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Waking Up in Another World

”Mreow, mreow ” *lick lick*. What is this? Why do I feel like something is licking me? Ugh my head hurts. Why are my walls look like a rundown hut? I remember trying to finish my final projects in my room. Li Wenmin opened his eyes and was shocked to see his nude-coloured room turns into a thatched brown ancient room. He looked left and right and saw a black cat beside him looking at him with big eyes. ”Heihei! No wonder I felt like something was licking my face. It was you! ”. Wenmin was so happy to see his cat, he scooped Heihei up and kissed his small face with delight. ”Heihei, where do you think we are right now? Why does this place look so old? AH! Do you think we transmigrated to another world? ”. Wenmin knew a little bit about transmigration as he read a lot of novels about fantasy, rebirth, transmigration and the list goes on. Li Wenmin was studying literature back in his original world and he reads a lot of books, but Wenmin was rotten, he especially likes BL! A straight 23-year-old university student, instead of actually reading books related to his course, he indulges himself in gay novels and mangas.

Wenmin walked out of his room, holding Heihei in his arms, he started to look for clues as to where he is and which era he is now. Outside of his room, he saw a small living room to his right with only a few wooden chairs and a dining table. I really am in another world. Look at this floor, it looks like it was made with pounded earth. Even the walls were made of mud, I guess the original body is just a peasant or common person huh Wenmin muttered to himself. He turn left and found a door to the kitchen. Theres a wood-burning stove, a barrel-like sink, and a few high tables that look like a modern-day island tables. The kitchen looks clean though, guess he lives alone. The tableware shows that its only been used by one person. Luckily enough, I don have to act in front of the original bodys parents. Wenmin said whispered to himself. Wenmin also found a small room with a big barrel of water and I guess a hole for doing your business? At least the bathroom is in the house and not outside of it.

Wenmin put Heihei down and went inside the bathroom, he checked the water and was surprised to look at his reflection. He used to have a normal not-so-light and not-so-tan skin tone due to him always staying indoors, but his skin tone now looks like those jade-like skin colours mc that he read in those bl novels. He has round eyes, thin eyebrows, small pink lips and a cute small nose. Looking at how he didn have to bend his head when he walked out of his room, I guess I got my original height which is 162cm in my original world. But why are my eyes and my hair colour slightly brown? Looking at the clothes, it certainly looks like those ancient Chinese clothes peasants usually wear. Maybe one of the original bodys parents is from a different race?. Heihei stared at Wenmin who was staring at his reflection in the bathroom while licking his butt.

Wenmin went outside of his house and found out that there is a small vegetable plot opposite the kitchen, some neatly arranged firewood and a well just a few steps away from the vegetable plot. Looking at how there is a well in this courtyard, either the parents built it or the original bodys owner is well enough to build one. There weren that many rooms in the house, Wenmin remembered seeing only two rooms, the room he woke up in and another one opposite his and the house doesn look like the typical ancient Chinese courtyard houses that Wenmin visited when he travelled to Beijing during his semester break. Theres only a house, a vegetable plot, and a well and it seems that there are stone walls surrounding the land and the house and the main entrance. ”At least the house is safe enough right Heihei? ” Wenmin said while looking at Heihei who was standing beside his leg.

When Wenmin was checking his courtyard, someone suddenly knocked on his door, ”Wenmin! Wenmin! Are you home? Its me, Xinyi. ” The originals body name is the same as me thought Wenmin. ”Wait a minute! Im coming. ” Wenmin rushed to open the door and saw a slender short boy, carrying a basket in his ar

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