this world, Rodner, a guard.

He was a broad-faced, good-natured man who took a rest to coincide with my work break and took me to this reputedly cheap but delicious diner.


“Hahaha, but I think that it can’t be helped, since your guarantor is that elf-neesan.
In every sense of the word, she can’t leave you alone.”


Rodner laughs as he gobbles down the intestine pierced with a fork.

There is no sarcasm in his smile, and I can tell that he really enjoys this meal, the drinks, and by the way, the conversation with me.


Still, it was a nice diner.

The building and tables are old-fashioned, but they are well cleaned and the floors are spotless.

The table is sturdy, and it feels comfortable to lean against.

When I bite into the stuffed intestines, the meat juices overflow and spread in my mouth, and the ale was not sour at all.

By the way, the signboard girl here would be in the beautiful category by human standards.

It feels pleasant just to watch her as she smiles charmingly and carries out the dishes in a brisk manner.


“But, even so, that elf-neesan.
She is very reverent to Acer, isn’t she? Speaking of Airena of the White Lake, there’s a legend that she didn’t even bow down to nobles.”


Waving to the signboard girl who passed by our table, Rodner looks at me as if peering at me.

A probing gaze…… rather than saying that, it must be that he really is just curious about me.

Certainly, Airena’s attitude is so blatant that Rodner is not the only one who is asking the same question.


But Arena is a complicated creature, for her not to turn that respect to a nobleman who asked for it, but to turn it to me, who did not seek such a thing.

I hold out my empty plate and appeal to the signboard girl to come and take my order.


“As you can see.
Some people say that I’m a bit eccentric, though.
Ah, two servings of meat on bones, and…… hey, do you have any fried potatoes? Oh, you don’t have any after all, huh.
Another plate of intestines and more ale then.”


The signboard girl turns a smile at my order and then walks to the kitchen to deliver my order.

While swinging her butt.

But I still think that if I were to drink barley sake like this, I would want to eat fried potatoes or fried chicken.

Unfortunately, it seems there is no fried food culture in this world, or at least not in this Vistcort town.


As for the fryer, if I ask him, won’t the fucking dwarf shishou make it for me?

I’m sure the fucking dwarf master would love it if I served him fried food with alcohol.


Well, putting it aside, as I can see, terms have completely different meanings between humans and elves.

This is because elves can tell a high elf from an elf at a single glance, but humans cannot tell the difference between an elf and a high elf.

So to Airena, an elf, she sees me as a high elf, and to Rodner, a human, he sees me as just an elf.

Therefore, I’m not lying about anything.


“Phew, well it’s fine.
if you really want to leave the inn, just ask me and I’ll find a safe place for you to stay.
I’m sure that would put that elf neesan at ease a bit.”


I nodded at Rodner’s words.

Perhaps, surely, that’ll get taken care of.

Even though I was grateful to him for just listening to my complaints, Rodner was a really dependable and nice guy who even suggested a solution and didn’t force it on me.

Airena, and also the fucking dwarf shishou.

Then there is Rodner, and I truly, from the bottom of my heart, believe that I am blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of people’s lives.

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