Princess! ” Erika said all flustered, ”you are mocking me ”. She said. ”Of course not, I wouldn dear ”. Alexa said chuckling. ”Your highness! ”. Erika face was now red. ”Alright, alright, i won tease you anymore ” Alexa said. ”You worry too much, I have a closet full of dresses, no need to be bothered about a single dress right? ” She continued. ”Sigh ” Erika sighed helplesly. She knew it was pointless arguing with this stubborn princess. ”Alright, give me a minute, I will get you a new dress. We have thirty minutes to breakfast, you have to get dressed quickly. I will be back ”. Erika said and left to get another dress. After Erika left the chamber, Alexa thought of her brother, and without realizing It, she had a bright smile on her face, she was excited to see her brother after a long time, and that was the only reason she agreed to have breakfast at the dinning hall.

The king and the crown prince had already arrived at the dining hall.

The dining hall was located in the main palace. The main palace building, was right at the middle of the entire castle. That was where the throne room also known as the court room was located. The King, the ministers and officers usually held their meetings in the throne room, where they discussed the affairs of the kingdom. The kings office was also at the main palace, along with it, other receiving rooms and large reception halls for parties or other official events. The royal judgement hall was also found in the main palace, that was where all cases were resolves, and where the King passed judgement to criminals after they had been found guilty.

The dining hall was very gigantic. Inside it was a very large dining table right at the middle of the hall, with chairs all round it. It had large Windows, for proper ventilation which was always covered by velvet curtains every other day, as the royal family seldom used the dining hall. But today the curtains were raised. On the walls of the hall, There were many ornate candle stands at every corner, for illumination in the night.

Inside the dining hall, the king and crown Prince were sitted, waiting for the princess. ”I want you to see you in my office after breakfast, you need to discuss the details of the war with me ”, King George said to crown prince Adrian. ”Alright father ” Adrian answered. As they were speaking, that very moment, the doors of the dining hall opened and Alexa walked in. Erika, who followed behind her stopped outside the hall, as she was not allowed in. Whenever the royal family had a meal together, the rule was that no personal maids were allowed In, only the ones designated to serve the food for that meal. So, Erika could only stand outside and wait. Alexa walked in elegantly. She wore a light blue, long, A- line dress that complimented the colour of her fair skin. On her hair was a simple ponytail hairdo and few hair accessories, she wore few bracelets on her hands, and a necklace with matching earrings. She looked simple but elegant, like she always did. She walked with grace and elegance till she reached her seat next to the crown prince. It was a norm, that anytime the royal family sat together for a meal, the king always sat at the far end of the table away from the door. The late queen would sit on his right side when she was alive, then the crown prince and princess sat on the left side. So everyone knew their respective seat in the dinning hall. Alexa was at her seat, but before she sat, she greeted the king ”greetings to his majesty, the king of Tamania kingdom ”, she curtseyed. Then she turned to the crown prince ”greetings to you brother, crown prince of Tamania kingdom ”. She curtseyed. Prince Adrian had a playful smile on his face, ”my little sister has grown so much, look at her acting like a fine young lady ” Adrian commented and chuckled. ”of course, I will soon be as big as you brother, give me a little time and I will catch up to you ”. Alexa said giggling. ”I missed you, my pertinacious little sister ”, Adrian said with a smile. His affection for his sister could be clearly seen in his eyes. ”And i missed you too, my awesome big brother ”. Alexa replied with the same affection. ”I am flattered ”, Prince Adrian said with a smile, as he stood up from his seat to draw out the chair for Alexa. ”Thanks, brother ” Alexa replied to his kind gesture and sat on her seat, Adrian then sat on his too.

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