of my life comfortably.
But will things go so easily?’

She gave up the love of her husband and promised to be satisfied with her affluent life, but that was only possible if the people of this house accepted her.

‘Should I tell them my situation honestly and appeal to their sympathy?’

Until now, all of her appearances were made by her father, and she was actually a daughter who was abused by her father… While thinking about that, she shook her head.

‘Ludwig people can’t believe me.
Besides, why did Killian accept this marriage in the first place?’

If he knew she wasn’t even worthy of being a hostage, he would instantly annul the marriage itself.
Then she would be kicked out without a single penny, without being able to return to Count Rigelhoff’s family.
In the worst case, she could have been killed for betraying her family.

‘Then what about divorce and leaving?’

According to her marriage vows, upon divorce, she would be given a small mansion and enough money to live on for the rest of her life.
It would be the safest way, but she thought she should first find out if a divorce was possible with only a woman’s will in this world.
Besides, even if she wanted to get a divorce, she had to prove that she wasn’t her father’s helper, and there was no guarantee that her father wouldn’t come and harass her.

‘It’s a pain in the ass.
Maybe I’ll have to run away at night?’

Maybe this was the most realistic way.

‘Since I have to assume the worst, I’ll have to figure out what’s going on in this world and collect the money.’

Of course, that was a countermeasure assuming the worst situation, and the ultimate goal was to quietly stick to a corner of the house and suck honey.

‘Anyway, I think I did well for the Duke and Duchess of Ludwig today.
Let’s focus on those two in the future.
I think it would be nice to look good to Lize, but…’

Lize Sinclair.
A woman destined to be the protagonist of this world.
However, until she came to the Ludwig family, her life was not easy.
The children of the Sinclair family did not recognize her as their sister and constantly bullied her.
To them, Lize was like a doll that they could bully and play with.

‘Then, the Duke and Duchess of Ludwig came to stay at Count Sinclair’s house, and thanks to Lize preventing the Duchess from falling off her horse, the Duchess became interested in Lize…’

At that time, the Duke and his wife, who learned of Lize’s unfortunate life, were furious that the young and kind Lize was being abused, so they took the ‘right’ to Lize in exchange for the huge amount of money Sinclair asked for her.
Thanks to this, Lize took Sinclair’s surname, but the Sinclair family could not claim any rights to Lize, including her parental rights.

‘So how much did Lize hit the ground when she married Cliff.’

As the Duke’s daughter-in-law, they could have had a hand in it, but rather, they became the Duke’s enemy and stepped on the steps of their downfall…

‘Lize is, in a way, a character who has no luck in this world.’

If Lize was on her side, she would be able to easily escape from her fate.
That was actually the first thought that came to her mind after she possessed Edith, but she was worried because she was somehow strangely reluctant.

‘Is it because Edith is set up as Lise’s enemy in the original work? I’m not very comfortable dealing with Lize.’

It may be natural.
Because Lize and Edith had a relationship that couldn’t be mixed like water and oil.
Even if it’s not a matter of personality, how can the man she loved embrace the woman she hated.
Of course, it was a condition that didn’t apply to her, but she didn’t want to get close to it, probably because she knew that Lize was the one responsible for the downfall of Edith.

‘In the current situation, trying to be friendly could actually lead to misunderstandings, so it’s better to be friendly for now, but keep a reasonable distance.’ 

But she couldn’t just let go of her hand in a daze.

‘Let’s put aside getting acquainted, first let’s observe the three of them unobtrusively.’

In order to survive in this world, basic research was essential, and the most important thing in that investigation must be the three main characters.
The next day, she dressed as casually as possible, brought her opera binoculars, and decided to observe the three of them from a distance, pretending to understand the interior of the mansion.

‘If I find the place where Lize is, the other two will naturally follow.’

She recalled the memories from the original story and searched for places where Lize might be.
Grand corridor, courtyard, second floor terrace, and garden.

‘Finally found! But why are you outside, it’s still cold.’

Under a large tree in the garden, she was reading a book in perfect shape as if drawn.

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