I told Leonie the short story of meeting Zerlac the evening after I was alone at the ball.

“I see.
Anyway, Lady Isley's expression wasn't good.
You better be really careful.”

“Yes, I understand.”

As Leonie spoke, she fidgeted with the knotted bracelet wrapped around her wrist.
It seemed that something was unsettling.

Besides, Leonie's expression is somewhat unusual.



It seems that both cheeks are flushed somewhere, and staring at somewhere with blank eyes is like…
… .


“Ribe, wait a minute.
I met a face.
I know I'll come and say hello.”

“Uh, yes.”

Then, holding on to the fluttering hem of her skirt, she disappeared into the crowd.


I was worried that Leonie would follow me, but I'm not a child.

I just sat around and sipped champagne.

Ha, I have to connect Leonie and Gerlac at the prom today.

When Leonie comes back later, I'll take her to see the Grand Duke again.

By the way, didn't the two of them feel something destined when they met earlier?

As I was thinking about that, I saw a very familiar face in the distance.

Oh my God, it's my mother.

It would be the end if my mother found out that I didn't even dress properly in such a shabby dress.

Even if it wasn't so, she insisted on going with Leonie to avoid her mother's eyes.

My hand holding the champagne trembled and I quickly ran out of the banquet hall.

Leaving the banquet hall did not calm her heart.

My mother was still trying to connect with me somehow, asking if anything had happened that night with Her Highness Cygnus.

But if you found out that you came to the prom like this.

Ooh, just thinking about it makes me dizzy.

After walking for a long time in the huge and long hallway, a balcony overlooking the garden came into view.

My heart calms down quite a bit as I caress the handrail painted with jade white paint.


The garden overlooking the balustrade was very peaceful.

Then, the wind blew the hem of her skirt, and she grabbed it with one hand, and the crisp feel and faded color made her feel bitter.

“What is this?”

The wind, which I don't know where it came from, whipped my long, curly hair.

My already messy hair was getting more messy, but I just let it go.

“Whew, what do you know?”

Ever since I came to this world, I haven't had a day where I feel comfortable.

No matter how hard I tried, things didn't go my way, and if left alone, I ran into a difficult situation.

The moment she was about to give up everything, she was unexpectedly involved with the Grand Duke.
It wasn't enough, and he ended up making the heroine in the novel unlucky.

In addition, I heard that if you do not live this life properly, you will perish.

What is this all about, really.

“Can I say this? It might be stupid.”

It was a time when the thoughts that filled my head were scattered in the wind.

“What's stupid?”

The moment I turned my head to the sudden voice, I almost stopped breathing.


Standing in front of him was Archduke Cygnus.

“You're quiet when you're with people, so why are you muttering to yourself?”

“… … .”

“You look like you're not happy at the prom.”

You said you're going to be busy with guests from far away today, so why are you here?

“It's a pleasure, Your Highness the Grand Duke.”

“I've felt it before, but you're bad at lying.”

“It's a lie, it's true.”

It was clear I wouldn't believe it.

“Why are you out alone?”

“What about the Grand Duke?”

“Doesn’t Bernadette ever answer at once?”

His voice was neither cool nor blunt, and I reflexively shrank.

Is it because the memories of long ago remain in the body?

“To be honest, it’s not that much fun, nor is it terribly boring.”

Zerlac raised one eyebrow ironically as if my answer was interesting.

Then, after glancing at my gray dress, he continued:

“Looking at how hard we prepared, it seems like there was definitely something to look forward to.”

“Are you kidding me?”

I almost glared at him, but I managed to hold it in.

Oh no, who is this all for now!

Phew, dying and reviving several times only increases my patience.


“No, I was thinking about what you were thinking in choosing this dress.”


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