dark silhouette behind the door holding an ax prepares to cut Katsu in half.

Katsu is scared; he tries to block the attack with his arms.

But the ax stopped at the last second, the dark figure is revealed to be his dad.

”Katsu! ” his dad relievedly exclaimed.

His mom comes out of hiding and quickly hugs him, ”Katsu! Im glad you
e safe ” she relievedly said while shedding a tear.

His dad looks over and sees the 3 soldiers that followed them, aiming and fingers on the trigger.

He immediately told everyone to duck.

Bullets fly past their heads, as the loud bangs seem to never end.

But then it stopped, the high-pitched sound begins to sound in Katsus ear once again.

”Private, stay out here and guard us, well check if they
e dead, ” the captain said to his troop outside.

”Yes, captain! ” the soldier replied.

The two soldiers walk towards the house.

”Surely, we got them, right? ” the soldier asks the captain.

”Lets check to be sure. ” He replied.

They proceeded to head inside.

”Huh? Where are they? ” the soldier said,

”They must have escaped, but how can they escape in such a short- ”the dad comes out behind the counter and swings his ax, but the captain dodged it, and it narrowly misses the captain.

The captain whips out his pistol and shoots his dad in the abdomen.

His dad screams in pain and drops on the floor.

The captain kicks him, further intensifying the pain.

”Hehehe, you think you can hit me by surprise? Think again! ” he says while kicking him.

Katsu runs out from hiding and says ”dad no! stop it! stop kicking him you dirty cat scum!! ”

”Shoot him, ” he tells the soldier.

”Yes, captain! ” the soldier says, aiming his rifle at the boy.

”At that point, ” the voice says ”time began to slow, as if it was my end, well it was my actual end. I couldn back then, I couldn stop it, I was young and too weak to fight back. If only I was stronger ”

In the boys eyes, time begins to slow down, making the experience a lot more agonizing.

The soldier pulls the trigger, and Katsu watches as the bullet draws closer.

”This is my end, ” he thought…

But he saw someone in front of him, someone jumped in to save him… and that someone, was his mother.

His mother was shot…

Katsu horrified of what had happened, yelled out with utter pain and sorrow. ”MOM!! ”

His dad mustered up his strength, picked up his ax, swung it at the soldier who shot the boys mother and killed the soldier.

The captain quickly shoots him at the side and prepares to shoot him at the head.

Katsu is scared, fearing he might lose his dad too, his heart is pumping fast, and he begins to lose his vision.

”Fight, fight, fight! You must take up your strength and fight! You must not repeat the same mistakes as I did! ” the voice pleads to the boy.

Katsus hands are shaking, vision is darkening, as he sees the inevitable doom of his father.

”Fight! Fight! Fight! Never give up! Whatever you do, don give up! This choice will lead to a change in your life forever! ” the voice continues.

As the voice pleads with the boy, unknown energy is surging within him, with each heartbeat it grows stronger.

”FIGHT ” the voice pleads for the last time.

The energy grew stronger, an unknown power kept brewing inside him.

And, as if his body moved on its own, leaped onto the soldier tackling him.

The soldier falls on the floor ”ugh! You little brat! ” the soldier punches katsu and pushes him to the side.

The soldier stands up and says ”I should have taken you out sooner. ” And starts beating katsu.

”You can do it! You can win! ” the voice cheering him on.

Katsu kicks the soldier and the soldier fell on the floor.

Katsu sees the rifle on the floor, an opportunity, he rushes towards the weapon.

”How dare you… ” standing up looking at katsu with an irritated look on his face.

Katsu grabs the gun and aims at the soldiers head.

But wait, he knows what this weapon can do, it can kill, like what he saw happened to his mother.

He puts his finger on the trigger but is reluctant to pull the trigger.

”I can kill someone… ” he thinks to himself.

The soldier saw the opportunity and takes it.

He raises his hands and provokes the boy. ”Hehe, useless pup you are, come on, shoot. ”

Katsu is shaking, he can bring himself to shoot.

”Hehe, you can shoot me, can you? You
e too weak, just accept your fate already ” as he continues to provoke him.

”Prove him wrong, I know you
e strong, you can do it. Pull the trigger ” the voice encouraging the boy to shoot.

Katsu still doesn know what to do.

”Heh, give up, ” he says as he walks towards the boy.

Katsu shakes as he is scared and is confused about what to do.

”Do it. ” the voice once again says.

The soldier reaches his hand out.

”Do it now!! ” the voice pleads.

Katsu gets provoked, steps back, and yells ”GET AWAY FROM ME!!!! ”

Katsu shot him.

”Good job son. ” His father tells him while grunting.

”Dad, what should I do? What do I do? ” as he desperately tries to help him.

”You need to, you need to escape, ugh! ” as he crawls to the boy.

”I need to do what? ” kneels to him.

”You need to… escape. ”

”What! What about you!? Im going to save you! Im not going to leave you! ” desperate to save his dad.

”Don worry about me, gah, there is another one outside, he might come inside, escape while you can. ”

”But I need to help you! ” katsu starts to cry as he doesn know what to do next.

”Don worry, ” he reaches his hand out to him, ”I know you
e strong. ”

”You don know that. ” The voice adds.

”ha-ha, sorry kiddo. ” His dad knocks katsu unconscious, and then katsu falls on the floor. His dad died right after.

The soldier waiting outside wonders what had happened inside. ”I wonder what happened inside… I should go check ”

The soldier gets Shot by Hiroto, as Hiroto despairingly walks towards the house. ”don be dead, don be dead. ” Muttering as he is hoping that everyone is not dead.

He opens the door and sees the massacre inside. ”No! I was too late! ” he punches the door in frustration and begins to tear up. ”I will never forget the kindness you showed me. ”

As he is about to walk away, he notices katsu still breathing. He reached down and checks his pulse. Surprisingly, hes still alive.

”Still alive huh? Well, at least you survived. ” Relieved that katsu survived he carries katsu.

But while the pain hasn hit him yet, he turns before he leaves, shedding a tear, and clenching his fist, he faces his friends one last time.

”Thank you for everything youve done for me, I will repay you for every single one. Sadly, its goodbye for now, ” he says farewell to the boys parents, Hiroto is close to them, they treated him like family, when his own didn .

Hiroto carries katsu to the riverside.

”Im so sorry kid, I couldn save them. But, if you
e alive then, Ill support you all I can. Thats what your dad told me when you were firstborn. A promise is a promise and I cannot break one. ” He says to katsu although hes still unconscious.

Hiroto finally arrives at the river. He places katsu inside a barrel and places the barrel on the river. ”I know you will survive. Be careful out there. There are a lot of corrupted people, but. I know we will meet again. I can feel it, if its not in the streets of the city but on the deadly battlefield. I will be there to support you in the air. ”

He says his farewells to the boy and sends him off.

Katsu in the barrel goes down the river.

”Until then I guess… see you there! ” he says as he walks back to the destroyed town.


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