Chapter 1: The Qiao Family Has a Fake Family Member

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Rao Citys weather in June was like a stove.
The scorching sun created layers of heatwaves on the asphalt road.
It was so hot that no one was seen on the streets.

Qiao Nian came out of the room dragging her newly packed luggage.

She could already hear Qiao Chens chatter before she was downstairs.

Mom and Dad, are Qiao Nians biological parents really coming to pick her up?

Father Qiao sternly replied, Its none of your business.
Are you done practicing for the piano piece youre performing later? Your Grandmothers friend will be coming from Beijing.
Shes a Humanities Professor and a National Pianist.
If you perform well, and with the help of your grandmother, your application to a university in Beijing will be settled.

I have been practicing.

Before Qiao Nian headed down, she heard Qiao Chen whining again.

Dad, what do you think Sisters biological parents look like?

She innocently rambled on.
Her biological parents said they were coming the day before, yet theyre only arriving today! Could it be that they took a train from a ravine to come here?

Qiao Nian couldnt help but pause in her footsteps, feeling insulted.

Three months ago, she unknowingly found out that her dear sister Qiao Chen and her boyfriend were having an intimate relationship and cheating on her.

She couldnt hold back her anger and exposed the matter, only to find out that she wasnt part of the Qiao Family but just a foster child that they adopted from the orphanage.

The Qiao Family didnt adopt her because they wanted to do a good deed.

It was because Qiao Chen was born with a rare blood disease.
Other than taking medications, she also required blood transfusions every month.

The Qiao Family ran a company that was successfully listed last year, so they were considered well-known in Rao City.
If Qiao Chens illness could be treated with money, it would save the Qiao Family from trouble.

Unfortunately, other than being born with illness, Qiao Chen also had the rare RH blood type.
Only one in 100,000 would inherit such a blood type.

Because it was so rare, hospitals called this blood type the Panda blood.

It meant that it was more precious than a panda.

The Qiao Family had the financial capability, but it wasnt certain that the hospital would have enough blood for Qiao Chen every month.
Thus, the Qiao Family came up with the idea of adopting a child with a matching blood type from an orphanage to act as a blood bag for Qiao Chen.

She was that free blood bag.

From a young age, Qiao Nian had been taught to be a good sister by giving the pretty clothes and the awards to her younger sister.
If it wasnt for the matter between Qiao Chen and Fu Ge, she would still be kept in the dark.

The Qiao Family told her about it only because Qiao Chen had almost fully recovered after receiving the treatment in the past years and no longer required medication or blood tra

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