Chapter 17


After returning home, I immediately took out the dress that I had tucked into the box.

It was a dress lavishly decorated with detailed lace made of satin.
Looking back, it was a very lovely and beautiful outfit.

After a rough appreciation, I threw off what I was wearing and put my body in a new dress…
… .

“Wow, this is really unexpected.”

I was standing with a devastated face without even putting on the dress, but Eclat cautiously approached me.

“My lady, if you're going to try on the dress, don't tell me.”



“What do you think I am?”

I opened my arms wide at Eclat, hoping my eyes were wrong, that I was wearing something wrong with the dress.

“Wow, my God.
Looking at it again, it really is a very beautiful dress.”

Yes, of course it was a very beautiful dress.

When I nodded with a sad face, Eclat scratched the back of her head and added a comment.

I have never seen such perfect clothes.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“But why are you looking so bad? Don't you like my reaction?”

“What are you talking about, no, it’s because of that!”

“Ah, got it.”

Eclat clashed her hands and narrowed her eyes.

“I know why you're not in a good mood.”

what? How do you know?

“For the young lady to wear it.”

Eclat rubbed her chin lightly and tilted her head.

“The dress is too big.
Is that why you're upset?”

It was.

The dress Zerlac sent me was too big for me to wear.

Why are the forearms left so much?

Even the waist is so loose that the fabric remains.

What do we do? You said the complete opposite!

“Is it very big? Does it look ridiculous?”

I should have worn it once.

I picked it up and put it down without even looking at it properly, which caused me to suffer like this.

Wow, how could I have said the dress was too small.

Thinking of an excuse I couldn't wear, I just thought that 'it's too small to fit in' was appropriate.


When Zerlac's face, sincerely apologetic and blaming himself, passed, he reflexively closed his eyes tightly.

How many people are you cheating on right now?

Wow I'm really bad

What the hell is this?

While Sulluk was lowering his head, Eclat said as if it was nothing special.

“My lady, the sleeves and overall length are just right, but there's quite a bit left over at the forearm and waist.”

“Then what?”

“You can look at your hands here.”

“Ah, yes.
You just need to mend it!”

This is what it feels like when you are drowning in mud and a rope comes down from the sky.

“Ekla, you are a genius.”

“It’s a matter of course.”

Eclat smiled awkwardly with a face that wanted to do that.

“Okay, then shorten the waist a bit.”

“Wait a minute, miss.”

Eclat, who was examining the waist, looked up at me with a rather embarrassed expression.

“My lady, this cannot be mended.”

“What? why?”

“This is a material that cannot be mended with a normal needle at home.
If you touch it carelessly, everything will break.”

“… … .”

“And something etched on the waistline?”

“What? at the waist?”

I bowed my head at Eclat's words and looked around.
An ancient word was embroidered around the waist, just like her horse.

“What is this?”

“I do not know.
But if I shorten it like this, this letter will be ruined like this.”


I thought about just ignoring it and reducing it for a moment.

Somehow, it seemed that Gerlac would notice if that happened.

He couldn't have sent the dress without checking these things.

What if your clothes were said to be too small and you noticed that you shrunk them even more?

'Ooh, if you find out you lied…
… .
It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.”

Now that I think about it, I think the acting was really good too.

If I did it moderately clumsily, I think I would be able to look at it cutely.

Ha, I don't know the real 'moderate'.

How are you now?

At that time, Eclat spoke cautiously.

“My lady, this dress.
Are you worried because you received it as a gift?”


“Did His Highness feel very sad because she didn’t wear the dress you sent to this ball?”

I nodded slowly.

You should have tried it on before the prom.”

I can't say I didn't wear it on purpose.

I just hung my head with a depressed face.

“Even if the waist part is left a little, it suits the lady well.
Can't you just wear it?”

That's it.
I… … I lied that this dress was too small to fit in.

After hesitating for a while, I briefly explained to Eclat what had happened.

Eclat did not understand why I was so afraid of Xerlac, but listened intently and nodded.

she was a good listener

So I almost confessed how much I had suffered since I was possessed by Liberata, and even how I died doing things I didn't even do.

Perhaps if I had told you in detail, you would have understood why I was trembling so much.

After talking for a while, Eclat covered her face and shouted.

“My God, why did you lie like that!”

The reaction made it clear that I was very, very wrong.

“That was all I could think of.
There was no hole through which to escape.”

“Still, you did a good job preventing the aide from being cut.”

“That’s it, what… … .”

We looked down at the dress in silence for a while.

“Ekla, what are you doing? Embroidery or something, should I just cut it down?”

“But such a thin material will quickly tear if a needle touches it.”

“Should I say it was accidentally torn and thrown away?”

“Wouldn't you say you're going to punish the shopkeeper for leaving such a weak dress even?”

Hey Ecla.

You have already figured out Xerlac's personality.

“Right, I think so.”

“Hmm, or should I put a piece of cloth around my waist to make it fit?”

“Oh, yes.
Is that a good idea?”

However, when wearing a dress wrapped around the belly like a belly band, not only did it not fit well, but anyone could see that it looked like something was tucked under the clothes.

“This won’t work.”

“Yes, it looks like a cotton doll.”

“Oh, then how about this method?”

I mean, I've got a pretty good head.

“What if I gain enough weight to fit the dress?”

“… … .”

“How about it, isn’t it a good way?”

But this time, Eclat gave me a really strange look.

“Are you gaining weight?”

“Okay, wouldn’t it be right if you ate a lot and got a little hungry?”

“Are you meeting the Grand Duke next year?”


“Is that possible in such a short time?”

“Can’t you?”

“Yes, because the weight won’t suddenly stick to your waist.”

“Hey, let’s put it away for now.”

“Clean up?”

“Yeah, let’s pretend we don’t know for now.
And for the time being, I will remain unnoticed.”

I put the dress back in the box and closed the lid tightly.

Then Eclat spoke cautiously.

“My lady, I think it’s best to just be honest.”

Then she opened the lid and took out the dress again.

“If you lie to escape the moment, you have no choice but to keep lying.
A lie begets a lie.”

“… … .”

“I'm not going to be able to handle that kind of lie.”

Eclat was right.

Yeah, I should have said that I didn't like the dress you gave me, rather than flirting with it by saying it's small from the start.

But how can I speak honestly in front of that face?

If that had happened, my head might have been cut instead of the aide.

When he stares at me, it feels like a cool breeze is blowing from somewhere!

“Thank you, Ecla.
You're right.”

I laughed awkwardly as I tucked my dress on.

“I'll tell you when the Archduke is a little less scared.”


“Until then, it is sealed.
completely sealed.


Unable to understand everything I said, Eclat just blinked and looked at me.


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