Chapter 2.16

High Elf and Sword Princess

Translated by mlzkzr
Edited by mlzkzr


I did some quick research and found that there are currently three major dojos teaching swordsmanship in the capital, and they are called the three major schools.

It is said that not so long ago, there were four major schools, but one of them fell into decline, and now it has no disciples anymore.


And among the three major schools, one of them is the regular swordsmanship learned by the knights of this country, the Ludria Kingdom-style swordsmanship.

As it bears the name of the kingdom, it has the largest number of disciples among the three major schools, including many children of knights and nobles, making it a truly exceptional school.

Well, it is a very orthodox swordsmanship as it is the official swordsmanship of the knight corps, and is characterized by a well-balanced fighting style in offense and defense using swords and shields.

The dojo also teaches spear and bow handling, and if one were to mention learning martial arts in this royal capital, everyone would first recommend this Ludria Kingdom-style swordsmanship.


In other words, it is very ordinary and uninteresting, so in my opinion, it is rejected.


The second is the Rhodoran great swordsmanship, which was also mastered by Cleias, the warrior who belonged to that White Lake.

As the name implies, it is a dynamic swordsmanship technique in which a double-handed greatsword is wielded to crush the enemy.

Swordsmen who use Rhodoran great swordsmanship are also good at non-sword attacks, such as body strikes and knee kicks, because they learn physical arts at the same time.

Regarding defense, it is said that in addition to the body movements they teach to avoid attacks, students are also trained to wear sturdy protective gear on specific parts of the body, such as shoulder pads and elbow pads, and undergo training there.


Lastly, the third is Glend-style swordsmanship.

This Glend-style swordsmanship, like the Ludria Kingdom style swordsmanship, also fights using a sword and a shield.

However, if the Ludria Kingdom style swordsmanship is a balanced offensive and defensive school, Glend-style swordsmanship is a school that emphasizes on defense.

Or rather, they call themselves swordsmanship, but it seems that the most important thing they focus on is the handling of shields.

They strike with their shield, parry their opponent’s weapon with their shield, and finish them off by stabbing them with their sword where they collapse.

They say that this is the ideal way to fight in the Glend school of swordsmanship.


This is probably not suited to my nature either, so I reject it.


In short, if I had to choose among the three, I preferred the Rhodoran Great Swordsmanship the best.

The spacious capital is not entirely devoid of other dojos that teach swordsmanship, but the Rhodoran great swordsmanship that Cleias also studied is sure to be a good choice.

I went to a dojo that teaches Rhodoran great swordsmanship for a visit.



…… However.

Perhaps I was unlucky.

If I hadn’t seen that swordswoman’s technique yesterday, I would have chosen to learn the Rhodoran great swordsmanship without question, ……but now it’s impossible.

However, the skills of the swordswoman wielded at that time were burned into my eyes, so the skills of the students and masters who wielded their big swords in the dojo of the Rhodoran Great Swordsmanship were indeed tough swords, but they did not look very beautiful to me.


No, rather, if I want to learn the Rhodoran great swordsmanship here, it would be better to go back to the town of Vistkort and learn it from Cleias.

Because it seems that not only the students, but even the master instructors’ ability don’t match that of Cleias’.

Thinking about it, maybe I’m lucky.

Since I had seen the skills of that swordswoman on the first day, I saw the dojo of Rhodoran Great Swordsmanship and did not compromise on whether this was the right place for me.


But this has become a problem for me.

Now, my standard is the swordsmanship that that swordswoman wielded at that time.

Frankly, the fact that she cut the fruit cleanly does not mean anything significant.

That swordswoman concentrated her mind for a reasonably long time before performing the technique.

That’s a big gap, and I don’t think anyone would have the time to focus their minds like that in a real battle.


So that sword, while beautiful, was not practical.

But I want to wield that beautiful sword.

Ah, what can I say?

Then there is only one course of action to take here.


I leave the Rhodoran Great Swordsman’s Dojo and head straight for the main street where that swordswoman was standing on the street yesterday.

When I arrived at the site, that swordswoman, she was not there, but I sat there and waited for the moment she came


In the end, that swordswoman didn’t show up that day, and the next day, too.

After getting the other street performers to take the money I offered, I heard that she comes to this place once every few days to show off her skills.

It was an amazing thing, alright, but it’s a really plain performance, so it seems that she hasn’t received much feedback, but for the past year or so, I think she’s been doing it on a regular basis.


And I keep waiting, then she finally comes.

“Uhmm, the elf there, sitting in such a place, what are you doing? I think I’ve seen you before, but……”

Apparently, she remembered me.

I guess it’s because elves stand out in the world outside the forest no matter what, but I was very grateful for that now.


I stand up at the sound of her voice, look at that swordswoman in front of me, and take a deep breath.

Now, let the battle begins.


“I fell in love with your swordsmanship when I saw it.
Please make me your apprentice.
I want to wield the sword like that too.”


Saying that, I bow my head.

Of course, by that sword, I didn’t mean her not-so-quality sword, but her swordsmanship.

If I had been given that sword, I would have rented a forge somewhere, melted it down, and struck a new one from it.


“Err, I’m sorry……”

“I will pay the remuneration.
I will also do chores.
So please take me!”


The moment the person tries to refuse, I repeat the words without letting her say her refusal and bow my head again.

When I told her I was in love with her sword, she definitely looked a little happy.

So if she still tries to refuse my apprenticeship, she may have some circumstances.


But that’s her situation, not mine, so it’s something I didn’t know.

I want to learn that swordsmanship now.

Therefore, if there are circumstances where that is not possible, I’ll kick such things to the curb.


I will never retreat.

Yes, this is a battle, and if I retreat even one step, I’ll lose.


Her words of refusal were crushed, and she opened and closed her mouth and looked a little troubled.

In other words, she took a step back.

So this fight is definitely mine to win.


“I don’t know the name of that sword yet.
But I want to be a swordsman who wields it.”


I put up one more time, and I step in as much as she steps back.

With a look of hesitation on her face, she was troubled for a while.


“……I get it.
I will talk to you at my dojo.
I’m sure you’ll change your mind when you see it.”


And with some reluctance, though her hesitation did not disappear, she said, yes.


If Asvald, my damn dwarf master, had been here, he would have surely looked at her with sympathy.

Yes, I am having so much fun right now.

Now, let’s head to her dojo, to the dojo where I will learn from now on.

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