Irresistible Desire

What would you say to marry me?

She nodded. ”Yes. ” Then she scowled. ”I don think I shouldve admitted that. ”

He was pleased with her despite her dark expression. ”Then believe me when I say Ill help you. ”

”Im sorry to ask this of you. I know how people always want things from you. I don want to be like them! ” Her frustration was clear.

”I know you don think like that. ” Hed always had to fight her pride to give her the smallest consideration. Stroking the cool smoothness of her cheek, he said, ”Come now ,Gracie . Where is my little tigress? ”

Without stopping to think, he pressed a hard kiss to her lips, withdrawing the instant he remembered what hed done. ”My apologies again… ” His gut twisted at the thought that he mightve broken her fledgling trust in him.

Her fingers on his mouth stopped him. ”I … I don mind when you touch me. ” Her eyes widened, as if she was surprised by her own words.

”Really? ” He smirked and watched as color rushed into her cheeks. She couldn hide her emotions from him.

She looked down at their intertwined fingers resting on top of the blanket and nodded slowly. ”Its just nice when you touch me, thats all. ” Her voice trembled slightly and her gaze dropped to her lap.

Jacob sighed internally, knowing how difficult it would be for her to open up in such a manner to him. He decided to try and change the topic instead, not wishing to push his luck. However, he knew that she probably wouldn be able to handle more conversations about herself.

With her face bathed in the soft light of the moon streaking in through the window, she looked indefinably vulnerable.

”Im not sure I know how to enjoy. ” Her words were brutally honest. ”C-could … you… ”

He leaned closer, enclosing her with his body. ”What would you like, Gracie? ”

”A kiss. Like its supposed to be, ” she whispered.

Her words betrayed that for her, kissing had never been a pleasure. One day soon, hed find out who had abused her, but for tonight, he would kiss her as an innocent was meant to be kissed – with tenderness and just a stroke of passion. Just enough to tantalize.

While Graces heart pounded so hard that she could feel every beat in her throat,Jacob moved one big hand to cradle her head and lowered his mouth to hers. Braced for pressure, all she felt was a teasing graze of lips on lips that left her with no idea how to react.

His lips moved in gentle, teasing circles across her lips until her lips started to part. He brushed one thumb across her bottom lip, causing her to close her mouth in shock. With the other, he touched the corner of her mouth, then gently rubbed across her upper lip. Then he ran his tongue along her lower lip before slipping past it.

She whimpered softly as his movements caused her to relax completely. The pressure on the corners of her mouth eased and she found herself smiling. The feeling was wonderful; warm and pleasurable, but still unfamiliar.

”Just feel. ” He grazed her lips again but this time, lingered over the caress. ”It feels good doesn it? ”

She nodded, throat dry. There was no pain, no force, nothing but the male scent ofJacob and the burning heat of his almost naked body. Her hands were on his beautiful skin and she could feel the raw power barely contained beneath the surface. Despite the blatant evidence of male muscle, she let her lashes flutter shut. If hed wanted to hurt her, he couldve done so long before this moment. All those nights working alone with him, shed never once felt less than safe. His old-fashioned sense of chivalry had even stopped him from inviting himself in for coffee when hed followed her home.

”Then just feel. Sweet, sweet,Gracie ” His hand tipped her head back and he dropped a single kiss on her neck. She whimpered in surprise.

”Relax for me, cupcake , ” he cajoled, as his lips touched hers again, hot but undemanding. ”Feel. ”

Seduced by that deep voice, she did as he asked. She just felt. Not being able to explain the sensation in any coherent fashion.

After several minutes, she finally dared to crack her lids to look down at him. He looked up, meeting her gaze and smiled. ”Thats right. You
e learning. ” Gently tugging on her ear, he coaxed it back into place.

He teased her with feather-light strokes of his tongue across her lips. As each slow lick built her desire, he whispered hot promises to her in Italian, his voice darkly smoky, teasing,tempting but not delivering. She moaned as his lips trailed along the side of her neck, her ear, to where his warm breath fanned lightly against her flesh. It was as if the caresses were a magic potion, and she felt herself sinking deeper and deeper into the blissful embrace of this man whose very essence seemed designed to enchant.

At last, she gave a frustrated little moan and pressed closer, her hands clenching in his hair to hold him to her. Only then did he touch tongue to tongue, a quick foray that didn remind her of the forceful kisses that had hurt and shamed her as a girl, because he invited rather than took. Curious, heart thudding, she followed. His arms tightened around her, chest muscles tensing as her breasts were crushed between them, barely covered by the shirt. Beneath her bottom, she could feel the hard ridge of his erection. Panic tried to rise but failed, because despite his obvious arousal, his touch remained heartbreakingly gentle.

Their lips parted with a silky wet sound, deeply intimate in the semidarkness of the room. The man holding her nipped at her full lower lip with his teeth. ”You taste like you belong to me. ”

Instead of inciting fear, his possessiveness heated her blood. ”I like touching you. Kissing you. ” She was talking with her lips on his, her hands deep in his hair. The pure, sensual pleasure she derived from touching him enthralled her.

”Good. ” There was a very satisfied glint in his eye, and the thumb he ran across the lip hed bitten was nothing less than proprietary. When he pressed her down against his chest, she sighed and gave in.

The warmth of his body, his intoxicating smell and his incredible skill, all wrapped around her, making her want to cling to him even tighter and melt against him. For the first time in her life, she wanted to do something. Anything!

He rolled onto his back, pulling her with him. He shifted her so her back rested firmly against his chest while her front supported her weight on his hips. Her hands moved from his hair to rest on his chest, palms flat, just above the edge of his shirt. Her breathing came in short shallow gasps and her heart was beating so hard that she wasn sure he couldn hear it. She was aware of him breathing raggedly next to her ear. She wanted to see his face but couldn seem to move her gaze away from her hands.

”Look at me, Gracie, ” he commanded.

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