Chapter 10


“I was kidding too.
Do you want to go in now?”

I walked out of the garden, leaving Adrian standing there with a dazed look on his face.

The tingling in the back of my head is probably because he's standing behind me and glaring at me, but who knows!

I don't want to talk any longer with a man I don't even remember anyway.

“Wait a minute, Libe!”

I twitched my mouth for a long time, but at Adrian's call, I straightened my expression and looked back.

“Sorry, I was kidding too much.”

I just needed to know.

Somehow, the more I talked to him, the more I felt like I was losing my temper, so I wanted to go up and rest.

Even if it's not, I'm in trouble because of my twisted fate.

I was too lazy to say I was fine, so I just stood there with the elegant smile I had learned from this world.


“… … .”

“I think I got a little grumpy without even realizing it.”

“… … ?”

“So, no.”

What is it, why don't you talk while wondering.


Adrian's face clearly had something to say, but his face repeated blushing and then sinking as if the words he wanted to say were stuck in his throat.

It had been smiling since the first time it appeared at the mansion.

It was the first time I had ever seen this expression, and it made Adrian look like a different person.

Well, it was when I was standing with the eyes that if I don't want to say it now, I was just about to turn around.

“His Highness Archduke Cygnus.”

The name he brought out gripped my ankle.

Why are you bringing up Gerlac here?

“Somehow, it seems to have been stuck in my mind.
It's not worth it.”

“What is that?”

“It's like the two of you talking secretly.”

what? When was the last time I had a private talk with Zerlac?

“A secret story?”

When I asked again, he turned his head slightly and blushed.

He seemed to think that I was not a gentleman even after I said it.

Son, you look cute again when you look like this.

“Because His Highness the Archduke and Libe look pretty close.”

“… … .”

“I know that the Archduke has not been here for a while, so how does Libe know the Archduke so well?”

“No, I don’t know.”

Embarrassed by the sudden rise of the topic of Zerlac, I answered quickly, but Adrian seemed surprised at the rather urgent voice.
Embarrassed that he opened his eyes wide, I added a word without even realizing it.

“That's why I don't know, but somehow I found out.”

“How did you find out about His Highness the Grand Duke?”

“At a ball not too long ago, oh, so we became close by chance.”

“by chance?”

Haha, the more I talk, the more messed up it gets.

But you can't say that you're going to die anyway, so you're going to die anyway, so you can't say that you've had a lot of alcohol and had an accident!

Even if I tried to wrap it up and wrap it well, in the end, the work of that night was something that could not be wrapped.

Of course, Adrian's face was getting darker and darker.

“Yeah, I just found out about it.
It's not that close.”

As I was talking gibberish, I realized that Adrian's expression was getting more and more grim.

No, there's no need to talk about this anyway!

“It just happened that way.”

As I hurriedly finished my words, Adrian shrugged once and put on a bitter expression.

“It sounds pretty close after all.”

I am a person who should not be and cannot be close, but as a result, I am now.

It was true that I was quite involved with him.


He called me once in a languid voice.

“Even though we've been apart for quite some time, I've always thought of you as family.”

Adrian continued with a voice that was quite different from when he joked with me.

“So we met after a very long time, and even though Libe didn’t even remember me, he wasn’t sad at all.
Maybe it's because she feels connected to something.”

“… … .”

Adrian's sentimental words made me want to share a similar feeling.

Unfortunately, I have no memory of him left.

I was very sorry, but at the same time I couldn't even say what to say.

“You have been curious and sensitive ever since you were little.”


He said he had a big voice, and he was a sleazy, fearless gangster?

He said he looked like a wolf cub that came down from the mountain?

“No wonder that sentimental side of you is liked by everyone.”

Adrian said something incomprehensible, then took a look at my expression and smiled shyly.

“Then should I just go in?”


Adrian again showed the fresh smile he had seen at first.

Although I suffered for a long time because his face, which I had forgotten for a while, came back to life.

⚜ ⚜ ⚜

The next day, I headed to Count Almaz's house at Leonie's urgent call.

I've been thinking about something since early in the morning, but after hearing her story, it wasn't usually serious.

“Ribe, just before you came.”

Leonie bit her lip with a white face.

“I almost fell down the stairs trying to go out to see you off.”


“As you know, I am slow, so I rarely fall.
This is the first time I almost slipped on the stairs.”

“… … .”

“What? This bad luck keeps repeating itself.
I wonder what will happen to me in the end.”

“What are you talking about? No, that will never be the case.”

However, unlike the words, my heart started beating unpleasantly.

I sipped the cooled tea to moisten my parched lips, but Leonie started talking again.

“So, Libe.”


“Louisa said she would like to go see a solitaire.”


“Louisa heard from Elome.
There must be an astrologer who fits like perfect tweezers.
The past and the future.”

I knew about card divination.

Solitaires were popular in Muten to tell the past or predict the future with constellations and cards.

I was also quite interested at first.

I also had the experience of visiting astrologers to avoid repeated deaths.

He gave away all the money and expensive jewelry he had saved for his emergency fund.

But no one could prevent my death.

Even if they brought me a lot of precious accessories and gold coins, in the end I somehow lost my life.

Since then, I have thought that constellations and dots were all lies.

'Ah, that solitaire doesn't really match at all.
If I tell Leonie now, he won't believe me.'

“Live, will you go with me?”

Yes, of course.”

I will go with you, but I have to say something.

It's actually quite dangerous to go to an astrologer when you're weak-minded like now.



“I didn't tell you, but I actually came from a solitaire a while ago.”

“What? really?”

Leonie's eyes widened in surprise.

Then he asked with worried eyes.

“What is it? Did something bad happen?”


“Why didn't you tell me?”

“No, it wasn't that serious.
ha ha ha!”

I can't say that no matter what I do, I will die under the misunderstanding of trying to harm you.

I try to ignore Leonie's bright gaze.

“But, of course, after hearing this and that and telling my story, I felt relieved.”


“Not everything they said was right.
On the contrary, there were things that were completely wrong.”


“It's famous, so it's good to go and see it, but you don't have to believe it.”

'Cause I've been through too much

People say that if you do this, you will avoid fate, or if you do that, the devil will run away.

“Live, you are such a reliable friend.”

Leonie stared at me again with a face that looked like she was about to cry.

Uh, I didn't want this.

“D, what’s good about it?”

“To be honest, lately, like my father’s work, I’ve been secretly a loner.
If it's not you, there's no one to deal with me.”


“At the same time, it was very difficult for me to keep having things like this happen.”

Leonie's father has been involved in some not-so-good things lately.

The Count of Almaz had several quite famous hotels.
But not too long ago, in one of the hotels in Almaz Street, those who were plotting treason were caught.

The gang had been hiding in the hotel for quite some time, which put Count Almaz in a very embarrassing situation.

Although it turned out that he and the weightlifters had nothing to do with it, people stopped visiting the hotel run by the Almaz family.

As a result, Leonie also strangely began to be ostracized in the social world.

In the original version, Liberata did not miss this opportunity.

It was a good opportunity to play tricks on Leonie, who had become a loner.

'But in the original story, Leonie said that she keeps getting into accidents, so she didn't say that she went to the card store.'

“Ribe, I'm glad you're here.
Thank you so much.”

“Thank you.
do not say that.”

As I held Leonie's hand, tears eventually ran down my cheeks.


“Sorry, lately I keep thinking about bad things.
So is my father's work.
It's like the fact that big and small accidents keep happening to me.
So I guess I should listen to anything.
Will you go with me?”

“Of course!”

Shortly thereafter, we sat in front of the Astrologer on Jennington Street, looking very tense.

'This is the first person I've seen.'

It seemed like I had met all the famous astrologers in the neighborhood, repeatedly dying and coming back to life nineteen times.

Her hair was gray, but it appeared to be red in nature.

Her hair was hanging down to cover more than half of her face, so her expression and eyes could not be seen properly.

'If you're going to extort Leonie's money by saying unnecessarily anxious things, you'll have to stop them unconditionally.'

I was familiar with their tricks.

In fact, the first few times I almost sold my house because I was fooled by their words.

'Everything these people say is obvious.
I will never be fooled.'

It was when he was glancing at the old woman with a face burning with a sense of duty.

The old woman, who had been checking Leonie and me once, raised her finger.


“The lady is the problem.”

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