As i was starting my adventure to Konoha, I happened to see some other villages on the way and I must say that the background of naruto from the main version was shitty. Mostly because there are a whole lot of people either starving and begging on the streets or starting fights from being drunk. Then there are people who will give the begging people some coin or some food which i thought was super nice of them. Then we have the standard ninja who either guard the place to guarding people or doing patrols around the village trying to keep the peace or keeping a look out for enemies. Iguess some people aren so bad but then again, I barely know any of them and im sure as hell am not going to try after what humans did to Kurama

Oh man, Ive been walking for so long that im actually starting to get tired… maybe its from boredom. All of a sudden I start smelling blood and wondered where it came from, so I followed the smell to a river where a massive bear was attacking humans while the human were trying to attack her. Yes her, I seem to be able to understand animal language and it seems shes trying to protect her young. It also seems that one of the young bears is caught in one of the humans traps. It seems like I should help her out.

I took off one of my gloves as I started walking towards the humans, then my other as I started getting closer. Once I got close enough I sped my way to the humans and started slashing them up into peices with my nails. Sweet I never knew these things would be so sharp! I kept on slashing at the humans till there was only one left. As I slashed at the last human standing I cut the rope holding one of the cubs and caught it safely. I took it back to its mom and she thanked me for coming to her and her youngs rescue. Apparently if I didn come she would of had to leave her young behind to protect the other ones. It was not something she wanted to do. I don blame her either, Im sure it wouldve been a very hard decision to make.

I put on my gloves and I gave my goodbye waves to them once I asked for directions by writing about which direction I came from and continued on my way. Im really glad I helped them out, she was such a sweet animal but its weird to have no remorse for killing what used to be my own kind. Oh well, no crying over spilt milk right. I continued on the path from where i was before and ended up at another village but this one was a whole lot bigger than the other villages that Ive seen. So I went in and of course I had to explain to the guards that I couldn talk and had to do it through writing, so I got let through afterwards but once I entered I felt eyes on me. I tried to find where I felt them but it was to no avail. I guess im being watched here, I better try to lay low and ask as little questions as possible.

I start looking for the right place to start asking some questions that won make me look like a suspicious character. I saw a merchant selling some cooked meats that smelled really good, so I decided to ask him by writing about where I was and about how to get to Konoha. He said that youll soon reach Konoha once I see a mountain with faces on it and that I was in the land of fire. I also asked about a woman named Kushina. He said that she got married to a man name Minato and moved to Konoha…. Finally my chance has come to get Kurama back, wait for me Kurama. Ill free you by killing that woman who imprisoned you in her. I said my farewell to the merchant and bought some meat while I was at it and I must say that this meat is really delicious. I really liked it so I paid him a little extra for doing such a good job. After I ate my fill I left and continued to feel eyes on me so once I got out of the village and into the forest I did a sencing on the environment and noticed something was there so I pulled a little peice of a single strand of hair off and decided that it was time to experiment. What would happen if I infused a lot of my chakra into this peice of hair and flicked it on to the person whos following me… would he explode, die slowly, or just straight up fall to the ground dead. Lets try it out. So I infused my chakra into the peice of hair which became like a needle and flicked it but he seems to have noticed and doged. he must have amazing perception to notice my peice of needle like hair.

Ninja: ”This person is really dangerous I need to be extra careful ”

The ninja all of a sudden got startled because I managed to sneak up on him since he felt my nail against his neck and I wrote on a sheet and raised it so he could see it and read it, stating that if he doesn go back to where he came from that today will be the last day he will ever see daylight again.

Ninja: ”I can go back otherwise my boss will cripple me ”

I decided to write again but this time when I raised it so he could see, he suddenly started shaking with tears in his eyes. My message said this ”Then you can go back blind that is if you make it back! ” I slashed at his eyes and made sure to cut all the nerves and the connection that allows him to see.

Ninja: ”Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. Aagh, Ill kill you, I swear on my life that I will definetly kill you and Ill live to see you again one day, you have my word! ”

He started to scream loudly and yelling but I was already gone, I didn want to stay there and listen to him whine. I got really tired so i found a cave where those bears that I saved lived in and they allowed me to sleep in their home. So I did and when I did, I slept like no tomorrow. When I woke up, I noticed something was different the cubs were older, a lot older that most of them were gone but one. It was the mother of the cubs, she said that I slept for a Year and 10 months. I thought no way but she did look much older now that I look at her. I new that now I really need to get to Konoha as soon as possible so I thanked her by bowing this time and headed off towards the direction of the mountains. The mountain with the heads was starting to come into view and I knew I was getting closer to my goal. I started to run towards Konoha and suddly smelt blood again so I started to slow down and look around to where it was coming from. I finally sensed that it was at the base of the mountain with the heads and made my way there quickly but then I sensed it. Kurama. Kurama was free somehow and started rampaging on the village so I darted there and tried to wave at him with both arms. As soon as he saw me and was about to speak, he dissapeared. What no, no way… Thats just not cool All of a sudden I heard a voice in my head. It was Kurama.

”Leon, I can believe it. You were able to obtain a human body… Thats amazing and Im proud of you. I know you came here for me but you need to stay away. They have a strong sealing technique and I don want to see them take away your freedom too. You must leave quickly before the… ”

Im sorry maybe if I had gotten here sooner then I mightve been able to save you. I will figure out a way to save you I promise!

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