don’t want anything to happen to the others.”

“I’ll protect them all.
Then there will be no problem, right?”

It was true that Alvin-sama was a wizard with considerable power.
Still, could he handle everything by himself?

Alvin-sama raised his face and reached for my ear.
He gently brushed my hair over my ear, tickling me.

“I absolutely won’t let anyone die, and if Nina wants to live comfortably, I will prepare the environment and everything else you want.
I’ll do whatever it takes to make Nina’s wishes come true.”


“I can even do that now.”

Alvin-sama’s words sounded convincing.

In retrospect, he had just teleported from Cerevista to here in an instant.
First of all, it would definitely be impossible for a normal wizard.
Even if it was possible, it would consume a considerable amount of magic power, and the burden on the body should be heavy.

However, Alvin-sama seemed composed.
Did he originally have this much power?

Magic power was usually inborn and didn’t suddenly increase.
It made me feel a little uncomfortable.

“I’m no longer the person Nina knew.”

What does that mean?”

“Hey, Nina.
What else can I do for you? What should I do to make you stay by my side? Tell me.”

I was at a loss for words, finding no more reason to refuse.

If he really had the power to protect everyone, I could no longer say anything.

“The kind Nina surely won’t be able to push Alvin away in that state.”

I finally understood what Owen said the other day.

If I refused him here, what would happen to Alvin-sama? There was so much at stake now that I could not refuse just because I wanted to live freely.

“You don’t have to give me an answer right now.
I’ll show you through my actions, so I hope you’ll watch by my side.”

I had no choice but to nod my head when he looked at me.

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