Then Theo revealed his displeasure, “What?”

“Nina would never do such a thing.
Who told you that?”

“There seems to be a rumor going around among the people that if you mention the name of the former saintess, you will be imprisoned.
They said that Alvin-sama said so….
That’s why I think she did something bad.”

“Alvin? No way.”

Theo, who had said it was absolutely impossible, tilted his head curiously.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bruno react to the name “Nina.” I had a feeling that he, with his good instincts, would have noticed something by now.
It was rather strange that these two didn’t notice.

“Why did you bring that up….
Oh, I remember now.”


“Dirk was always talking about Nina and fretting about her, so Alvin snapped at him and told him to cut it out.
Then they got into a fistfight.”


While I was touched that Dirk missed me so much, I didn’t know why talking about me would cause Alvin-sama and Dirk to fight each other.

I felt apologetic for them, even though I was also a victim because of that.
It was sad to see a fight between friends.
I was relieved that they seemed to have made up now.

“So, if I remember correctly, I think Alvin said that if Dirk mentioned Nina’s name again next time, he would be thrown in jail.
That time, it was quite a big deal, and there were onlookers, so I guess that’s how the rumor started.”

“I-I see….
Ah, but the rumor also said that if he found the former saintess, he won’t let her out for the rest of her life.”

“That’s right.
It would be a problem if Nina disappeared again.”

I was confused as to what he meant, but Theo continued.

“We all like Nina too, but Alvin is different from us.”


“Alvin needs Nina.”

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