Idling for a thousand years

A Genius that appears in a thousand years

When i exited my Hut i Finally got to touch Grass.

And while on my way To the Sect Examination i saw several people staring at me more like everyone was staring at me.

System Do i have dust in my face.


Then why the heck are they staring at me some of them even had strange and weird faces Some were literally peeing or thats what I think.

System can you Explain whats going on here.

[Host When you received me the great and Almighty System your appearance changed]

Okay thats good he sighed in his heart he didn want to be in a Cultivation World with weirdos everywhere.

So Now that I think of it i don have any money i just got food out of my systems storage but when i join a sect i wouldn have to worry about that anymore.

And while I was Wondering what i would do after i join a Sect.

I suddenly heard some commotion happening in the middle of the town And apparently everyone was ignoring it since they understood that the strong prey on the weak.

He didn like it So he stopped it.


in The Heavenly realm

Yudi -Why did I do that.

He was thinking for ways to Make his daughter forgive him.

As about sending people to protect her he had already done that.

he actually loved his daughter very much and the words that he had said before he didn mean it ever since he became the emperor he had some pride problems.

then he Out of nowhere had an idea.

i will just ask her then.

(Little did he know he was in for a Surprise.)


In the Earthly realm

Erode- Hello Can you please stop Fighting.

A certain guy-Hey do want to get beaten too.

Erode-( ”I knew it Peace Was Never an option guess i will just beat them up then ”)

Then he cracked his knuckles even though he didn even need to do that he was just doing it to because its cool.

Another certain guy-This Guy really has a Death wish.

Erode-Are you sure that you can kill me cause i will kill you first at first he just wanted to beat them up but now He was gonna Beat them even harder.

Another certain one guy- You are courting dea-BOOM!

He just Ignored what they were saying and punched them All Of course he didn use His Full power or he Will Get his Existence erased because of backfire.

After beating them all to a pulp He finally relaxed.

Then he noticed the Little cute fox. it hurt his heart but He Quickly took it to his home.

He Did some treatment By ripping off some part of his shirt then He Gave it Some porridge which he pulled out of the system.

While he was doing treatment.

Su Jia- W-W -What He Just touched me Currently her face was looking like a Tomato if she was in human form.

As for the reason why she was like this was because Since a young age she was Secluded from Normal kids.

had mostly met some Arrogant high level kids And she hated their attitude so she never really had any friends except her dad and Mom.

So she didn really know how to interact with others.

After Doing the treatment He said i am going outside for some important things and if you want you can Come With me.

Su Jia-Should i Go? I have never been with a Mortal before but he saved me.

for some reason there was a feeling in her heart that was telling her to go With him or she will regret it.

Then she jumped onto his Shoulder.

Erode-Looks like i have acquired my first Pokemon Lets start Our journey of becoming Legends.


Hope you Enjoyed the extra Chapter.

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