“But if Edith is bored alone…”

“Lize, you don’t have to worry so much about her.
She’s just a hostage that will be here for a while and leave.
Think so.”

That’s what I was thinking.’

Well, that was the case in the original as well.
Cillian regarded the marriage as a “disaster to be put up with for a while.” And it became a reality.
That was before Volume 5 even started.

‘Should I do this much today’s spying?’

Feeling a chill around her neck for some reason, she carefully pulled herself back and returned to the room.
That day, Killian’s words disturbed her all day long.

* * *

An expensive teacup broke with a loud bang.

“Aagh! it’s crazy? Are you crazy? Why would you want a woman like that!”

A voice shrill like a scream made me hysterical.

And Damian Sinclair, who had come lazily at the request of his maid, who rushed to him, looked pitifully at his sister Leyla, who was acting her temper ‘again’.

“What happened again this time?”

At his bored voice, Leila turned her head and glared at her brother.

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

“There are many things.
Which of them?”

“I heard that Edith Rigelhoff married Killian Ludwig!”

“Ah, that one?”

The Sinclairs were not invited to Ludwig’s wedding.
The reason was that they wanted to hold a modest ceremony with only his relatives, but the pride of the Countess of Sinclair was torn to shreds because the Duke’s closest aides were in attendance.
More than anything else, the fact that the bride at the wedding was a daughter of the Riegelhoffs drove Leyla almost mad.
This was because Count Rigelhoff had a bad relationship with Count Sinclair, and Layla had a crush on Killian for a long time.
How upset was she with Edith, who had been arrogant that she would soon become the daughter-in-law of the Ludwig family… 

“Why is it Edith Rigelhoff? Why!”

“The Ludwig family seems to have a hobby of collecting insignificant women, huh?”

“Is that something to laugh at?”

“Then what? No way, she thinks it should have been four seats?”

Layla’s face was red with anger and shame.

“Is my brother still the heir? As the daughter, I also try to find a good marriage partner and help my family, but why is my brother so carefree?”

Even after hearing that, Damian didn’t look too bad.
Rather, there was a strangely relaxed expression on his face with a genuine smile.

“That’s why you can only be a daughter, and that’s why I’m the heir to this family, you fool.”


“When you go out to a party, you talk nonsense and then come back, don’t you? I came to hear the important stories of the social world.”

Leyla slowly let go of the hem of her skirt that she was holding on to.

“Something… Have you heard any rumors about this marriage?”

“Of course.”

Damien gestured to the shivering maids to clean up the broken teacup at his feet and sat across from Leyla.
She was not as bright as Lize’s blonde hair, but her light brown hair was noticeably light brown, and her blue eyes, which were said to be beautiful, were not as clear as Lize’s blue eyes, but Leila, who was said to be beautiful, had a fierce personality unlike her pretty appearance.
And the only people who could help her were her brothers, Damian and Anton, who were born in the same boat, and her parents.
Among them, her brother, Damian, was the one Layla relied on the most.

“What is the rumor? Don’t hesitate and talk to me quickly!”

“Anyway, with your temper…”

Layla urged, but Damian didn’t open his mouth until he had a leisurely drink of the maid’s freshly prepared tea.

“Do you think Duke Ludwig will trust Count Rigelhoff?”

“If you believe such a snake-like guy, you’d be saying that Duke Ludwig is also stupid.”

“I’m saying this because Duke Ludwig isn’t stupid.
But Count Rigelhoff has the right to distribute the iron ore produced in the southern mines.”


“You know that iron ore is an important mineral for making weapons, right?”

Leila didn’t answer, avoiding his gaze.
Damian sighed and shook his head, but he had no intention of bruising Leila.
Originally, a woman just needed to know how to dress up and make her husband happy.
She was rather a troublesome bitch if she knew too much.

“Anyway, the right to distribute such iron ore remains with Count Rigelhoff until the end of this year.
That’s why the Ludwig family needs to hold on to the leash of the Rigelhoff family.”

“What is that?”

“There are rumors that Count Rigelhoff is showing interest in the Prince of Langston.”

Archduke Langston was the uncle of the present Emperor, and one who disagreed with everything the Emperor said.
There were also rumors that he coveted the throne.

“If it’s Archduke Langston, isn’t he an opponent of the Emperor?”

So what would happen if Count Rigelhoff, who had the right to distribute iron ore, joined the opposite side of the Emperor? Will it be very dangerous?”

Layla nodded her head in a little bit of understanding.

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