shing and complain.

If I'm going to eat meat, I wanted to grill it.
And If I wasnted to grill meat, I would have to leave the woods.

That is, once you leave the forest, you can live a stimulating life of roasting meat, eating it, and getting to look at all kinds of things.


“Alright, I'm done with this kind of lifestyle.
This…it wasn't really for me.


I had tried for more than a hundred years to fit, in one way or another, in this high elven lifestyle by acting my part, but I had reached my limit.

After our physical bodies are destroyed, it is said that our souls become spirits and are able to roam the world until the end of time.

I wasn't concerned about the fact that this life of mine who already lived the last 120 years will continue for another 850 years, or even until the end of the world.


If I was going to live long, I might as well go out into the outside world and witness, eat, and experience many things until I am satisfied before I turn into a spirit or something.

I headed towards the river that ran through the forest, where I picked up rocks and smashed them over and over until I made a stone knife.

There weren't any processed metal in this forest.

It was fine if it's just ore as itself, but the trees in this forest are scared of manufactured ore.


In fact, because of that, elves detest dwarved, a race proficint in blacksmithing.

It might make sense if it were an axe or something because they can be used to cut them down, but there was no reason for these trees to be afraid of cutlery like spoon and forks.


So if you wanted a knife in this forest, you can either break a stone like this, or you can grind down the tusks or bones of a large beast.

However, aside from blades made from stones, ones that are made from tusks and bones are only allowed to be owned by those are permitted to.

Otherwise, if immature elves were to be caught up in their greed, they might begin killing beasts indiscriminately.

Yes, it was something that a greedy person like me would never be allowed to have.


Well, it doesn't really matter anymore.

If I went out of the forest, such traditions will become irrelevant for me.

I used the stone knife to cut off my hair as I stared at my reflection in the flowing water.

Long hair was a symbol of a high elf and was not permitted to shortened aside from a few trims.
But honestly, I always thought it was annoying in a way.

But I didn't overdo it too much because I can't revert it if I made a mistake.
So for now, it's about shoulder-length.


If they saw me like this, the high elf elders would scold me for three days and three nights.

And they will keep talking about for decades to come.

Of course I flat out refuse that, so let's leave the forest quickly.


Cutting my hair.

Even if it's as simple as that, my heart became much lighter.

There wasn't anyone in particular who I wanted to greet before I leave.

Although blood parents exist, an elven child is collectively raised by the community.

That's why even if they were your parent, they were only as intimate as the rest of the village.


It's not that I didn't have any good friends, but even if I told them why I'm leaving the forest, they wouldn't understand.

Can't be helped, then.

This isn't necessarily a farewell in this life, and if there is a chance, we might meet again.

It would probably be about a month later before they would notice my disappearance.


I made up my mind and swiftly dashed out the forest.

In my handbag, I carried my bow and arrows, Apua fruits wrapped in ivy, and the stone knife.

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