Irresistible Desire

Where was her Jacob?

Embarrassed, she forced herself to raise her head. His eyes gleamed brightly, like amber flames. He stroked her chin, sending shivers racing through her. ”Don you ever stop wanting me or I won hesitate to make love to you, ” he warned huskily. ”Do you understand? ”

His question stunned her speechless. Did she understand? A chill of anticipation flowed through her veins. Did she understand why he was doing this? Did she really want him to do this? And more importantly – did she want to know why? Was she ready for him to show her the way?

Tentatively, she nodded, unable to speak, unable to breathe.

He smiled and lifted her chin, tilting her head so that she met his searching gaze, and said, ”You have no reason to be afraid. ” A faint smile formed on his face. ”Well take it slow. ” His expression turned serious. ”

A pause. ”Do you wish to tell me why you have such fear of mens desires? ”

”I promise I will, but not tonight. ” She couldn bear to taint the sweetness of that kiss, the almost unbearable tenderness of it, with such horrible memories.

”You must sleep then. ” He stood, with her in his arms.

He touched her hair again, a softer curve to his unsmiling mouth. ”Go to sleep, Gracie. I will find a way to help you and your brother. ”

With her cheek resting against the strong plane of his shoulder, she was certain that his words would be true. But somehow, she couldn bring herself to trust anyone else but him right now. It was only with him that she could breathe without any fear.

For some unknown reason, there was an indescribable connection between them.

She had his trust and what more could she ask for. She was so calm when she hit the bed. A sense of relief came over her. Her body was too tired and her mind was too busy to worry about anything. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Next morning, Grace wakes up feeling more refreshed. She was a little exhausted with what had happened yesterday. But still she was better. Shes going to keep Simon safe from Kenny no matter what. As long as she has the trust and support from Jacob, she doesn fear anything.

When she leaves the bedroom, he stands in the kitchen doorway, watching her intently as she pads barefoot into the living area. Smoothing her tangled curls away from her face, she smiles and walks to the window overlooking the street. He makes a sound that she recognizes as a low chuckle and steps up behind her. One arm wraps tightly around her waist and he rests his nose against the top of her head.

”Mmm, morning ” she says with a sleepy yawn.

”Mmmm…morning ” He presses a light kiss against her hairline. ”Sleep well? ”

She nods and turns to face him. ”Yes. Very much. Thank you. ”

”No problem. ” He grins. ”I thought you might like to eat breakfast. ”

Her stomach immediately churns at the thought of having food. ”Im starving ” she admits with a small embarrassed laugh. ”I don think Ive eaten since lunch yesterday… ”

He raises an eyebrow at her. ”Really? Thats ridiculous. You can stay away from food forever. ” Then he chuckles as he moves past her, to the stove, and pours her some cereal. After setting a bowl down in front of her, he joins her on the couch.

As he leans towards her, spoon raised, he murmurs, ”So, are you feeling better? ”

His concern is touching, especially considering how little contact shed had with anybody before she arrived here.

”Much better. Thanks, though. ”

He pulls a little harder against her hair and presses his lips briefly against the crown of her head. ”You know, you can talk to me anytime you need to. Even if you don say anything yet. ” He glances at her sideways. ”Not everyone gets the chance to talk about their feelings, after all, but we can try. ”

She smiles at him, nodding as she munches contentedly on the sweet, savory oats in her bowl.

After a few moments, she speaks, ”I think I may have been a bit too emotional this morning. ” She swallows the bite she hadn realized shed taken. ”Thank you for listening. ”

”Well, finished the meal and Ill drop you at your house to get changed ”

”ok, Ill come right away ”

Jacob drove Grace to her house. Upon reaching there, He made certain calls to his legal people while Grace changed into a pair of jeans and her favorite sweater,.

An idea was brewing in his brain and he wanted to be certain that he was right.

This time he wasn afraid but was determined with his plan.He needed a woman capable of endless loyalty and utter devotion.Grace was the only woman he wanted and he hungered for everything she had. He would fight for it, but he wouldn steal it. Not when shed gifted him with her trust.

By the time he got back, she was already dressed and ready to go with an overnight bag to accompany him home. He smiled to himself as he watched her pull on her coat. It amazed him how quickly her moods could change. At one moment she was shy, awkward and uncertain; then she could be so confident, fearless, happy and playful in the blink of an eye.

She caught him staring and blushed slightly. She knew he saw her change because her cheeks turned crimson.

”What? ” she demanded with a grin.

”Nothing. ” He shook his head and grinned back. ”Come on. Lets get going. ”

They returned to Jacobs mansion. Soon they were planning on how to get Simon under their protection from Kenny.Several days passed, making them exhausted with the fight with Kenny.

Later he left for an urgent meeting and returned almost at dinner time.

”Did you find out anything? ” she asked.

”I am following something through. ”

She could see fatigue in his eyes and decided not to push for more information before he ate. Her heart, always fascinated by this man, became a little more his at the quiet way he was helping her. Several calls interrupted their meal but finally when there was silence she made some coffee and took it into the living room.

She handed him a cup. ”Here you go. ”

”Thanks. ” Curiously remote, he walked over to stand facing the window, his gaze on the darkness outside.

e you thinking? ” she whispered.

He turned to face her, leaning one shoulder against the glass. ”What would you say to marrying me? ”

Marry you? ” Her hands clamped around her coffee cup.

”Yes. ” Cool and calm, Jacobs eyes gave her no indication of the tenor of his offer.

”Why? ” He was her dream man, but in her life dreams had a nasty way of turning into nightmares.

”Ive talked to several lawyers and a judge I know. As Simons biological father, Kenny has strong rights. ”

She felt the bottom drop out of her stomach. ”No! ”

”But, ” he continued, ”to retain custody, you can argue abandonment and show the court your ability to provide a good home. Unfortunately, having a husband will count, especially since Simon will need a male role model. ”

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