My name is Ye Chen I am 17 years old since I grew up with my grandfather in a remote village, my life is the same as the boy in general, but my life suddenly changed after leaving my grandfather, because no one wants to take care of me I started to live independently, I started working part time in order to continue to live, because of my good grades I decided to go to school in the city to get a proper education.

I studied at Hexing School, After three months I have a boyfriend, my girlfriend ’s name is Yu Ting She has shoulder-length hair, has a height of 155cm and has a slim body, even though she is not a school flower but to me she is a beautiful girl.

We have been dating for about 9 months, but after we entered the second year and we were placed in a different class Yu Ting ’s attitude began to change.

This is my story.

Today is Sunday school and her workplace is on vacation, yesterday was Ye Chen ’s payday and today she intends to invite Yu Ting to go to Starbucks to eat.

Although Ye Chen ’s part-time salary was not very high, Ye Chen had to eat regular meals every month and sometimes eat leftovers at the place where he worked so he could take Yu Ting to go to Starbucks.

But today the call and message he sent was ignored by Yu Ting, who made him very angry.

”Where did Ting Ting go? Why didn ’t he answer his calls? ” Indeed in recent days he was often ignored which made Ye Chen annoyed.

Ye Chen looked at the clock on his cellphone and showed it at 12 noon, so he decided to go to look for drinks and food.

After leaving behind his boarding house Ye Chen arrived at a shopping center, Ye Chen immediately went to a food stall and wanted to order food and drinks.
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Uncle please one Ggoreng Noodle and one soda drink

Ye Chen saw the view on the streets , Rommm !! A loud voice was heard and a Bwm Sport with the price of hundreds of thousands of dollars through the view of Ye Chen and the few people who ate also noticed.

The BMW pulled aside on the side of the road and when the door opened the figure Ye Chen knew got out of the BMW Sport car, it was Yu Ting.

And a man also came out of the driver ’s door, a handsome man with fashionable clothes and a cool hairstyle.

Yuting put his arm around the man ’s arm and act intimate, even the fools know what relationship they have.

The fire in Ye Chen ’s heart appeared, he rose from his seat and approached Yu Ting and the man.

”Ting Ting ” when someone shouted his name Yu Ting turned around and saw that it was Ye Chen.

He immediately let go of the man ’s arm ”Ye Chen how can you be here ” Yu Ting spoke nervously.

”Shouldn ’t I ask like that, who is he and why are you with him ”

, He was ”Yu Ting looked nervous when he wanted to answer Ye Chen ’s question and didn ’t know what to answer.

”Who is Ting Ting? ” Asked the man next to Yu Ting

”He is He ” Yu Ting Ragu replied

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