n’t mean that the wrath of the water spirit can’t reach them ideally.

A person’s mind and body cannot rest with an uncontrollable threat so close at hand.

Therefore, I advise them to withdraw quickly.

But that’s only after I switch places with Airena, so let’s hurry to the spring for now.


Leaving them behind, I step into the fog.

The fog that drowns humans does not harm me either.

On the contrary, the fog cracked and made way for the path I was on.

Apparently, the other side was also waiting for my arrival.

What can I say, really, I think deeply that Airena has become excellent.




Airena looks back at me as I stand in front of the fountain, exclaiming with relief and joy.

It took two weeks for Martena to return to the town of Vistkort, then two weeks to come to this town of Garareto.

In other words, Airena had been waiting for me for almost a month.

If this was a date, no matter how long she waited, which was too long, I’d probably get dumped.

Well, I don’t have someone who liked me that would dump me, though.


“Hey, thanks for waiting.
You’ve worked so hard.
I think I’m proud to be your acquaintance.”


I move forward to stand next to Airena and place my hand on her shoulder.

It’s time for a switch of players.


“I, have been asking it to wait until Acer-sama comes, so…… well……”


Airena says, apologetically and regretfully.

But that’s fine.

Otherwise, the water spirit might have attacked the town of Garareto without waiting for my arrival, and most importantly, it would have taken no extra effort to take over the story from now on.

Above all, the fact that Irena was able to keep the water spirit at bay for an entire month was no doubt due to her skills as a spirit magician.

She should be proud of that, I truly believe so.


“It’s fine.
I’ll take care of the rest.
I’ll work for the lodging fee that Airena is paying me for.
The two people are waiting for you, so you’d better get back soon.”


I say that to Airena and step ahead of her.

Yes, and show her that I am properly dependable and convince Airena that it’s time to for me to leave the inn and buy a house.


In front of me is a fountain of clear water, and there’s a woman who generously exposes her naked body made up from that water; it’s a beautiful water spirit.

But in the vicinity, as if to show her anger, a big serpentine snake, also made of water, is floating around the area, coiling her body.

If that serpent were to lash out with its emotions, it would reap everything in its path.

Of course, I’m not at all threatened by that giant snake because I’m convinced that the water spirit is not stupid enough to ravage and destroy its own dwelling place.

It was just ridiculous when it flashed a weapon it couldn’t even wield.

After confirming that Airena had quietly backed down, and was leaving this place, I took a deep breath.

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