When I conveyed it to change the flow of the conversation, her porcelain-white skin flushed red.

“I-I… Um, I have someone else I like.”

“Wow, I see.”

The way she beamed with happiness and shyness, as if embarrassed, was so cute that even I, a person of the same sex, couldn’t help but be smitten.
I nodded my head deeply again and again in my mind, thinking that she was truly a legitimate heroine.

Fighting for the ones you loved, with the ones you loved.
This was the best part of “Adolescence of Swords and Magic.”

Her special someone didn’t seem to be Theo, nor was it Dirk.
In that case, could it be Owen or Alvin-sama?

Anyway, I wished Erica-san the best of luck, and I hoped she could successfully learn to use her magic.

“You really like that person, don’t you?”

“Yes! I hope he’ll look at me someday.”

A man who was thought of by such a pretty girl must be very happy.
As expected, I would like to fall in love someday, too.

“I’ll be looking for more people than just Dirk, so please let me know if you have a favorite type.”

However, I would like you to stay away from introducing me to men for now.
I also wanted you to stay away from Dirk.

But people said there was nothing scarier than a freebie, and I guessed they weren’t comfortable unless they paid me with something.

I couldn’t think of any other good way to thank you, so after a bit of pondering, I looked at Theo and said, “Okay then.”

“I prefer a man who is a commoner, good at gardening and annihilating demons.
He should be good at long-range attacks and, if possible, be plain.”

“You have unusual tastes, don’t you? Okay, I’ll go find a man like that and make a list, you just wait for me and see.”

“Thank you.”

Rather than being the type I liked, the described preference had become the type of man I wanted to help me with, but that’s okay.

I would use the mysterious list you gave me when I needed someone to help me someday.

“We still have to make our rounds around here, so can we come back in a week?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

“Thank you! Nina-sensei, I know I’m an incompetent person, but please take care of me.”

“Me too, please take care of me.”

I had no way of knowing that Theo’s “List of Nina’s Favorite Men to Introduce to Nina” would later be leaked and an incident would ensue.
I was just idly thinking about what to teach Erica-san.

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