it, It’s not that I don’t know what they said about me.
Now that it’s done, I can only think of a way to remedy it.
How much money do you have now? Would you like to lend me some?” If he couldn’t find other investors to fill up the funds, the consequences were self-evident.
If he was in place of another Shengshi Films contract director, he might be able to talk to the company.
But the relationship between him and Shengshi was somewhat subtle.
He was afraid it wasn’t easy to open his mouth.

Nan Sile’s expression was a bit embarrassed suddenly, and he stammered and said, “…Nan Nan, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you this time…”

Qu Mingnan frowned slightly, “What’s the matter?” It’s not like Nan Sile’s usual style.

Nan Sile smiled bitterly: “You haven’t watched today’s entertainment gossip, right?”

“How can I be in the mood to watch gossip now, what’s the situation?” Qu Mingnan didn’t know it.

Nan Sile faltered for a long time before saying: “I went out with a male model last month.
Someone took a photo and it spread out in the middle of the night yesterday.
The photo was quite amazing.
My old man called and scolded me at four in the morning.
The scolding was so terrible,” I’ll let you play with a man! I stopped your card! I will see how you play with a man!” or something … When I heard you knocking on the door just now, I thought it was my old man who came to me to settle the accounts early in the morning, scaring me to death…I only have a few dozen yuan in cash left all over my body…”

Nan Sile touched his pocket silently and took out a few crumpled sheets of ten yuan from it, and looked at Qu Mingnan pitifully, “Well, how much money do you have now? Would you like to lend me some?”

Qu Mingnan, who failed to borrow money but was about to become the lender, remained silent for a while, and then slammed Nan Sile with a punch: “Let you play with a man!”

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