me things for you.”

Erica pointed to a large basket covered with a cloth.
In fact, I had noticed its obvious presence in the room and its sweet, delicious fragrance from the moment I walked in.

Having no plans for the rest of the evening, I accepted Erica’s invitation, “Of course,” and took a seat.
We set out the tea and sweets and began our little tea party.
Today’s sweets were raspberry cookies, which Erica had made.

“It’s really delicious…! You’re really good at making sweets.”

“Thank you! It’s the only skill I have.”

“Do you make them often in this world too?”

I-I wanted to go to the kitchen….”

“The kitchen?”

As I was tilting my head wondering what it meant, Erica looked around and said, “Actually,” and whispered in my ear.

“Um, I-I really like the young chef who works at the castle…”


I couldn’t help but let out a loud voice of surprise at Erica’s love interest, who wasn’t a capture target.
He was a refreshing man five years her senior.

“When I was feeling down because I couldn’t help everyone, he made me some sweets.
I was really happy when he told me that ‘a smile would suit Erica-sama the most’ and that he was cheering for me….”

Since then, Erica had been visiting the kitchen to see him and regularly made sweets with him.
It was just too cute a story to not be thrilled just listening to it.

“He must be a very nice person.”

“Yes! He is really kind and wonderful.”

Seeing Erica talking so happily and shyly warmed my heart.
I really wanted her to be happy.
The other party seemed to have feelings for Erica as well, as far as I could tell from the story.

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