possibility that this was the world of the sequel, which was set two years later.

Feeling a strange sense of unease, I slid my eyes across the screen, and eventually, a shrill voice escaped from my mouth.

“Eh? All the stats are at MAX….?”

Despite my mob-like status as a village girl, all of my stats were already maxed out.
Apparently, I had inherited my stats from when I was a Saintess.

I was the type of person who was always into everything, and the last time I was there, I was working hard, cutting down on sleep, training, and studying for magic.
Being able to use magic was like a dream come true and being able to help someone with that power was a good feeling.

Although I thought I was having fun doing it, those around me stopped me, telling me I didn’t have to be so eager about it.
In the end, as a result of continuing that for nearly a year, all my stats maxed out immediately after I received the experience points for defeating the Demon King.
In addition, my serious character also took root.

When I thought about it now, all my friends were excellent, so I didn’t have to work so hard.
I hardly remembered playing with my friends, and I even regretted later that I should have enjoyed my life in the other world more.

Anyway, I didn’t really understand, but I was quite lucky to have a high stats from the beginning.
At the beginning of the first time, even defeating one slime was a pain.

Dirk, a knight, was always there to help me practice, but I remembered causing quite a bit of trouble.

I hope everyone is doing well.”

If I came back to the same world as last time, surely everyone who traveled with me must be somewhere in this country.
Although there would be new characters, the characters from the first game would appear in the same way in all series.

However, if there was a new saintess in this world, she was the one they needed to protect and be friends with.

It was lonely, but I must be an unusual existence now.
I mean, what exactly was a village girl?

If I, a mysterious village girl, got involved in the game, the scenario of the game might go awry.
I definitely wanted to avoid putting someone in danger because of that.

Above all, I didn’t want to die like that anymore.
I still sometimes dreamed about it.
If I wanted to live a quiet and peaceful life, I should hide the fact that I was a former saintess.


As I read through the status screen, I suddenly remembered the existence of the favorability screen.
Previously, I was ignorant about the romance part and didn’t even know that I could see the favorability level.

After returning to my original world, I learned about “Adolescence of Swords and Magic” again, and now I knew more about this world.
I wish I had learned about it before I came here last time, though.

Considering that the last time we had a friendship ending, the favorability should have accumulated evenly.

“Nina, we’ll always be friends!”

“Nina is really a silly girl.
A woman has to be stronger and more cunning.”

“Maybe I’m the one who needs you.”

Although I felt guilty for prying into my friends’ feelings, I was feeling something akin to hoping that my presence wouldn’t be forgotten by everyone.

Feeling my heart beating faster in my chest, I muttered “Display the favorability screen” for the first time in this world.
At the same time, the screen flipped and turned peach colored.

Perhaps there was a cooler way to say it, but since I was able to see it successfully, I decided it was alright.

Inwardly amazed that I could really see it, I was at a loss for words when I saw the five hearts lined up on the screen.

“Eh… W-What’s with the color….
How scary….”

The pink hearts representing the favorability of my former friends Dirk, Owen, Theo, and Lara were all full.

However, the heart of the first prince, Alvin-sama, was dyed an overflowing pitch black.

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