If there is a heaven –

If there is a heaven on earth, it would be right here.

I was mesmerized by the splendid and sweet sight that made my body melt just by looking at it.

This is the hottest dessert shop in Muten these days, so it's the hottest.

The patissier here was said to be a disciple of the head chef of the imperial family, and regardless of whether or not that was true, the dessert was as beautiful as a painting.


“… … .”


“Ah yes.”

“Are you okay?”

Adrian was taken aback when I looked like I was in ecstasy and about to cry.

“It’s so cool.”

“Ribe, you're here to pick out desserts for your friend, right?”

“I almost forgot my duty.”

“But it's also important to let go of our anger.”

I smiled and started shopping for dessert in earnest.

Ah, before that, Adrian said that he picks out dessert too.

“Didn't Lord Watford say he'd give you a gift too?”

“Yeah, but I really don’t know what it is.
To my eyes, they all look the same.”

It's similar, where the hell did you see it?

As I rolled my eyes and looked up, he started laughing awkwardly.

Then he leaned towards me and murmured softly.

“Help me.”

In fact, I wasn't too keen on accompanying Adrian when we set off together to pick out dessert.

It was because Adrian somehow made me uncomfortable every time I met him, and I thought his mischievous words and actions didn't suit me.

But if it wasn't for Adrian at the apothecary a moment ago, I would have given Leonie the body ointment.

I made up my mind to choose his gift diligently.

Whether it's good or bad, you have to give back what you've received because it's your personality.

“Okay, you said you were going to give it as a gift, right?”

If you've decided to help, then you should help properly.

I rubbed my temple once with my finger as if I was lifting up my glasses, then asked a question.

“Do you know the taste of the gift recipient?”

“for example?”

“Which fruits do you like, which colors do you prefer, do you tend to eat sweets, or don’t like them too much.
Do you always eat dessert after a meal or not? I don't really care if I'm controlling my weight or not.
Or whether you plan on going on a diet in the future or not!”


Adrian didn't answer my question, just spat out a short exclamation.

“what? Where did you read it?”

“No, this level of understanding is basic for gifting.”

I shrugged and put on a proud expression.

But Adrian was the complete opposite of me.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t answer a single question from Libe.”

“Oh, you don't know anything?”



Although the plan to accurately identify the needs of the presenter and help them choose the perfect gift was slightly cracked.

I'm not the one to give up though.

“Then it is pretty difficult.
But don't worry.
Just because you don't know what you like doesn't mean you can't give it as a gift.”

This time, he rubbed his chin gently and continued.

“At that time, you just have to choose a steady seller that everyone likes.”

“Steady… … What?”

“The best seller here!”

As I clenched my fists and put on an excited expression, Adrian shook his head and smiled.

“Ah, Libe you really are.”

“… … ?”

“No, then, as Libe said, let’s present a steady seller.”

“It's an excellent choice.
It will make a great gift.”

After choosing Adrian's first, I also started putting desserts for Leonie one by one.

Since Leonie likes something sour rather than sweet, she chose a tart topped with fresh fruit and a piece of lemon cake.


It was a time when I was intoxicated by the sweet scent and excited.

The dapper man summoned Adrian and stopped him.

“Ah, Harriers.”

“Hey, how long has this been? how have you been doing?”

“Yeah, long time no see.”

When I took a couple of steps back with a calm face, Adrian grinned and said,

“This is Lady Bernadette.
You came to work hard because of my poor eyesight.”

“Nice to meet you.
This is Harrier’s Cleanzen.”

He was a tall, sharp-eyed gentleman.
He gave me a passing hello, then he lowered his voice towards Adrian.

“Can we talk for a minute? It's urgent.”

I waved my hands before Adrian could turn around.

“I have something I want to eat right now.
I’ll be eating, so let’s talk slowly.”

What am I willing to concede to?

“I’m sorry.
The story may be long.”

Harriers looked at me and made an apologetic face.


Only then did I realize that there was a discrepancy between the time I said and the time Harriers wanted.

“Adrian, I've picked out the present, so let's go.”


“It’s okay, let’s go.
I hope you do well.”

As I smiled, Harriers grabbed Adrian by the shoulder and turned him away.

“Thank you, young lady.
Then I'll borrow this guy for today.”

While Adrian left, I rubbed my hands together and headed for the display.

When I accompanied him, I thought it was quite annoying, but when I was alone, I felt a little lonely.

'I just want to eat with Leonie.'

It was the tea that I was packing another thing to eat along with the dessert to present to her.

“Oh my, who is this?”

I froze at the sound of a snarling sound coming from behind me.

Even without looking back, I could tell who the voice was.

“It's been a while, Lady Bernadette.”

Damn it, it was Paley.

It was the first time he had met Paley after a war of nerves at the ballroom.

“Ah, yes.
I have urgent business, so stop.”

It's best not to bump into Paley.
I fought on behalf of Leonie at the ballroom, but I didn't have to do that today.

It was then.

“Lady Bernadette, this is really strange.”

Paley muttered lowly as she grabbed my wrist.


“Young lady, even after insulting me like that at the ball, there was no word or apology.”

I slowly closed and opened my eyes at the voice that came from behind me.

Ha, why do you and I overlap so much?

He was also close friends with Paley in the original work.
Her likes, tastes, and places she went to were similar, so it was only natural that they overlapped.

In the future, if something comes to my mind, I will do the opposite.

“It's not enough to embarrass you in front of people with words you can't understand, and you're wagging your tail at the Grand Duke.”

Be patient, be patient one more time.

Let's not scrape and scratch.

I forcefully stretched my lips softly and smiled.

“Oh, did I?”

The moment I opened my mouth, I felt the air around me change in an instant.

Everyone was paying attention to us.

“I haven’t been able to send an apology letter yet because I’m busy with personal matters.

Still, my pride wouldn't allow me to just say I'm sorry, so I raised my tongue strangely.

“You said you were busy, so you must have had time to go out to buy dessert.”

Contrary to my mind, Paley didn't seem to want to just let it go.

“Even though I’m busy, I have to eat… … .”

“Looking at the pretty packaging, I guess it’s for a present?”

Paley looked down at what I was holding and lifted her chin.

“What, you're not trying to buy something for Lady Almaz, are you?”

At her words, the women standing behind Paley booed like an audience.

“That's right, Leonie said she wasn't feeling well, so I was about to buy her something pretty and delicious.”

I should have been patient

I should have just turned around and opened the door.

“Lady Bernadette, why have you changed so much?”

Paley suddenly lowered her eyebrows and looked me up and down.

“Why are you like this again today? Why are people so servile? Is your family in trouble?”


“Ah, is that why you’re desperately trying to stay under Leonie? But what about The situation in the Almaz family is also not very good.”

“… … .”

“Young lady, take good care of people and stick to them.”

The giggling laughter was getting louder and louder.
Eventually, the number of women who could not hold back and burst into laughter began to increase.

“Oh my god, you’re wearing such a strange outfit today.”

“The Marquis Bernadette must be in trouble.”

“I haven’t heard of such rumors.
That's right.”

Ha, I really wanted to live a quiet life.

I blew my bangs with the wind and looked up.

Hey, I'm the kind of person who has to give back whatever I've received, whether it's good or bad.

“Oh, it seems the young lady didn’t know yet.”

When I lazily opened my mouth, Paley stared at me with strange eyes.

“Do you know how much effort and sweat it took to make the yellow dress you are wearing now?”

“Why should I know that?”

I held the hem of Paley's skirt a little and shook it.

“Did you know that yellow dye is extracted from Cobain flowers? What is a flower that only grows in alpine areas? But do you know that the supply and demand is unstable due to diplomatic problems and is spreading to a national problem? How much trouble is this issue in the imperial family right now?”

“What, what?”

“Oh, maybe you don’t know.
I don't know if you're a pathetic person who thinks about what to eat today and what to wear.”

“Lady Bernadette!”

Paley screamed, but I knew very well that I was getting angry because I had nothing to say.


“I am not such a mindless idiot.
Hey young lady.
If you're a young lady from an aristocratic family, think about what's going on in the world.
Don’t carry it around with flowers on your head.”


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