Immortal Ascension Tower


olk knew it, their draconic eyes reflected the large servings of delicious food that they had hesitated to feast upon just earlier, as well as tall glasses being filled to the brim with the tastiest brews: without missing a beat, the natives had pushed their best delicacies before their guests and were hurrying them to sit back down, eat their fill, and enjoy the evening that couldn be more eventful and magical!

At this time, the dragonmen and dragonwomen indeed all sat down while trembling. The lot of them were as tall as a two-story building, and yet even those prideful giants had red eyes as they ate, and to calm down could only take many a deep breath in between each bite, moved to tears. It was only after they settled that the banquet truly began.

Of course, at the beginning of it, the interactions between the two sides were still rather awkward. However, as the night got brighter and brighter, with the ten moons shining overhead, soon even the stoic, tribal dragonkin were swept along by the atmosphere.

Laughter and the sound of partying quickly filled the city. Younglings of the two races played together without a care in the world, embracing both cultures wholeheartedly with the purity of a childs

accepting mind. The elderly also chatted, both among themselves and with the youths, and shared perspectives on very much different late years.

The vibrant and valorous young men of the dragonkin habitually attempted to start up a few squabbles here and there. They boasted of their battle achievements and habitually teased the young farmers, artisans, and laborers for their lack of fighting experience. However, even their hot blood couldn help but cool down eventually, influenced by the inborn benevolence and tolerance of the other party. Before they knew it, the topics had shifted from battles and weapons to the arts, good food and drinks, to the harshness of parents, and of course, to the troubles of love and friendship.

Similarly, the ladies shared their very different lives growing up. Many native females of the bright folk got to hold weapons and also experienced walking around with ”dresses ” of plate armor. On the other hand, the draconic females got to try out less efficient, more elaborate hairstyles, decorated their scales and painted their nails, some even discovering an interest in weaving or a budding passion for cooking. On the other hand, they found a common ground gossiping about love, rumors about popular celebrities of either race, or the hardships of a family.

What surprised the young dragonkin the most, however, had to be the forwardness and open mindedness of the native youths when it came to relationships. An acceptance for a Love past logic and efficiency. After all, the young dragons had been brought up with the materialistic values of finding a ”mate ” at the twilight of their lives. Instead, they were enlightened with the ideas of a lover or companion to spice up their youths, enjoy their middle age, and explore their later years with.

In particular, many among them were initially at a loss when they realized that the culture of this land welcomed things like dating and parting, marrying and divorcing, or even same-sex relationships: they put love and prosperity above all and tried their hardest to accept others happiness, even if understanding might be difficult or take long.

Needless to say, it was a rather mind-opening first, especially for a race bound and repressed by traditions of yesteryears, born and shaped just to survive in a world of merciless battlefields.

That magical night, many friendships were formed.

Dragonkin would usually look for rivals even more excitedly than they would for loved ones, but before the gentle nature of the natives, the dragonmen and dragonwomen could only shake their heads in defeat and settle for relationships not as dictated by competition as what they were used to.

Rumors have it even love blossomed… and amongst them, some even more ”first ” first loves than they would already usually be.

Alas, as their days passed in bliss, it was not just a few of the Dragonkin that were entertaining the thought of requesting their direct superiors permission to live on in this wonderful place, among those amazing people, even after all had been taken care of.

Eventually, when the time came to leave a few days later, the dragonkin spokesperson walked up to the crowd of Kings and revealed shocking news: their Lord had long since been made aware of the

happenings these last few nights, and wished to reassure them that, the moment He recovered, He would pay back this great debt many times over.

Such was the pride and majesty of a Dragon.

Only second to their resentment and wrath, a dragonkins grace would never let favors offered in times of peril be bygones!

With that said, the representative of the dragonkin, a legendary warrior among the dragonkin who had the most vibrant golden scales and the Long-Huo gem that glowed the brightest under their Lord, lead the crowd of reluctant dragons in an orderly march out of the city. As they passed, its citizens cheered from the windows and gathered in the streets to wish them goodbyes and a safe journey.

At this moment, it was easy to see the truths when it came to the rumors, as many youths and even elderly of the strikingly different races would leave the city hand in hand.

When it came to dragonkin, their natural prideful disposition prevented them from displaying affection but, despite their ice-cold exterior, they all made vows to visit and ”help out to repay the debt ”, or made requests for their other half to come and check out the newly-established, yet-to-be-named, Kingdom of dragons when all had been figured out, so as to ”pay back what was given, in full ”.

Amused, the radiant natives promised back to definitely ”come hang out ” soon.

As time flowed unceasingly, first autumn and then winter came and passed: finally, on the first day of spring, the populace was stunned to find a floating castle soaring above them, blocking out the suns at their zeniths.

Without saying a word, a black-scaled beast as long as a mountain range coiled from the depths of the gargantuan fortress, scrutinizing below with pupils ablaze and a prideful gaze.

Those majestic eyes eventually narrowed solemnly, and the scaled beast performed the deepest of bows towards the people of the capital.

The beast did not budge for a full day.

Only on the midday of the next day did He pridefully lift his head again. Below, He saw the streets were flooded with people who had noticed and were pointing at him, cheering and yelling at those nearby to look up: the ”funny, sleeping dragon ” had woken up!

Then, they all waved, greeting excitedly at this gargantuan leviathan. For this being that had witnessed countless brave heroes lose strength in their legs at the mere sight of Him, a welcoming this sincere was beyond rare a sight even among kin and descendants.

The Pride ingrained into his bones from birth prevented Him from returning a smile of his own. The Black Dragon King could only blink his blazing eyes in salute, before peering off into the distance and directing the floating castle elsewhere, half-dejectedly: way back when, He had vowed to make things right, repaying the generosity that the natives of this land had granted his subjects, back in full!

After having shown his thankfulness by bowing his head for the first time, He had meant to find a way, a gift that would be worthy of his debt.

Alas, only now did He realize that, to such a bright people, that derived happiness from the very vicissitudes of life, such a gift did not exist. If anything could ever come close, the only thing He could and should do, then it would be…

Weeks later, the Black Dragon King was moving his flying fortress above the clouds.

He spared a glance to the lands below, where young dragonkin and natives lived together in an awkward, yet unshakable harmony: his dignified self would only rest when a debt had been repaid and then some more. And as such, even though He could be said to have fulfilled his side, Hed promised himself to look over this blessed land.

Deep within, He felt compelled to protect this ethereal place: He would make sure to preserve it from outside interference for as long as his powerful body let him!

As for whether the utopia below him could ever collapse on its own, He knew better than anyone that it simply wasn possible.

In but a few months, even the prideful, hot-blooded, battle-hungry dragons had been tamed by the even more overbearing sincerity and unwavering kindness of this place and its inhabitants.

Such a Bright people, mused the Black Dragon King.

Personally, He was curious as to what the union of such distinctly different races could produce. As the King of dragonkin, Lord of the race, He naturally was the one who held control over that.

Not too long ago, He had finally given his Blessing, and as such, it was merely a matter of time before new life would come to be.

And indeed, as his draconic eyes swept the lands, they eventually came to a sudden, delighted stop.

There, five strong talons and five slender fingers met, one wider one smaller. Gently, they were stroking a belly.

And underneath the gentleness concealing their hope, nervousness, and, warmer than all, love, the flickering of a ”Flame ” met the Black Dragon Kings gaze.

The blaze that, for now, was only visible to him, quivered and danced in that loving cradle, reflecting that unmistakable vibrance in the delighted eyes of the prideful Dragon.

And at that time, however prideful He might be, he still couldn stop himself from smiling.

End of the OPENING ACT

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