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PROLOGUE - The Land of Countless Planes (4/6)


< Divine Beast Queen >

Other moniker/s: ”White Tiger ”

Eldest Sister, absolute monarch of all beasts of prey!

Due to her heritage and awoken ability, few could refuse her orders once she grasped the means to make use of it. However, things weren always like this: before a chance encounter, she only had her exceptional agility, enhanced senses and incomparable instincts to rely on; mediocre to say the least, especially when compared to her martial siblings.

One day, all that would change: formerly a mere scout and strategist for the team, shed eventually awaken her true power as a beast controller (a talent shed later develop to attain the enviable title and status of General, Divine Gardener), when she was ambushed by[…]

End of ”Divine Beast Queen ”, an excerpt from ”Records of the Olden Era: an edition for the youth ”, penned by Empirean Scribe Kong Xiu and curated by Head Scholar Lao Tse.

< Divine Sea King >

Other moniker/s: ”Azure Dragon ”

The third sibling, ruler of the True Earths Oceans and all its treasures, a titan of the depths!

He passed his youth learning cultivation from the Seven Leviathans -to this day rulers of their birthplace True Earths Seven Seas as Consorts to an Empress- as his loving guardians and faithful retainers.

At times calm and wise, a water surface devoid of ripples, yet others as fierce and emotional as the hurricanes that sink ships and drown beasts.

Noteworthy were his Evergreen Coral Sandals, a gift from the Jade Emperor himself, giving the Sea King the power of going through great distances in the blink of an eye[…]

End of ”Divine Sea King ”, an excerpt from ”Records of the Olden Era: an edition for the youth ”, penned by Empirean Scribe Kong Xiu and curated by Head Scholar Lao Tse.

< Divine Fire Queen >

Other moniker/s: ”Vermillion Bird ”, ”Flame That Schorched Highest ”

The blazing dancer blessed by the highest flames!

The youngest and yet at the same time the most unpredictable of the four: like a flame, she would burn at her brightest the more fuel she was fed. The more powerful the opponent, the more ferocious her blaze.

Ninety-Nine Steps Burn Down The Heavens: the one ability that, after a hundred days, eventually brought down the Behemot. Or rather (with horrifying implications), not quite Ninety-Nine, as, despite the destructive power she unleashed at the time of the winning blow, the true number of steps she had actually taken had amounted to a measly[…]

End of ”The Divine Fire Queen ”, an excerpt from ”Records of the Olden Era: an edition for the youth ”, penned by Empirean Scribe Kong Xiu and curated by Head Scholar Lao Tse.

< Preface: Back when the Heavens were One >

Primordial Emperors and Divine Kings: alongside the birth of the four Kings, generations after generations of beasts would appear under the rule of Hundredth Xū.

After uncountable millennia passed, the new generations had lost most of the otherworldly characteristics shown by the Primordial Beasts. The heavenly aspect in their lineage had been slowly washed away with time, and with it, the right to bear the title of Primordial.

Nonetheless, so long as a single drop of that olden bloodline persisted, theyd remain descendants of the True Heavens: respectfully, theyd still be referred to as Heavenly Beasts.

It was only after uncountable generations more came and the remnants of those bloodlines were diluted to exhaustion: there, entered the picture the lower races of humans, spirit beasts, spiritual plants, and beastkins.

These lower races, so far removed from their ancestors connection with the True Heavens, now couldn even acknowledge the existence of Heavenly, Divine and Primordial Beasts. It was as if a veil was covering their eyes.

Only if they were approached first, or perhaps were bound by strong Karma (the likes of strong enmity or a loving bond from an ancestor, special enough to outlast even the waning of blood), would the Veil be lifted. Even more so for Primordial Beasts, but even the lowest Heavenly Beast would present this trait, even when many other innate abilities were lost along the way.

In time however, some of these lower beings would eventually revolutionize cultivation as a whole. While it would have taken far beyond a mortals lifespan to climb up through a single Stage, let alone the six required to Ascend and extend their life, they succeeded in whittling that time down, bit by bit over the generations. And at last, upon Ascending and stepping into the Realm of the Ageless, the connection to the True Heavens was restored, and the world gladly released the wool from their eyes.

Imagine the surprise, and panic, of those lower beings who would ascended to the peak of their world, only to witness the True world they could never have dreamt of before: countless higher Planes populated by olden beings, and their grand Empire under the rule of a Jade Emperor.

Barely above those lower races, with but a shred of Heavenly Blood in his veins, a certain beast of unknown origin grew up.

His greed for the throne of the Heavenly Realm unparalleled, an ambition only matched by his shrewdness…

Born the weakest, he thirsted most for power.

One day, he swore, hed stand Highest.


End of ”Preface: back when the Heavens were One ”, an excerpt from the work ”Records of the Nine Heavens ”, now banned across the Nine Heavens, penned by an anonymous scholar.

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