k at her, Airena was somewhat taken aback.

Apparently, she doesn’t believe my earlier story out of the blue and is fighting with her own common sense.

But that can’t be helped.

Because Airena, being an elf, apparently cannot see the spirits as clearly as I, a high elf, can, nor can she hear the voices of the trees as clearly.


Therefore, the knowledge given to them by their predecessors was the one they considered the truth, and they have never doubted it it until now.

Unlike the elves, the high elves, who can clearly see the spirits and hear the trees clearly, are all shut-ins with no interest in the outside world, and they do not want to share what they know with anyone but the same high elves.

So even if there is a false perception spreading among the elves, they don’t bother to correct it.


“That being said, if you’re interested, I can tell you about various things, but I’m the shopkeeper, so since you’re here, I want you to do some shopping.
I recommend the Kukuri knife on the shelf there.
Isn’t that amazing? It’s sad that I won’t be able to see it if you buy it, but I highly recommend it.”


For example, some elves say that fire eats the wind, and they seem to recognize that fire spirits are dangerous existence that eat wind spirits.

Of course, it’s not a surprise, but that’s not the case.

Naturally, fire spirits and wind spirits have a relationship that makes them cooperate with each other.


The spirit of the wind is an immortal being without substance, although it resides in the wind, so it does not hurt or itch when the wind is consumed by fire.

Also, fire fed on oxygen, and the wind only carried it.

And a strong fire sometimes creates wind.

Therefore, fire and wind are in a mutually cooperative relationship.


However, when fire and wind work together, the destruction that’ll occur next is tremendous.


It might be dangerous knowledge to spread it too much, but Airena is quite kind, so I think it’s okay.


“Err, is it this knife? Uwah, it’s big.
…… That’s certainly a terrific masterpiece.
But it was made by a dwarf, right? Won’t they get angry if Acer-sama sell it to me?”

Airena checks my recommendation, the Kukuri knife, and gulps.

Yes, it’s a very good article.

I didn’t know if they’ll get mad at me or not, and I didn’t care if they get mad at such things.


When the Fucking Dwarf-shishou first met me, he said he had nothing to sell to the fucking elves, but it feels pleasant because if I sell her their products, the sales will increase.

Even if it’s not mine, the more sales I make and the higher the amount sold when I close the shop, the more fun it is.

And if Airena is the one who buys that Kukuri knife, she could show it to me from time to time if I ask.


“Isn’t it fine if you use it carefully? If you neglect to take care of it, he’ll probably get angry.
More importantly, Airena.
You should bring two of your friends with you.
This store is touted as the best blacksmith shop in town, but it’s definitely not the best in sales, you know”


Yes, this is a store that emphasizes blacksmithing over business, as evidenced by the fact that when I first came to the store, the fucking Dwarf shishou didn’t come out to the store for a long time.

The shitty Dwarf shishou’s skills are surely the best in town.

But as long as I work at this shop, I want it to be the blacksmith shop with the highest sales in town.


Of course, I don’t want the time I have to learn blacksmithing to be reduced, so if the sales increase, I’ll hire new people.

This way, the shitty Dwarf shishou can stay in his forge, and I am happy to make new acquaintances, so it is a win-win situation.


So with that said, as a first step, let’s start with Airena and her friends from White Lake, who seem to be the best adventurers in town, to be our customers.

After all, those two people have probably refrained from coming to this store until now because of Airena.

If this blacksmith shop becomes the favorite of the town’s best adventurers, many adventurers who are chasing after them will also come here to take a peek with interest.


“You see, things that I do not see.
…… No, something that I was not trying to see, I suppose.
I understand.
Clerk-san, please sell me this knife.
…… I’ll take good care of it.”


Airena smiles at me, and I smile back.

Then I helped her choose a belt to hang the sheath that will hold her Kukuri knife, and gave her the word-for-word instructions on how to care for it that I had been asked to share with shoppers.

The fucking dwarf shishou sneaking a peek at us from the back of the forge hasn’t said a word, so apparently, the selection of the belt and the instruction on how to care for it are no problem.


Of course, this kind of thing is not going to help the feud between the elves and dwarves in the slightest.

But a good quality weapon fell in the hands of a skilled adventurer.

I think that’s enough to make me rejoice.

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