w could a serious injury like that heal so quickly…!”

I pretended to check with a blank face, too, and then said, “What?” in a surprised voice.

When I explained that I only gave him the potion that was left, she looked incredulous.
It was a perfectly natural reaction.

“But there is no way that a beginner’s potion can heal such a serious injury.”

“Huh…! Could it be that the one over there wasn’t a beginner’s potion, but an advanced potion?”

“No way, that’s….”

Incidentally, all the leftover potions that the patient could not finish were gently poured into my knee-length leather shoes, as I would be exposed if the remaining potions were later appraised.

It was a complete hell inside my shoes.
Just a short walk made me feel like I was in a swamp.

Dirk and the others, hearing the commotion, came into the healing tent.
When he saw that everyone was completely healed, his two golden eyes widened.

“What the hell is this?”

“It seems that all their wounds were healed after they drink beginners’ level potions.”

“How could a beginner-level potion possibly heal them?”

Dirk, who had heard the healing wizard’s explanation, also had a look of disbelief on his face.

Considering the price difference and the rarity of the item, it was impossible.
But in this situation, there could be no other explanation.

Really, I’m glad.”

Anyway, I was glad that everyone’s injuries were healed.
The only casualty was my shoes.

I even thought that this might have been the reason I was treated as a lost child and ended up here, to heal all those people.

All that remained was to hunt the remaining boars again after being dropped off at the foot of the mountain.
I was excited as I planned to use the money I earned to buy magic stones and start making magical tools.


I was unaware that Dirk was staring at me as I daydreamed, wondering how many magic stones I could buy.

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