ed that I was completely free.

And so began my second life in another world—or rather, my leisurely slow life.


Three weeks passed in the blink of an eye.
I had been desperately producing a lot of potions and earning money since then, and even rented a house of my own.
It was pretty good.

I was very grateful to the elderly lady, who kindly let me stay at her house in the beginning and took care of me.
Even now, she was a good friend of mine, and we ate meals together.

The people of Meisa Village were very warm and treated me well, even though I was an outsider who suddenly appeared.
Thanks to that, I was steadily building the foundation for a happy slow life.

“Nina, I’m here to pick up the potions for this week.”

“Thank you! I’ll get it right away.”

In my own personal castle, a small wooden house, Bruno came again today.
He was a merchant who worked mainly in the second city, Cerevista.

When I entrusted him with the large quantities of potions that I had made in advance, Bruno raised his dark blue eyebrows, which were the same color as his hair.

Really, who the hell are you?”

“Actually, I want to know too.”

“Hahaha, what are you talking about? Anyway, I can get double the commission, so it’s fine.”

I paid Bruno a larger amount of money for various hush money.
In order to prevent my identity from being found out, the potions were arranged in the store through a few more people from Bruno.

Although the profit would be reduced, I had plenty of magic power and medicinal herbs available.
In order to maintain a peaceful life, I was always careful to take precautions.

“Here’s the money for today.
Don’t get robbed.”

I’ll see you next week.”

“Right! See you soon.
Be careful when you enter the forest.”

“Thanks again.
Take care, Bruno.”

Seeing off the gentle Bruno, who was becoming like an older brother to me, I was fired up to increase his profits, and I got ready to pick some herbs for the potions.

I quickly checked my appearance in the mirror in front of the door and reflected on it was a woman with peach-colored hair, golden eyes, and slightly slanted eyes.

My original form had brown hair and eyes, and droopy eyes.
I was still unfamiliar with transformation magic, but no one would definitely recognize me as Nina.

I had told only the elderly lady, who knew my original appearance when I first met her, that I was in hiding due to circumstances.

When I lightly put my hair together and went outside, I noticed that the whole village was noisy, so I called out to Aunt Betty, who was in front of the house next door.

“Um, did something happen?”

“I heard that the Saintess will be here two days early.”


It seemed that the new saintess was going around the country to offer prayers.
I didn’t have such an event at the time, but many things could change.

Anyway, I thought there was a good chance that one of the capture targets would be with her, so I planned to leave the village for a few days starting tomorrow to avoid running into them.

“Look, Nina-chan.
That person is Saintess Erica.”


Aunt Betty pointed toward a beautiful silver-haired girl, surrounded by knights and wearing a pure white robe just like the one I used to wear.

Her large eyes, framed by long eyelashes, were a beautiful ice blue color, and no matter how I looked at her, she didn’t look like a Japanese transitioner like me.

While wondering, I turned my gaze to the man walking right next to her and let out an unintentional “Ah!” sound.

That was because the one next to the new saintess was her old friend, the elf Theo.

Translator Notes:

1. Something that can easily create a supply of money. ↵

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