d her offer.

“Oh, no! I’ll be fine after resting for a bit.”

“In that case, I’ll bring you some nourishing tonic.
Please wait a moment.”

Nourishing tonic, huh? I hope it doesn’t contain frog legs or lizard eyes.

I sent her a skeptical gaze, but Izaya had already left the room.

“Well, I don’t know.
It might be helpful if I drink it.”

Surely she wouldn’t offer me something I can’t consume.

Yes, all I had to do was trust and wait.
By the way, didn’t they say they would give me a VIP membership when they opened the door?

“Then I’ll be rich too!”

Thinking of an energetic future, I tried my best to regain my energy,


…The sound of the door closing was too loud.

I got up from the bed and walked to the front of the door.
The shock of hitting the spoon against the bowl gave me a sudden burst of strength, enough to move me.

Fortunately, the door didn’t disappear like last time.
But I couldn’t let my guard down.

‘I don’t know when this door will disappear.’

I grabbed the doorknob and turned it.
However, the doorknob only turned halfway and wouldn’t turn any further.

Naturally, the door didn’t open.
Up to this point, it was within my expectations.
I thought the renowned magicians wouldn’t treat me kindly out of pure goodwill.

“…Should I break the doorknob?”

Looking around, I spotted a flowerpot.
It was small but looked solid.
I bid farewell to the small, white flower blooming delicately on the flowerpot.

“I’m sorry.”

Then without hesitation, I swung the flowerpot towards the doorknob.
The impact was enough to make my hand numb, but the doorknob remained unscathed and intact.

“It seems to be enchanted.”

At that moment, it became certain that I was trapped here.
Judging by the flow of magical energy on the wall, it was undoubtedly a mage tower.
A place I couldn’t escape with my power.

‘I can only listen to their words and wait for an opportunity.’

Somehow, I had a feeling they would confine me, whether the door opened or not.
At that moment, as I was about to give up,


I heard the sound of the door opening.

‘Is it Izaya?’

I stood in front of the door, intending to say something, but through the crack in the door, a familiar child appeared.
He spotted me and smiled, squinting his eyes.



“Yeah, do you know my name?”

He came in, stepping inside.
As soon as he did, the door closed.


“How many locks are there?”

Seems like they want to keep me locked up securely.
But Hierian, pretending not to know anything, sat next to me, smiling brightly.
Looking at his innocent smile, he seemed like an innocent child, but as someone who knew his true nature, I couldn’t relax.

‘He just smiled every day, like he was wearing a clown mask.’

No one could have guessed the truth behind that smile.
Keeping my guard up, I observed Hierian, and he handed me a vial of potion without hesitation.

A mysterious blue potion shimmered in front of me.
Wondering what it was, I looked at him, and he said directly to me,

“Drink it.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“Don’t want to? Why?”

“…It looks unappetizing.”

“Hahahaha! You’re really funny.”

He lifted one corner of his mouth and smiled.
When the older Hierian used to smile like that, it would give me a cold feeling, but now, he looked cute because he had gotten younger.
Of course, what he said next didn’t match his cute appearance at all.

“You don’t have to drink it if you don’t want to.
There are other ways.”

“…Other ways?”

Hierian smiled silently.
It was a smile that hid a dangerous intention, so I was afraid, but I soon nodded my head.

“Don’t overthink it.
Izaya said she brought the nourishing tonic, so it must be that.”

I didn’t know why I was unnecessarily scared about such a trivial matter.

I boldly shrugged my shoulders.

“Well, I’ll drink it.”

Compared to the bizarre things Hierian used to do, this was nothing.
I recalled the days when he would tell me to memorize strange things every day and reward me with candy.
It made my teeth chatter.

‘Yes, endure it.
Endure it so that I can leave this place soon.’

I forced myself to agree and took a deep breath, closing my eyes tightly as I swallowed the potion.
Then Hierian smiled as if he approved and offered me a round, candy-like object.

Eat this.”

This was it, this! It was a candy that was round and had a star in the center! The days when he made me suffer and gave me this as a reward.

As I saw how long I had longed for it, my teeth clenched.
Then Hierian tilted his head and extended the candy towards me once more.

“It’s sweet and delicious.”

“I know, it’s just a lump of sugar.”

“Hmm, you don’t like sugar? It makes your brain sharper when you eat it.”

I wondered if my pancreas would fail before my brain became sharper.
No, perhaps it would be used as fuel if I used my brain too much.
In that case, I should just stop using my brain altogether.

While secretly grumbling, I felt a bitter taste on the tip of my tongue.
It was the bitter taste of the medicine that had been obscured by anger, finally revealing itself.
Hierian smiled even more unnervingly as if he was displeased with my expression.

“I told you to eat the candy.”

“Why is it so bitter?”

“Medicine is supposed to be bitter.”

There was nothing to say in response to his tone which seemed to say, “Don’t you know that?”.

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