Chapter 1.9

Damn Elves and Damn Dwarves

Translated by Mlzkzr
Edited by Mlzkzr


“Please, lend me your power to stop the mad water spirit.”


The one who said those words to me was Martena, a priestess who belongs to the White Lake, which is said to be the best adventurer team in this town.

Well, in short, she is a team member of my acquaintance, Airena, who’s a female elf.

She left the town of Vistkort, saying she was going for a long-term request, but after more than a month, only Martena returned, and upon her return she went straight to me, who worked in a blacksmith shop, and bowed her head while saying that.


However, even if she suddenly told me such a thing, I couldn’t grasp the circumstances at all, but the sight of a member of the adventurer team, said to be the best in town, bowing her head in this blacksmith shop, frequented by adventurers, would be too conspicuous in a bad way.

As I glance to the side, the fucking dwarf shishou nods and scoffs his chin, so I leave the blacksmith shop with Martena. (TN: Shishou = master)

I had no idea what was going on, but she was one of Airena’s friends who was taking care of me.

Of course, it depends on the content, but I do not have the heart to refuse the request.


But Martena’s request contained words I didn’t quite understand.

Yes, it’s about the mad water spirit.

I think I’ve said it before, but spirits are insubstantial, immortal beings.

That immortality extends to the spirit, and I don’t think it’s possible for them to go insane……


For the time being, I returned to the inn and asked Martena for more details.

The inn I am staying at is the one that Airena introduced me to…… and incidentally, it’s Airena who also pays for my lodging fee.

Therefore, she and her companions, the White Lake, also stay at the same inn, and since they have an annual contract as a regular guest, their rooms are maintained while they are out of town on long-term requests.

The inn was arguably the best place in town, in terms of not worrying about the eyes of others.


After listening to Martina’s story, I felt a headache and pressed my temples because of its too troublesome content.

It is too much trouble to get involved with, but I am the only one who seems to be able to solve it.

Also, if I neglected it, there would probably be repercussions for me.


It was said that the request the White Lake was going to was issued to them by appointment from the town of Garareto, which was more than two weeks away from the town of Vistkort.

If this was true, then this would be a bit strange.

Because, although White Lake is certainly the best adventurers in the town of Vistkort, it’s not like they’re the most skilled adventurer in the country.

I’m sure there are skilled adventurers in the town of Garareto too, and if you consider the surrounding towns, there should have been other teams of six-star ranked adventurers.


But even so, the town of Garareto sent out a request, nominating the White Lake.

There is only one reason for this.

The reason is that Airena, an elf, a skilled spiritualist, was in the White Lake.

The request was to lift the curse of a mad water spirit on the river which was used by the town of Garareto as a water source.


So far, the story is, well, kind of understandable.

If someone in the town of Garareto had done something to offend the water spirits to such an extent, it is not impossible that the town’s inhabitants would be cursed with a disease if they drank the water from the river.

It was understandable that people would call the spirits that harmed them mad without even trying to know the cause of the harm.

And also their thinking of easily relying on elves to solve this problem.


However, at the same time, a large number of fish died in the river in question, and damages such as the weakening of surrounding plants were also occurring, so I knew that the problem was deeper.

The curse of the water spirit directed on the town should not have killed the fish or weakened the plants.

If the town’s inhabitants, fish, plants, and trees are equally harmed, then it will only be because the river water is contaminated.

Then, as a matter of course, it was absolutely impossible for a water spirit to try to pollute the water in which it resides, the river.


But the problem goes from here, to the cause of the pollution of the river water.

It is not necessary for me to see the site to know what the town of Garareto is like.
Garareto was a new town created to develop a mine that was discovered ten years ago.

That’s right, in other words, this issue is about them shifting the blame for the pollution damage caused by the mineral poisoning onto the water spirits being angry.


The lord who is in charge of the town of Garareto is a newly established aristocrat who has just started a new family.

Perhaps the aristocrat was so excited about his role in the mining development entrusted to him by the king that he focused only on productivity and neglected to take environmental measures.

I don’t know if they are trying to pin the blame on the water spirits or if they really don’t realize that there is an environmental problem, but in any case, unless that nobleman is willing to solve the problem, this problem will not be solved.


Airena, who headed to the local water source, could not leave the place for a long time because all she could do was appease the angry water spirit who threatened to destroy the town of Garareto.

So White Lake decided to ask me, the only one who could solve the problem, for help.

This is the reason why Cleias stayed behind as Airena’s escort in case of emergency, while Martina alone came back to the town of Vistkort in a great hurry via a horse-drawn carriage.


……I see, despite this fucking messy situation, I am a little happy to know that Airena has steadily grown as a spiritualist since the first time I saw her.

If only to fulfill the request, they could have defeated the water spirit who was said to have gone mad, or more precisely, destroyed the contaminated water in which the water spirit dwell, making it temporarily impossible for them to interfere in this world.

But this will not solve the problem at all, but will only make the water spirits more furious again once the pollution had progressed further.

Therefore, Airena’s attitude of trying to understand and solve the problem correctly was favorable as a person who has a spirit as a friend.


That’s why I’m not hesitant to cooperate, but…… it’s difficult to completely solve this problem alone.

As expected, let’s involve the fucking dwarf master who is a metal expert here.

The problem of pollution in the town of Garareto is no stranger to all blacksmiths who work with metals in this country.

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