Another World and I, Who Was a Saintess

─I had never been in love since I was born.
It wasn’t that I was not interested in love.

A friend of mine lent me the popular game “Adolescence of Swords and Magic” to help me learn a little more about it.

The heroine, a saintess, set out on a journey to defeat the Demon King with capture targets such as wizards and knights in order to save the world, a common storyline.

Still, there were many funny and moving scenes, and I was so hooked that I spent every waking moment playing the game.

Although it was an Otome game, it had a strong RPG feel with adventures and battles with demons.
The many challenging elements made me so absorbed in the game other than the romance part that my friend got angry at me when I reached the friendship ending and told me, “You should do the romance.”

“Hmm, I guess I was so concerned about raising my combat power that I chose all the romance options at random….”

Although I had experience with RPG games, it was my first time playing an Otome game.
I didn’t really know what the better options were.

While wondering who to capture first, I remembered that my friend’s recommendation was Dirk, the knight.
Well, I guess I would just have to decide by the time the first choice came up.

This time, I opened the site and pressed the “Start Game” button to play the second round.

“Eh? What……!?”

Suddenly I was enveloped in a blinding light so bright I could hardly keep my eyes open, and when I slowly opened them, I was already in a strange place.

It looked as if I was in a castle, and as I slumped to the hard, cold floor, I was surrounded by a crowd of people in unfamiliar clothes.
No matter how you looked at it, it didn’t even feel like Japan.

“We’ve succeeded in summoning the saintess!”

“Now our country is safe!”

I wondered what was happening and where I was, thinking frantically with my confused mind when I suddenly realized.

─Oh, I remember this scenery and this set.
It’s exactly the same as the prologue scene.

“Welcome, Saintess.
To the Kingdom of Wymark.”

A young man with silver hair, so beautiful it seemed almost out of this world, smiled softly and reached out his hand.

I quickly realized that he was Owen, the capture target who was traveling with me in the game.

“I’m Owen, the White Wizard.
May I ask your name?”

“I’m Nina…”

“Nina, that’s a lovely name.
We’d like to welcome you.”

That’s right, I had been transported to the world of “Adolescence of Swords and Magic” as the heroine.


After that, I saved the world with my friends as a saintess heroine in the world of “Adolescence of Swords and Magic,” and ended up in a great friendship ending.
I was 16 years old at the time, and although there were many hardships and difficulties, it was a very enjoyable time for me.

I had the first prince, Alvin-sama, who was a master of sword and magic and a cheat in existence, my best friend Dirk, a knight and son of a duke, Owen, the white wizard who loved women but has always looked out for me, Theo, a good-natured and cute elf archer, and Lara, a black wizard who was like a big sister to me.

However, I didn’t get along with everyone in the beginning.
There were times when I was treated coldly, and when I was showered with heartless words.
Nevertheless, as I continued my journey, doing my best to fulfill my role as a saintess, I was able to build friendships.

Among them, I think that Alvin-sama’s change was the most significant.
At first, I couldn’t even have a decent conversation with him, but after defeating the Demon King, he was more grateful to me than anyone else.

“I’m glad you’re here, Nina.
My world has changed since I met you.”

“Thank you very much.
But the world has become peaceful not only because of me but because of all of you.”

“… Ah, that’s right… Can you give me some time tonight? I’d like to talk to Nina alone.”

“…? Yes, I understand.”

But that night, without being able to fulfill my promise to Alvin-sama and without being able to say goodbye to everyone, someone killed me, and I returned to my world.

Two years had passed since then…..

No way….”

When I turned 19, for some reason, I came back to the world of “Adolescence of Swords and Magic” once again.

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