Chapter 13

A few days later, the long-awaited ball was held by all the people of Muten.

But no one waited as long as I did.

'Okay, it's today.'

The banquet was as gorgeous as expected and everything was perfectly prepared.

Leonie wore the blue satin dress I had picked out with her, and it was jaw-droppingly beautiful even for a fellow woman.

“Leonie, oh my God.”

Flying like dragonfly wings suited Leonie very well.

I also wanted to wear a pretty dress, but I didn't forget my duty.

Of course, I shivered holding on to the dress that Zerlac had sent me until the very end.

Well done, me!

'Leonie is really pretty.
Very satisfied.
This is enough!'

When I picked up champagne to quench my thirst with a happy heart, the voices of the ladies gathered together came over.

“Oh my God, Lady Leonie Almaz really decided to come today.”

“Your beauty is unique.”

“But can I please the Grand Duke with such a calm face?”

“You’ll know when you see it.”

I don't care what others say

How much effort have I put in for today?

I prepared for Leonie's ball with the heart of a mother bird taking care of her baby.

Considering all the effort she put into picking out a dress that went well with her hair color, helping her maintain her fine hair, and finding matching bows and accessories!

“Oh, look at Lady Bernadette next to Lady Almaz.”

“No, what about Lady Bernadette?”

“Why are you wearing that gray dress? How can you wear such an ordinary dress?”

It's normal, I like the word, but in fact, it was a dress made of a material that was not even used as a blanket.

It was the first time I knew there was such a dull colored dress.

Thanks to that, I became a laughing stock for the ladies gathered around, but who knows?

It doesn't matter because they don't help my destiny.

“This is really strange.
Wearing a gray dress makes her face look dull.”

“That elusive brunette looks even more elusive.”

“Your face is acceptable, but you won’t be noticed by anyone in a dress like that.”

“Shh, be quiet.
If you get caught by Lady Bernadette by mistake.”

Lower your voice.”

“Because I don’t have a normal temperament.”

In fact, the powder on her face was roughly applied, and her hair was loosely united as usual, without any decorations.

Maybe it was a lot messier than usual.

“Ribe, are you okay?”

I don't care, but Leonie's face was very angry at the voices coming from all directions.

“Like bad people.
Why are you so interested in others?”

“It’s okay, Leonie.”

I drowned all the nonsense in the glass and poured it into my mouth.

It doesn't matter how beautifully I decorate it.

My only concern is to make Leonie stand out.

No matter what happens today, we have to make Leonie and Zerlac fall for each other.

Of course, my operation will be very successful.

Because Leonie is really dazzlingly beautiful!

Just then, the huge banquet hall door opened, and the chaotic sound of musical instruments stopped all at once.

The one who walked inside with a straight and lofty appearance was today's protagonist, Jerlac Cygnus.

'It's a worldly face.'

I kept trying to look back.

A gracefully stretched nose and eyes as deep as an abyss.
Reddish-brown eyes with pale skin.

It was when I unknowingly gave strength to my dry hands.

Subtle but familiar, so the moment I instinctively raised my head.

I could feel his tenacious gaze, even from a distance.

I was quite far away, but his eyes seemed to fly through the crowd and snatch my wrist.

I tried to lose my composure, but it wasn't easy.

“Ribe, are you okay?”

“Yeah, of course.
very good.”

I messed up my hair once more and gave Leonie a thumbs up.

'No matter what happens today, Zerlac and Leonie will tie up.'

It was a time when I made up my mind and clenched my fists.

Someone approached me with a familiar scent.

“Oh, I see you here.
Lady Bernadette.”

It was none other than Paley who approached with haughty steps.

It was the first time since we met while matching dresses not long ago.

Since then, Paley has been calling me several times, asking me to have tea with her or to see a play.

Every time I had a job, I had a prior contract, and I tried hard to avoid it with the excuse that I was not feeling well.

In the original version of 『Leonie in Disaster』, Paley was the one who took the lead in harassing Leonie with me.

I hadn't noticed it before, but didn't I just find out that Paley had a crush on Zerlac?

'He's someone who doesn't have anything nice to be close to.'

Usually, she liked to dress up very fancy, but today she was so amazing that she looked like a crazy peacock.

'Oh my God, what is that all about? I'm sure it will stand out in some way.'

I try to hide those thoughts and laugh hohoho.

“Oh my God, Lady Bernadette.
Where are you sick?”

“yes? It hurts.”

“The dress the young lady was wearing… … It's just like the clothes that patients wear.”

When Paley finished speaking, the women standing behind her covered their mouths with fans and giggled.

Seriously, what can't you see if you cover up and smile like that?

I was annoyed, but I didn't mean to fight here.

Suddenly, Leonie stepped forward and raised a firm voice.

“Lady Isley, it's rude to talk about someone else's clothes like that.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Sure, hurry up and apologize to Lady Bernadette… … .”

“Leonie, it’s okay.”

I grabbed Leonie's arm and hurried to another place.

“It’s not okay, Libe.
You talk too much.”

Leonie was so angry that even her forehead was stained red.

Thank you so much for being so angry with me, but there's nothing good about getting involved with Paley.

It's hard when Leonie becomes her target.

Paley really doesn't know what she's going to do.

Since she can't hold hands with me like in the original story, I can't even figure out her ulterior motives.

I can't stop it because I don't know what's going to happen.

So I tried to avoid it as much as possible, but Paley's face turned grim.

“What did you say just now, Lady Almaz?”

“If you didn’t hear me, can I say it again?”

Hey, Leonie, what are you doing!

I can't.
Yeah, I'd rather be a crazy bitch.

I snatched the champagne from Leonie's hand and poured it into my mouth.

“So, the more I think about it, the more I get angry?”

“… … what? What are you hitting?”

“I'm pissed off.”

Hey, have you ever heard of this?

I don't know what that means, but just feel bad?

That's what I wrote!

“Hey, Lady Isley.
What does it matter to you whether I wear a rag, a prison uniform, or a patient uniform?”

Easley's eyes widened as I fired back.

But I had no intention of giving her time to fight back.

I'll show you how to fight an argument.

“Do you think you look pretty when you take out all the good things and put them on? There is a saying, “Does drawing a line on a pumpkin make it a watermelon!”

How about a modern attack!

“Huh, be, Lady Bernadette now.”

“Ah, it's noisy and it looks like you made a lot of decorations because you wanted to look good to the Grand Duke, but don't quarrel with me and go find one.”

Did you see this time lag attack!

Then, it was the moment when he grabbed Leonie's wrist and turned around.

“Who is looking for me?”

The one who utters a languid voice right in front of his nose.


It was none other than Gerlac Cygnus.

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